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  1. release keys now in order to unlock super secret reward, obsidian!!! once in a lifetime opportunity!
  2. *rubs belly* aaah sure could go for some computer role-playing game goodness right about now
  3. so you made a big deal about holding back discs so you can ship physical goods on time but it hasn't shipped yet? if you ship monday you have 4 days to get it transatlantic and probably over half of europe. did you hire superman to do the deliveries?
  4. With all these penalties to melee, and the way armor works (heavier armor - slower attacks) – is there anything that makes up for playing an armored knight/paladin-style damage dealer? Do they deal inherently more damage from melee weapons or are their abilities/traits/whatevs better? I was planning to play a ranged rogue anyway (I would want to play ranged ranger like my first BG playthrough, but rangers in PoE seem... weird, and I don't like how pets work), but I'm just curious.
  5. I think area looting is good, at least as an option. I'd use it. The only thing I don't like about loot in PoE are the strong visuals, i.e. the "loot glow." I'm not particularly fond of people trying to speak on the behalf of an entire community, especially on a topic not gauged.
  6. looks *~glamorous~* would make sense in a dream sequence or something, I guess. but out in the wilderness, I dunno. I don't like these kinds of effect either and I always turn off DoF and blur (in particular movement blur).
  7. I think you will live. Seriously it isn't a big deal, your immersion can take it. hey I'm just saying it's not optional. I really DGAF.
  8. The memorial messages were written by our backers. The memorials are the only content that will break the fourth wall, and are purely optional. Thanks for watching the stream. I hope you enjoyed it. How is it optional? If it's there, and I click it (not knowing what it will say), and I read it -- it's not really optional? Optional would be to be able to turn off the interaction in an option or something similar to the Wild Wasteland trait in New Vegas.
  9. PoE takes itself a little too seriously, and the writing reflects that.
  10. No. I want a spiritual successor to BG2. Not the same thing. PoE is a spiritual successor to the IE games, it just follows the IWD2 lead designer's sensibilities (which i disagree with). The IE games i like their design direction is PST and BG2, and i would love Obsidian to make spiritual successors to those games. Fair enough, and I suppose I agree, although I'm disappointed with PoE as an IE successor. It started out very nicely with the environments and art, but then they slapped annoying (and unnecessary) interface stuff on top of that, as well as a stressful combat system.
  11. I want a spiritual successor to the infinity engine games
  12. Instead of controlling a party of Forrest Gumps, maybe they could all walk, all the time, by default. ~Like in a certain series of games~
  13. The IE targeting rectangles were more as if the made a cross within the circle rather than make some sort of sniper scope, i.e. more compact. More like the left one: But since they're animated, this screenshot could have been taken when the circle is the most expanded. EDIT: I assume they're animated...
  14. Removing the pure whites in characters eyes would go a long way to improve faces in character creation screen.
  15. www.butthurt.asn.au/ www.butthurtfoundation.org.uk/ www.usbutthurt.org/
  16. Not giving exp for combat is super disappointing. If the problem is that quest solution paths become "unbalanced" (OH MY GOD THE HORROR), then the problem lies in the quest design. Taking away combat exp makes combat worse, and the game worse. Because it's a combat-oriented game. My suggestion is to make an alternative mode, call it Sawyer's Fun Balance mode, where there is no experience and the levels are set at specific points in the game. And then have the standard game play just like BG2.
  17. actually -- do this. it will make the game better, just as this mod does. maybe we'll have a day-0 mod that fixes all the issues BG2 folk have with PoE. except the romance ****, of course. leave that to bodypillow-husbands.
  18. sounds like a lot of people here are fans of airbrush-editing of TV actors
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