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  1. Censorship was bad when it didn't want to allow explicit anal rape: But it's OK when some extreme leftist demanded to censor joke hurting his feelings. Obsidian devs are bunch of hypocrites.
  2. And Sawyer already bended over to them: https://twitter.com/jesawyer/status/582200461127634945 I wish I didn't back this game.
  3. Herve last punch at Bethesda.
  4. If requirements of Next CoD are anything to go by(50GB of free place on HDD), by the time Project: Eternity will be out game taking 20-30 GBs is not going to raise any eyebrows.
  5. One error I've encountered lately really often in multiple games is "Out of Range" error when monitor tries to display something with unsupported resolution, or refresh rate, etc. I've seen it in 7 different games and in all of them I had to find settings file, which wasn't always named like that often was somewhere in my dokuments or app data, and in Brutal Legend I even had to create it myself. So I would like to suggest adding something like The Witcher 2 configuration tool: Or making it possible to change settings in launcher like in Trine 2: So Project Eternity won't try to star
  6. Bribes. Buying Information/Knowledge: The more obscure, illegal, dangerous is that knowledge the more expensive it is and the harder to get for "free". Unique items but less in "infinity+1 sword of epicness" way which should in my opinion be either in dungeon, reward for quest, or even lie down somewhere in grass forgotten and more in: equipment for various enviroments, art ("make me statue of me for 5000"), Tutoring -Especially for obscure and forgotten languages Getting others to do something for us when we are short on time, or it outright impossible to something without an
  7. One thing I didn't like was that particle effect at the bottom of the waterfall was to dark and because of it looked like smoke. Apart from that it looks great.
  8. Unless you can magically detect people alignment this shouldn't be part of how people react to protagonist, as reputation already cover PC actions.
  9. In Fallout 2 NPCs would be much more polite towards PC if he was using Power armor, and I think it would be nice if PE had something similiar. I mean random thugs attacking 6 guys armed to teeth with ancient artifacts or peasants acting in condescending way to such groups always look weird.
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