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  1. well, josh and tim want to. Feargus like on the history game issue is probably a lot more reserved.
  2. http://www.gamereactor.eu/articles/282794/Indie+Calendar+Finale+Part+One+-+Pillars+of+Eternity/
  3. Someone is angry about Alpha Protocol https://twitter.com/tadthuggish
  4. HE GOT FLOURIDE!!! I see Labadal hasn't posted in a while either. Should we declare him as possible deceased?
  5. J.Burke had his last day at Obsidian according to his Twitter. Farewell, bro.
  6. who are these peopleVoice actors. Not really Only half of them. On the left is Mikey Dowling, a producer at Obsidian focusing on voice acting. The two people in front are voice actors (Orion Acaba will be both in Pillars and Armored Warfare IIRC) and the person on the right is the ceo of pcb.
  7. I dunno, would they use PCB's facilities for Pillars? And wouldn't he have mentioned the name? http://www.pcb.cc/#!services/c1x9v Of course, easy answer is that its either Pillars or Armored Warfare. Or Orion Acaba is about to become the most profilic Voice Actor in Obsidian games.
  8. https://twitter.com/orionacaba/status/545345970729275392
  9. Calista is an actual name real people have. (Yes, yes, this starts with a K.) Correct. Also the bolded is so inconsequential, it makes no difference. Like if Calista with C exists it more than likely will/can also exist with a K.
  10. Yeah, Sarevok is busy being among other things a certain principal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWNXOVYWIJM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrCQ4XthvV4
  11. You can check it on the Announcements and News forum. They just posted it there. Yeah I saw it.
  12. What about the new Kickstarter update btw? Today or tomorrow?
  13. Technical Beta Weekend. Got my invite yesterday.
  14. Holocaust denier about denying Holocaust.
  15. I remember that from the 90s, it was about bees and had Christian Tessier and Kristian Schmid Remake. Originally from the 70's. Though I have no idea which one Cantousent means.
  16. Cleaning up after 2 bricks decided to take a shortcut through my bedrooms window. Thankfully I wasn't in it at the time. Otherwise I'd probably be in the hospital with some shards of glass sticking out of my body. Videogames saved me. (Specifically NIER)
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