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  1. Those aren't the final ones in any case though. Edit: Or at least they are not anywhere near accurate.
  2. Lindsey Laney http://www.artoflindseylaney.blogspot.ch/
  3. http://www.pockettactics.com/news/ios-news/right-path-latest-info-pathfinder-adventure-card-game/ http://boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/34935/app-news-new-pathfinder-screens-talisman-dungeon-n
  4. Actually EA owns them (At least for non-mobile videogames) Actually they have an exclusive rights to them, ownership is still at Disney. Thats what I meant (Though in more detail)
  5. Related (From Tumblr) kristibrud666 said: PoE has a lot of activity from all party characters. Much more than any Infinity Engine game - and as I understand it you're not even done with adding new talents. One consequence of this is the frequent pausing required. In the backer beta, it feels a little tiresome, and that's just with the amount of pausing to defeat beetles. An equivalent fight in BG2 would be maybe two pauses for a couple of spells or somethingAre you alright with this or is this something you're looking to addresssomehow? Tim, George (Wang), and I have been implementing a (very) large number of new Talents. We waited until we had Backer Beta feedback before designing many of them so we could find common ways in which people wanted to distinguish their characters. Another goal with the Talent system was to allow people to bias their characters more heavily toward active or passive maintenance. Right now I’m rearranging the order in which fighters receive Abilities and Talents as they gain levels. With these new arrangements, it should be easy to build (for example) a fighter with all passive and modal Abilities or, if you really feel like it, a fighter that has a large number of active Abilities. I believe this will give people the maintenance flexibility they want in individual characters and their parties as a whole.
  6. Thats some black and white speak. And Brandon stated that they are more interested in the communitys feedback on the games mechanics rather than bugs. In WORDS!!!!!! So, of course every suggestion is important.
  7. Well they still have to work on it. And the narrative side is probably the least influenced by that.
  8. Which is why I asked about it. Like what? If they're planning to keep narrative designers - Eric, Carrie, Matt, Robert on for the duration of the project, what else should they work on? In the OP, I was asking if there's more time for extras, and then I said if there is - here's some stuff that I'd like to see. That's feedback. The expansion. And effort in the sense of bringing in another programmer for example and utilizing the narrative deisgners on something else (Like another project or the expansion.)
  9. They are definitly in some form still working on it. Dialouge is one of the last things to get finalized. Especially if VO still isn't done yet. At least FE is.
  10. I don't care. Its hard to say more for a quantity we don't really know about and you can go overboard on that as well. Aa I said in the other thread as well its not going to be an area that is lacking. As such effort is better spent on something else. I wouldn't mind though if additional time is spent on an more elaborate additional dialogue path depending on your stats/race/something like low intelligence (if that fell through)
  11. Class specific options being triggered less than ability ones sounds logical to me. What rpg favors the first? I really doubt Obsidian of all people skimped out on these options and actually thought the beta offered a lot for being a side area (The first made as well) but YMMV. Rather they focus their writing and design team on the expansion and concentrate on system fixes for this one.
  12. I don't really get the last complaint. On account of how you judge a lack of it in the first place.
  13. ? If anything Feargus was the one that got convinced. After all the non-compete Argument is from him. Um, I think I missed some newspiece? Non-compete argument -- where, what, how? Are you referring to something Feargie said in the 4-part Matt Chat interview or something else? As in the argument that they don't want to release at a date where they compete with bigger releases. Thats Feargus who makes these considerations.
  14. ? If anything Feargus was the one that got convinced. After all the non-compete Argument is from him.
  15. IMO, since no other site reports this and Obsidian hasn't yet this looks like a screw up on Paradox side. (As in shouldn't have been posted so early and instead been a bigger press release/also mentioned by Obs)
  16. As User barbarian_bros mentioned according to a Paradox forum post the game has been delayed. http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/content.php?1996-Pillars-of-Eternity-Delayed&
  17. It's very unpleasant that backers have not been informed by Obsidian... Considering theres no info on any other place I can find if this is true I would say Paradoxs PR screwed up.
  18. Nipson, bro. I love ya, but no. Obsidian doesn't just adapt every critique without seeing it as a good option themselves. It seems to me you don't trust Obsidian to handle fan critique correctly more than anything else.
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