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  1. Considering its Obsidian when wasn't it. There are most of these issues but they are exterrageted. They are not worse than in most other Games. So, if you don't go into a negative mindset into this game there is a good chance you will like it.
  2. 1. That's just not true. There are several things that change largly and its impact on world stability and the characters based on what you do. These are just two things I wanted to say since the choice thing is just not true. Every gamer who played this twice and differently can tell you that. So, give it another go at least or watch some playthroughs. Edit 1: Revised originally statement since that was a little too opinion based.
  3. No, you don't. As for Veteran. It isn't exactly harder. quite the opposite. lets you start with way more skillpoints than the others. As for the OP. I can only give you the advise with changing things manually. Though, your a pretty high level player. Alpha Protocol on Hard/Recruit is harder for me than any of the ME's.
  4. I attacked him as a troll because of these reasons - He listened exactly no reasons what is so godawful about the game. (Excpect referencing the hacking minigame again by giving no reason) - Purpose of this thread is clouded. That it gets better is basicaly said everywhere. What is his question? Was he just so disappointed in the game? If so, what exactly is wrong? would be nice to get this topic over "simple bashing" I could list more. Point is. At the moment this fills most of the criteria of a troll thread. It doesn't matter how many posts you have as long as there is no substance to his words this thread is a troll thread. If he comes with reasons that are disscusable I will immediatly take back my statement.
  5. what the hell do you mean by that? if a review is complaining about something then i can't use that specific complaint but must come up with a new one? anyhow, i've been buying games made by AP devs for more than a decade, and so far this game is the only one i wish i hadnt bought... my judgement might be clouded by the severe mouse issues i'm having though Nope, you don't give any issues. Exculding technical ones that don't even happen by every user. Not to mention. NO ONE really critized the concept of the hacking minigame. It's because the control sucks on pc. On consoles its passable but it could be better. Other reasons regarding actual story/gameplay you have given none. I highly doubt that you are even in possession of the game. So, until you proof otherwise. You are in every meaning of the word a troll.
  6. If you don't want to troll. Give actual reasons that don't sound they could be taken from any review. Because, you don't list any reasons. The only thing you say is "godawful" You, sir at the moment. You are a troll.
  7. That, to say. Any game has mistakes. I haven't met one "masterpiece" yet. Most excel at one particular element (which Alpha Protcol does) So Its possible to say its a masterpiece of some sort. For example: There are many people saying Heavy Rain is a masterpiece which is a lie. It does its job well but there are fundemental elements that are flawed. One beeing that David Cage can't write women characters. Or any form of attraction whatsoever. Which is more than a valid complaint since stoy is the main gameplay element moreso than Alpha Protocol.
  8. Wait, what? Under 8 hours??????? All objectives etc.? I just did half a speedrun and I was still well over 8. Also differences aren't minor but quite heavy, actually. You can play through the game without even noticing important Plotpoints etc. I smell troll.
  9. Not in every department that matters since ME2's gameplay is quite different than AP. If we just go by story. Yeah AP wins. It sure as hell not some deep lifequestioning thing like PT. But it is a spy story. And a DAMN good one at that. Including Characters which seem cheesy at first sight, but actually are deep without beeing over the top. (Expect for Russian Guy. But even he was passable)
  10. Well, there would be even more subtitles. They are clearly the wakpoint of the game. But I'm entirely biased since I'm swiss but I can understand perfectly englisch. Hell, I even learned japanese for jrpg purposes. Call me crazy. It would be nice if they could add a patch where you can toggle this option. Because I would NOT like to lose it. Conservations are EXTREMLY fluid and sound surperp thanks to the system. A shame SEGA didn't engage more localization groups with voice actors.
  11. Have to disagree with these two 1. The checkpoint system is because of the conversations. It basically forces the player more onto choices & consequences. Which is a good thing in my opinion. Especially for a game like this. You can save anytime and there are many checkpoints. Most of the time it isn't even a 1 Minute walk. 2. Unrealistic? You want to know what real espionage is like? Well, expect beeing placed at ta location for over a year, 90% Deskwork etc. etc. There is more action in Wartimes. But most of the time, this is one hell of a desk job. Also, yes the bosses are bad. Could have been done better. I agree. But that has nothing to do with "realistic" for an espionage. See it more as gameplay. (Though AP is the most coherent Spy Story I have ever seen in video game, considering the scale probably even movies. Its top )
  12. The game IS complete, they included again (like in KOTOR2) some UE3 Data that indicated different things planned but they are mostly concept stuff. Mostly just audiodata. That doesn't indicate that it's not finished just that stuff was cut (Like in the development of every game ever. In days of DLC the people seem to have forgotten that and blame publishers as soon as they announce DLC. (KOTOR 2 or similiar beeing a special case) As for adjusting stuff. Yeeeeah! But it's UE3. Just don't hope for too much.
  13. Well, I can't argue with the hiding bodies since splinter cell probably made that standard. It would be a great improvement in a sequel. The voice actor is probably opinion since I like how he speaks rather "normally". As for the other points. They were waaaaay worse for me on Fallout 3. But, thats usually ignored for some reason in that game. And as for the graphics. They aren't that bad. It has some great textures though the animations are. But, especially concering graphics: I have yet to encounter ANYTHING that looks worse than Mass Effect 1's planets and their buildings. There: I said it.
  14. This is nonsense. They're reviewing it as a GAME, and as a game, it is fairly janky and frustrating a lot of the time because of bad AI, camera, weak gunplay, etc, regardless of how many points you have in a weapon skill or stealth. If they were reviewing just the RPG elements or the story, well no **** it would be getting more praise. Thankfully these reviewers don't believe that story>gameplay. Yeah, because all games should be exactly the same soon so we can all enjoy unoriginal boring streamline world. That's so much better
  15. A LOT of people feel this way, hell I can't remember in recent memory the last time a tutorial was ever done right. It just seems that AP really dropped the ball at the beginning but thankfully picked it up after. My theory is that the low stats at the beginning contribute to the annoyance. (constant missing with weapons, low stealth, etc.) Actually, the only thing that I have to say to those people is. Don't play hard or recruit. I did my first run on easy and I had no problem with Saudi. I actually completly enjoyed it.
  16. Yeah, because Deus Ex was such a flawless game when it came out. It's not like it was universally critizied too for its animations and KI and the biggest reason it wasn't more panned is because the reviewers weren't as high standard as today....... Oh wait! http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/deusex/revi...view&page=2 It's rosa colored glasses time. Let us rejoice! Seriously people! Shut up! If you have to bash the game so hard you are only deluding yourself. I myself wait a few years and get a good laugh when people say Alpha Protocol was a hidden gem.
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