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  1. Yeeeey I got my box today! So happy! Cheers Obsidian!
  2. Oh no you DIDN'T! On a serious note, I do not have low standards, I feel the overall voice acting of this game is mediocre, but I'm kinda hard on voice acting, if it's not done well, I'd rather not have it. I'd say my standard for voice acting is too high as I cringe and loathe sub par voice acting... I don't mind reading though, and as some ppl said, a fully voiced game often makes for less content (lol if BG had been fully voice acted) If you wanna do it, knock yourself out, but don't, please don't say things like this, it's not gonna end well (Internet people take offense easy the
  3. If you like story telling, then playing bg1 first is the correct choice since the story of the sequel directly continues that of the first. If you don't give a shait (Don't get why you' play em then but ok ) most people find the second game to be the best. Both games are quite different than PoE in both gameplay, story and style. Same genre not the same games. My personal favorite is the original BG, the mood and the setting just does it perfectly for me, and the main villain is my favorite. For the EE version vs the original moded version, it depends on how much extra work you want
  4. Well, some PotD runs might be a second run, where you've done the NPC quests/dialogues already. Pure achievement run maybe? Easier to do trial of iron runs with optimized NPCs instead of the premades. Solo run is also an achievement.
  5. Off, anything to add to replayability and not take me out of the game with meta thinking.
  6. Please no. Half the VA dialogues annoy me more than they do without the VA. Mostly because the Voice actor doesn't seem to read the non spoken text, so things like sighs, coughing and tone of voice directly goes against what's written. If a person is supposed to be scared, angry or whatever it's VERY important that the VA does that, and even more so when it's written for the player to see. It takes a lot of time and effort to fully VA a game, so if someone want's to mod it please do, just please don't ask the devs to focus on it ^^
  7. I REALLY hope that he devs take a look at what you've written here! It's important to note that most of the "haters"/"critics" here do agree with you on the game being good, and we do like it. If you hate something it's hard to summon enough passion to write dozens of posts/topics on how to make it even better, you'd just throw it away. I for one agree with your arguments, I might have different opinions on what's more important, but I agree with 99 % of the words you've chosen I believe. For the Xp I believe it may have ended up this way because of wanting it to be similar to IWD, wh
  8. I'd get behind this idea in some form, I did feel the amount of XP needed was a larger problem than the amount of XP gained when just looking at numbers.
  9. Have to admit, I even forgot there was a party AI in BG... Can't say I eve used it so for me there isn't any transition, and if your chars was confused or charmed in BG and hit one of your teammates you had to make sure your party didn't make him/her a pincushion! I can't really see why people want an party AI in these games though, easy fights are right-click only anyway, and do you really want your NPCs to do stuff "on their own" in harder fights?
  10. Hmm, haven't used Kana much, though I don't really read much on new spells and abilities anymore either no need... Common fight for me in the mid-later part of the game is something like this. 1. Walking from A to B while chatting on Steam 2. ATTACKED BY ASSASINS YOU SAY! Time to... 3. Right-click enemies -> continue chatting on steam 4. Loot the bodies to get even more filthy rich 20 secs later And I rarely mind getting to this point of POWER! in games, it's just happening a bit too fast/easy here. Waiting for a fight to be so hard I have to sit down and read all the new sp
  11. Yeah, I ended up in the staircase as well, and then I swung Aloth around midfight for 3 Fans, which DEMOLISHED everything. Also, to position yourself according to the environment is real life strategy 101, I wouldn't really call it gamey, because if you COULD win it out in the open then the game would be to easy, you're not supposed to sweep a fight when surrounded by competent enemies.
  12. If you're up against harder packs, what I normally do is: 1. Equip ranged weapons on everything, the slower/heavy hitting the better. One volley kills at least one enemy. 2. Find a choke point, there is almost always one around, back up if you need to, choke points makes all the difference. 3. AOE debuffs, stack em up after the enemies have engaged said choke point, followed by maybe AOE dmg. 4. Don't be afraid of over healing, and using healing over time effects early in the fight 5. Guns are insane if used with the right talents/abilites It's kinda hard to know what you would need a
  13. But you don't really need a high Con for main tanks either. I think that's what has the OP asking, because people are stating that even on the main tank in the group a high con is kinda useless.
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