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  1. Ah man, I was hoping there would be a Pathfinder cRPG. EDIT Ops already a thread about that, sorry.
  2. I don't think it's losing your soul. Everyone gets their powers from their soul, so it would be hard if you lost your soul. Plus losing and getting back your soul has already been done by another isometric story heavy crpg.
  3. I don't know. I hope there are other ways to make encounters challenging. Instant death makes things too random, which encourages save scumming, while if you do have protection against those spells then the encounters become really easy. I remember in BG2 that one cloak that let me kill beholders solo with Keldorn, and with death ward from a cleric and spell immunity:abjuration a mage could tank Kangaxx.
  4. Well in most fantasy games the world is pretty harsh and filled with bandits and hostile monsters, so of course no one would care if you are walking around fully armored. An armed traveler wouldn't be suspicious. It would only be suspicious if you were trying to pretend to be a villager dressed like that. If the chances of getting into a gunfight in real life were the same as the chances of fighting bandits and monsters on the road in a fantasy game then no one would be surprised to see people walking around in bullet proof vests.
  5. I wouldn't mind one pair of irreconcilable companions. Two pairs out of eight people might be pushing it into tricky party management though. Also what about the opposite as well, an inseparable pair, can't take one without the other?
  6. Start a family? Nah. It would be neat if you had a father and/or mother and maybe some siblings somewhere in the game you could visit. You know instead of having your family entirely wiped out in the cliched sorta way.
  7. I think usually the publisher is in charge of quality assurance, so Obsidian might not be entirely at fault for past buggy releases. However since Obsidian is self publishing this time they will have to hire and pay all the QA testers themselves. Since they seem very dedicated to the success of this product so I'm sure they will take QA seriously and have a lot of post-release support. After all, with the Kickstarter funds coming from the fans, they are pretty much risking their reputation.
  8. Well there are only eight companions in this game, 5 with the PC and only 3 on the bench. It would be nice if you could switch them in and out without the benched characters falling behind, get to know them all, and use different ones for different situations. Of course we don't yet know if they will have a bench system like in NWN2 and Dragon Age, or if switching requires officially kicking someone out like in the Baldur's Gate series. Also not sure how the adventurer hall will work into this. I suppose the adventurer hall could charge you money to make a character above level one, hi
  9. I will experiment with it, though I'll mostly be using the NPC companions for the first playthrough. I would be neat if you could move them to your stronghold or house or something. It would also be cool if they could have a very basic personality that could be conveyed in some way, like making short comments about an area or situation, but that might be asking too much.
  10. I do like a gradual progression of going from soloing, to a duo or trio, then to eventually having a full party. I'm sure they come up with a good pace. It would be neat if there are some hard to find or recruit companions, but not all of them. Some should easily join as part of the main storyline, enough to at least mostly fill the party.
  11. I like cats. I was a chaotic neutral sorcerer in BG2 so I could have a cat. I wonder what the Kickstarter exclusive pet will be. I vote cat.
  12. Yeah if there is a hard level cap, it should be somewhat higher then you are expected to reach, so you can continue to gain levels throughout the game without hitting the level cap. Also leaves room for exansions.
  13. 8 is good. I hope you can officially recruit all of them and switch them in and out throughout the game, and get to learn all about them. I didn't really like the Baldurs Gate system where you had to choose 5 only and officially kick someone out if you wanted to try someone else. I'd prefer the Neverwinter Nights 2 party system where they would wait at the Sunken Flagon and still technically be on your team even if you can only travel with a few at a time.
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