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  1. I am happy if it gets Obsidian more money but I think they'd be more successful if the expansion was included with the $140 or if they had it available as a separate add-on to the pledge for an extra $10-$20.....it seems to mainly try to force the hand of the $140 pledgers to go to $250 but there's only ~2400 of them and over 40k pledgers under $50. A lot of people would get it as a separate addon and more would jump to $140 than are likely to jump to $165 due to the boxed CE. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Mixed feelings here.....I can easily upgrade to $165 tier(presently pledging 168) by adding $5 but then I'd have to give up the boxed CE(which is not happening) yet since I can't afford the $250 tier I lose out on the expansion pack and 6 months seems like a very long time to wait. I really don't like this update though I look forward to the next stretch goals and such....
  3. I'd place my forum name, I guess data protection is part of it but my real name means nothing to those that actually play and like the game whereas my forum name would likely be recognized by forumites. Yeah, nobody I know IRL plays or appreciates CRPGs.....sad, I know. As for the message....I don't know but if I could afford the $500 tier(which unfortunately I can't) I'd give it a lot of thought.....likely a mixture between something very personal and fantasy.
  4. I did it....still, I wonder if this is actually doable and whether that would still count after the kickstarter ends......
  5. ~40k pledgers are under $50 and less than 6k are at or over $50 and less than 2k are at or over $100. So yeah that would be quite the idea but still well over 1k so maybe too much trouble for Obsidian.
  6. Would be cool if they did but it's probably too much trouble for just $8 and actual verification would be needed which I don't think has been done so far. I'd jump for it though but still I doubt they'll do for an extra $8 what they do for $500......
  7. How do you check that? I like watching and refreshing all the time as I expect the 2.5 to be reached and the next stretch goals to be announced. It was said in the comment section of the Kickstarter page. You should be able to find most Q&A made in there in a topic here on the forum made by Ink Blot The link they give is just to the site where I guess they intend to add PE but the link itself goes to the page of a different game....note the kickstarter part is under 800k? That's not PE numbers unfortunately.
  8. we already have around 30k$ from paypal and maybe 600 backers How do you check that? I like watching and refreshing all the time as I expect the 2.5 to be reached and the next stretch goals to be announced.
  9. you really think it'll get that high with the spike? the pledges have slowed to a steady trickle so as of now i'd say 2.6 is pushing it.I want everyone's dreams to come true with this game but aproximately 75k from now the Cipher is in, so i gots no worries! If that class makes it in my game is made unless I hear something completely unexpected. Look up projects with similar success....in the last 3 to 5 days the donations almost always went in the vertical direction again.....not as much as in days 1 to 3 but vertical nonetheless. Saying it will make 2.8 or even 2.9 are relatively safe and conservative bets....though it will quite likely touch the 3.0 and if the success is surprisingly good maybe even 3.5 though that would be pushing it a bit. I suspect a 3.2 to 3.3
  10. OP I now consider you to be a traitor to Obsidian. If you don't like the content you can just not use it but you should want to see this project to get as much funding as possible and to get as many more stretch goals as possible. But allow me to alleviate your concerns: Project Eternity WILL make the 2.6 mil stretch goal easily and with the expected spike in backers that tends to happen in the last few days of projects it's likely to end up between 3.0 and 3.5 million. Wishing otherwise is an exercise in futility.
  11. Just a couple of key points that I feel are worth saying: - I am absolutely amazed and blown away by the amount of effort and dedication Obsidian has placed in this project and in trying to give back to the fans. - Just about every single stretch goal has been amazing and added substantially to the game but the Cipher class stands out as the single most awesome addition. - Please no Paladin class, not on top of the Monk and Priest classes, it's a bit redundant and unnecessary. Maybe if Monk or Priest were replaced by the Paladin class. - Beyond that I look forward to whatever awesome stretch goals Obsidian comes up with, I'm sure they will be amazing. - Thank you very much for everything!!!
  12. Yeah that is more than perfectly fine and I more than gladly pay for a game that deserves it.
  13. I am a sucker for new content, 20 bucks isn't a lot and the DRM doesn't seem that bad. Like I said I'll wait for reviews and player feedback first but if all is as it seems to be I'll jump on it without a second thought.
  14. You'd be better off with a Nexus 7 or the like. What's the difference? I was just inclined to go for the larger screen. I prefer the Android OS to IOS and, also, it's extremely easy to work on/repair if things go badly while the iPads are, literally, glued together and made to be as hard as possible to repair. Plus it's much cheaper. I'm generally uninclined to mess with and try to repair something like this myself but I never had any issues with the iPhones and iPods I owned but I'm not sure what the failure rate is for iPads. Beyond that yes the price for a nexus 7 seems about half of the price of an iPad. Hmm.....decisions, decisions. Well the good thing is I have time to think about it and look further into this. Thanks for the heads up.
  15. You'd be better off with a Nexus 7 or the like. What's the difference? I was just inclined to go for the larger screen.
  16. Truer words have never been spoken!!! Finally somebody gets it instead of squabbling over insignificant details.
  17. Any ideas about a projected release timeframe for BG2: EE?? I am quite excited for both BG: EE and BG2: EE.....given my job and lifestyle I'll likely end up buying an iPad just to play these games.
  18. I am certain they will always have something lined up....their games are too good. I look forward to still buying new games from them 30+ years from now when I'm an old man.
  19. I'll certainly get it but not at release....I'll wait for reviews and player feedback to see just how functional it really is. Maybe enhanced means that it now crashes every 5 seconds....
  20. Music shouldn't detract much from the budget and neither should VO....just whatever they can develop internally through digital means. The game world and story choices are what matters, it would be a shame to sink hundreds of thousands on music.
  21. We don't know for sure and if so we don't know by how long but I am willing to wait however long Obsidian deems appropriate to make this game be perfect as it will undoubtedly be.
  22. I just want Obsidian to surprise me with something mindbogglingly awesome that I didn't expect like they did when they announced the 2.5 mil stretch goal would bring the Cipher class. Although now it has to be something other than a class or race because I already know I'll play a godlike Cipher and nothing is going to change that.
  23. I hate preorder bonuses, promotional bonuses and so on. But in this case it makes sense....they are rewarding the more dedicated backers. And it's not even such a demanding requirement since they are giving from one of the lowest tiers. How is this significantly different from preorder or promo bonuses? There will be people who missed the Kickstarter entirely or who were unable to contribute the required $50 for the exclusive pet. Also, the dollar amount of a pledge isn't a reliable measure of "dedication" without knowledge of the relative wealth or disposable income of the pledger. If they realize too late it is what it is but there's certainly nothing wrong with rewarding those that helped make the game possible. As for wealth and disposable income....they aren't asking for a lot, most games these days cost more than that. Why should someone who failed to notice the kickstarter hate Obsidian or the backers that helped make the game a reality because those who contributed get an exclusive item or two? I hate to break it to you but without them there would be NO game to speak of so if anything those who fail to notice and miss or do not contribute should be grateful to those that did and are making this a reality.
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