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  1. To be fair (And I myself am pissed) - Obsidian isn’t owned by Private Division.Where did you get that idea? They just have the publising roights (which sadly also includes the right to choose distribution channels) - Future Obsidian titles will most likely not be on the Epic store, rather on Steam considering Microsofts recent moves.
  2. Maybe they should choose their partners better and actually communicate with them regarding decisions also affecting them. Thats one upside with Microsoft. Its set for the future.
  3. Exclusives suck. They are anti-consumer. Steam doesn't do exclusives. Yeah but when a game company says their game is coming out for Steam and not GOG or elsewhere, no one will call jihad. Wait what? Isn't it an exclusive if it is exclusively sold on Steam? Not an enforced one. Steam didn't *buy* them for their store unless you're talking about first party titles (in which case its understandable). Not even Ubisoft or EA did this before them. That bull**** practice has been started by Epic in the PC market. Not to mention you can get every steam key from resellers as well.
  4. I doubt Microsoft was really involved, at least only so far that they can demand the game releases on the MGS. After all they just announced Halo for Steam. Also MGS, by far. And its understandably on the platform as Obsidian is first party. An exclusive on EGS is not.
  5. Microsoft Store made this back to a maybe as I don't mind Microsoft as much anymore and well, they ARE first party now. Still, majorly disappointed, won't buy it at launch and a lot to make up for. Also generally the worst decision they could have made as they basically threw additional sales they gained through the transperency and the stance against microtransactions right out of the window again. And no Epic's money won't make up for the lost sales nor the sales they will lose in the future due to their damaged image.
  6. And its confirmed. Obsidian, today you lost a sale, a loyal customer and a longtime fan. Hope it was worth it.
  7. Im logging in for this because: SERIOUSLY???????? You garner so much goodwill from the community, you make it a POINT that there are no microtransactions “. And then you taint ALL of it for a quick buck. Never been so disappointed in your company and feel honestly like I’ve been taken for a ride. Hopefully its a mistake/fake.
  8. Obsidian has not been working on multiple titles since yesterday. They've done this pretty much since the beginning, with fewer people.
  9. ^I've never met a young-Earth creationist, guess we don't have many round where I'm from. Same (And I'm myself and around christians daily) Btw, one of the things I'm constantly wondering is what attention genesis 6-9 is given in culture to represent christianity. Because, it's.... really.... not that important. There's tons of other things that don't really get any attention, but are infinitly more important. I guess its the Micheal Bay of the bible. Anyway, regarding PoE I agree with Nakia for the most part.
  10. Well we do know when roles first were assigned to which would be February 2014. That doesn't mean much though.
  11. Fergus Urquhart had announced it pretty publicly in an interview with PC Gamer. Guess it just slipped most people's minds. (Though I was hoping for news of the expansion, but I'm guessing they're leaving that for when it's closer to release.) I meant by name.
  12. Was already announced back in april for those who follow scott. I just found out myself though.
  13. C2B


    It has been scrapped and the engine development team dissolved. It was first mentioned by feargus in a talk at a russian con related to Skyforge I THINK two years ago.
  14. Obsidian crosspost themselves (exception Pillars) very, very scarly. Looks good, btw.
  15. DsIII's biggest problem was that you couldn't set keybindings and that wasn't a bug. South Park I wouldn't say was buggier than your usual modern release. Worst offenders were a bit of stuttering on consoles and two issues that prevented achievements IIRC.
  16. Big crpgs You can't predict every complication (and mistakes happen fast), nor is it easy to test because these games tend to be big. On that note look at the short games Dungeon Siege III and South Park which were pretty solid. (At least thats what people assume)
  17. Thats why SJW's or any extremist/radical group won't last regardless of which side they are on. The only thing they feed is the opposite side, till that side explodes. And round it goes. Actual debate, treating each other with respect and being reasonable is the hard way to go and just joining a mob a lot easier.
  18. Just to check: You have fully realized that the new joke makes fun of the outrage/sjw's, right?
  19. That guy most likely wrote it. Considering its the same style AND its making fun of the whole situation.
  20. 1. It wasn't removed. It's just now at the very end of the memorials 2. It was changed to a joke about the whole situation (probably by the backer himself) "Here lies Firedorn, a bard, a poet He was also a card, but most didn't know it A poem he wrote in jest was misread They asked for blood, so now he's just dead" Which is actually pretty funny, if you think about it. I'm ok with this
  21. They didn't remove the entry, btw. It's at the very end of the backer memorial now.
  22. I'm not sure people here get the joke in the changed limerick. Because its actually pretty funny. Don't be so butthurt, jeez.
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