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  1. 11 or more seems very optimistic with only 10 days left. i'd probably guess about 6-7 levels at most by the end. It's a shame they didn't start this idea earlier on. Although maybe they'll end up adding more layers on anyway, if they have the time. 6 or 7 at most would be accurate if the present amount of income over time remained relatively steady.....it will not. If you look at other similar kickstarter initiatives you will notice that in the last few days there is a drastic increase in both number of pledgers and pledged amount. That's when people realize that if they don't act they'll be left out and this is likely the only chance anyone will have to obtain any physical versions of the game and other physical goodies as well as pet and kickstarter bonus item. Not to mention all the other digital goodies and opportunities.
  2. I think it will end up somewhere between 7 and 10 levels deep although I would be beyond ecstatic if it ends up at 11 or more. Speaking of which I wonder how PayPal is doing in terms of backers and funds brought in.
  3. It's not in how may times a spell is cast but in how much damage it does....hence low level spells should be made as such. So what if a wizard/cipher has both offense and defense at the same time? Should the warrior take his armor off before swinging the sword?
  4. Abuse? No. Should the warrior have a recharge time before he can swing the sword again? Should the warrior need to reequip/replace his armor after every hit? Or rather should the warrior's armor only protect against a hit or two and then have the warrior wait a recharge period before replacing it? Haste just increases movement speed, big deal....wizards should have some benefits too. So why shouldn't a wizard/cipher have a basic attack that is always available? Seriously people, please think before you post.
  5. As far as the pet goes I think it should be a mythical creature on a smaller scale.....a small dragon or a phoenix or a ghostly wolf or something. Maybe what the pet is depends on the class of the player character. Just some ideas....I'll be happy regardless even if the pet is just a dog or cat or something.
  6. I hate preorder bonuses, promotional bonuses and so on. But in this case it makes sense....they are rewarding the more dedicated backers. And it's not even such a demanding requirement since they are giving from one of the lowest tiers.
  7. I am all for having new classes in the game but adding the Paladin class on top of the Monk and Priest classes would be a complete waste of time. You could add pretty much any class but this is just redundant and ridiculous. Beyond that great update. Looking forward to the pet, I absolutely love seeing the mega dungeon grow and I'll have to see if I can collect another $120 to upgrade to the $250 bundle but i am not making any promises at the moment. Modding is also I very much look forward to as well.
  8. I mean they should not shy from any sort of choices, especially not from the ones with the most drastic consequences.....whenever there is a conflict the player ought to be able to side with any of the participants or nobody or be able to forge an alliance or instigate a major conflict and have them take each other out....all these should be on the table. I hate gray areas where you just can't do a whole lot because oh the bad guys are so evil nobody would side with them so go help the good guys, but you get to choose your tone of voice!!
  9. I think you're the one that has it backwards....the more they shy from extremes the less of a difference will be between the player's options and the less of an impact they will have. This never fails.....whenever developers start talking of gray choices the game is done for.
  10. I gotta say I am genuinely interested in seeing how many members there will be in the OOoE by by the time this kickstarter period ends. I figure around 500 or so.
  11. Project Eternity is looking like it will be the ultimate perfect game(or almost perfect if it somehow ends up not getting the Cipher class) and people are still finding ways to complain about it? That's insane......why?
  12. Crafting is nice and I'll enjoy this myself quite a bit but nowhere near as much as I will enjoy playing as a Cipher.
  13. Paladins and Bards should be added as the stretch goal for reaching 5 trillion......right after increasing the amount of dirt on the dungeon floors and being completely out of ideas for more interesting things to do.
  14. They are extremely likely to break the 3 mil mark.....the income should spike quite a bit in the final days so the 2.6 is quite safe I think. I am very excited for the 2.5 mil mark and seeing what 2.7 and beyond will bring us. Aside from that they have added nearly 11k in ~5 hrs since the 2.3 mil mark was broken....at this rate they are making ~50k a day.....multiply that times 11 and you'll get a very conservative and safe figure for the end.
  15. The game is a long way from release and my guess is that they have to wait for the kickstarter to end to know exactly how many they'll need to make which will all be accounted from the final budget and they first have to account for development expenses and so on. I mean the regular boxed and CE are likely to end up exclusive to the kickstarter backers because I doubt they will pay to have any additional boxed versions made for retail stores since that would cost quite a lot. I rather they just give us exclusive in-game content....nothing too big you know, additional weapons and gear or a dungeon/quest or other such small things.
  16. I am intrigued though....when they put up the 2.4 mil stretch goal Obsidian said they had three more stretch goals....then they put up the 2.5 and 2.6 which would leave them with one more after that but are they planning anything past 2.8? I certainly hope they are thinking of something because the inflow of cash is likely to spike in the last few days and PE is quite likely to pass the 3.0 mil mark.
  17. 2.5 mil and more specifically the Cipher class are my absolute musts....I might go insane if PE doesn't break 2.5 mil...although at the moment it seems safe to assume it will.
  18. That's around where they will be but it all depends how much speed the cash inflow gets in the last days....at the present speed it would only reach 2.7 or 2.8 mil but it's very likely that as time gets close to an end the contributions will pick up speed so with some luck it'll be around 3.5 mil.
  19. It's close to level 4 and I can see it gaining at least 3 more before the time is up so I guess it'll end up somewhere between 7 and 10 levels by the time it's done.
  20. It's broken now.....2.3 million in and the game grows. Now I can't wait to see 2.5 million completed......MUST play as Cipher....nao!!
  21. Difficulty settings and godlike race are sealed.....everyone do a happy dance!! :aiee:
  22. You really didn't read the rest of that conversation did you? It just so happens you are wrong in your assessment.....perhaps it is you who just wants to mock and ridicule? My reasons were completely different....before actually seeing their page I was excited at the potential of another great RPG that I might support.
  23. All great in a single player experience. I specially like where you learn from creatures. The rating system doesn't necessarily have to be from other players (a.k.a Online) but manifested in a sort of Single-Player Fame/Reputation a la "What does the in-game world, think of you?" That makes no sense. The rating system is purely cosmetic....based on looks and perhaps class. the question is "Do other players like how your character looks and what it can do?" Having the game game tell the player that his chosen character/features is/are ugly or his chosen class or level-up path suck is just bad development choice. Having your game tell the player that he/she sucks is the fastest way to lose customers and/or possibly get sued......remember the family that sued Nintendo because the Wii told their daughter(or was it son?) she was fat?
  24. No. This should be a strictly Single Player experience without wasting any funds on in-game popularity contests.....screw what others think of my character, I couldn't care less if they like it or hate it. Sinking time and funds in nonsense like this would be a complete waste.
  25. If you're inclined that way sure I am all for Obsidian doing it that way as opposed to wasting yet another class on the preachy types. I would even praise the accomplishment with some kind of achievement with the description: "Congratulations, every NPC in the game wishes you you'd just stop preaching for 10 consecutive seconds....just call yourself a Templar instead, it'd be more original you know."
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