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  1. And this thing went from bad to worse... Oh boy. Well - I'm grateful I never backed this with more than the minimum required for the basegame. I feel so bad for the people who spent hundreds or more, only to be shat on. How is this worse? It makes fun of the people that were too offended (misread/they called for blood) and it was most likely submitted by the same backer after they asked him to change it. (Considering its very similiar in style)
  2. Expansions are definitly coming and a sequel is all but confirmed. There might be a pathfinder crpg coming, but that will be seperate from eternity or other Obsidian crowd/selffunded projects.
  3. People have come to expect their games to be buggy because 8/10 of their games ship buggy. The buggiest game I've played before this one was Fallout:NV. I've played over a hundred games since then easy. It's okay for games to have a few bugs. Even a major one at launch. Whatever. But this game has at least five game brea- wait. let's not say game breaking. Even though they are game breaking, people tend to say things in response like 'well, it's not really game breaking cuz you can still play even though your missing an entire category of stats". Let's call them critical. At LEAST FIVE very critical bugs. Five...unacceptable. Obsidian deserves their reputation as a buggy developer. I love obsidian and to reiterate OMG I LOVE THIS GAME TO DEATH!! but I hope the bugs in this game compact and cause people to criticize them even more for shipping buggy games. It's the only way they will start taking it seriously. They know their reputation and they STILL ship a game like this? COME ON! Oh great They are just not taking it seriously. You solved EVERYTHING Let me go back in time and tell every dev and QA department who shipped a big but buggy game that they were just not taking their job seriously. Also NV, NWN2 and Kotor II all had way more critical bugs by your definiton of them.
  4. LoL no Obsidian doesn't get a free pass. And if so Pillars is the only exception for it. (Possibly KoTOr II too) Even South Park was cried on by multiple sides (including kotaku and rps) to be a bugfest. Making extra articles for it.
  5. Class-based Tetris. You could choose one of three classes - Summoner, Warrior, and Scamp. Warriors were good at clearing out blocks (specifically locked blocks that were tough to clear). One of my favorite builds revolved around taking the "Stun" skill which allowed a chance for temporary slowing of falling blocks on crits. If you paired it with two Blockade daggers, your line clears would crit pretty often. It allowed for lots of falling block stoppage which allowed you to set up huge line clearing combos. Summoners were really good at block manipulation. Moving blocks from one row to another or one column to another. At higher levels you could do some really sick stuff. I remember the "Fireblast" spell was great for clearing out future blocks that hadn't dropped yet. It allowed you great choice in selecting a good block for maximum clearing. Scamps were my favorite. They were strange, though. A lot of their abilities would get much better as more of the screen was filled with blocks. They were also the best at clearing locked blocks... in fact, they would get a pretty good XP bonus for clearing them. Normally you would avoid locked blocks, but they were your friend if you were a Scamp. You gained experience by clearing lines and it would scale your experience gain proportional to your speed. The faster that you cleared lines, the higher the XP gain. You could also chain line clears (clearing a line every time a new block would drop) for some insane XP gains. I was really sad when it was cancelled, but it was probably for the best. Why would you do research into DircetX11and advance your engine for this? And why would that project have taken up so many people? Including an extra writer. You trollin'?
  6. https://media.8ch.net/gamergate/src/1426264192967.png Thats quite the definition of maturity
  7. Response to Sarkeesian by a female gamergate member
  8. Well, the kickstarter alone wouldn't have been enough (at the size) Thankfully they got the Armored Warfare contract soon after.
  9. Yeah the openin felt like a horror movie, but in a fun way We don't know exactly. Sawyer was leading it and it was next-gen. It used the onyx engine. I know a few other team members but thats about it.
  10. Don't know.He's on Facebook. Ask him. lol Don't quote me, but I'm pretty sure Avellone wrote Sand. Didn't Eric have something to do with him?
  11. Yeah, not a fan of that reason. Same effect and better PR would have been to say "We want to give you the best version possible/work as close to release as possible on it" Or just leave the *We're doing it for YOU* out of it due to bad history. Mainly "We're doing it for YOU* in terms of DRM/Piracy immediatly lets one recall all the ****ty DRM of the past, because that was also mostly used when selling the concept of DRM to customers. It's best avoided. Thats just a tip of course.
  12. Ok, thanks In that case if you don't mind me asking. Did Obsidian fund the development so far themselves or did Paizo?
  13. The article mentions that Obsidian is looking for a publisher for the pathfinder card game... Aren't you already developing it? What does publisher here mean exactly?
  14. I see you still have a developer tag........ Corporate spy at Bethesda?
  15. It was false advertised by 0.5 GB Vram (Or rather said 0.5 VRAM are near unusable due to issues) Its still great value for its price so if you don't care about the issue its still a recommended buy.
  16. And I'm saying there isn't a difference in how bad they are. One without the other sucks the same for different reasons. I was still disagreeing with you. So, no I didn't fail anything there, buddy.
  17. Well, as a role player aiming to immerse myself into a game, that would be a real bummer for me. So NPCs are allowed to walk, but I have to run everywhere? Yes. Unfortunately. I cannot describe how much better it would've been to walk everywhere compared to running everywhere. I LoL No Both are bad. I prefer a walk option myself but not having the ability to run is infurating too. Especially when you are confronted with fetch quests and the like. That also counts towards other gernes. Theres several moments I remember when a game expected me to backtrack several locations and I was like fuuuuuuuuuuuu because the charachters were slow Both are questionable design choices.
  18. Yeah, and this line • Lead a small programming team building a new role-playing game in Unity 3D. Makes me think this is some sort of collobaration between Obsidian and Ossian again.
  19. https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=8593593&authType=name&authToken=eKXU&trk=prof-sb-browse_map- Senior Programmer Obsidian Entertainment March 2014 – Present (11 months)Ottawa, Canada Area • Lead a small programming team building a new role-playing game in Unity 3D. • Collaborated closely with a team of artists and human user interface specialists to create a unique and compelling user interface. Not entirly sure what this is.
  20. Yep Agreed LoL No Sawyer doesn't answer questions regarding every decision, but he does spend a significant amount of time explaining certain decisions even outside of SA. Like on Tumblr or formerly on formspring and here as well (Even if now significantly less so) In fact I can easily imagine him posting more about decisions post release. Theres something to be said about the other devs, but them deciding to engange is very much dependant on the environment here. Snarky comments and (hidden) personal insults don't help at all. The tone is allowed to be a bit more rough, but it still has to relate to the game itself. Funny enough there are multiple RPG codex members (including me) here that support the devs
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