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  1. I hope it's not open world like Bethesda, CD Projekt and all the other AAA devs are making these days. Most, not all, but most open world games just waste my time with dead empty space. I much prefer hub style areas which Pillars, Dragon Age (not 3), Vampyr, and more did. I get the popularity of them (young people with all the time in the world, 'OPEN WORLD' sounds marketable, and so on) but I wonder if Obsidian could perhaps avoid that aspect and still be successful critically and financially. In any case, I don't know what to expect from their upcoming Xbox (+PC?) game. I know Infinity Engine isometric real time with pause is unlikely to be the direction they go with due to the amount of micro required (plus I also asked a dev on Pillars of Eternity and they said they themselves wish it was Turn Based instead of Real Time due to too much micro). Could they do something like Dragon Age Origins, which also reduced micro to 4 instead of 6? Perhaps. I doubt being Turn Based will happen too. Yes Divinity and XCOM did really well. But on Consoles, with backing of Microsoft who wants to sell millions? I kinda doubt it. What's more likely is Obsidian making an ARPG where combat is real time and more player-driven that 'auto-battled'. I'm not sure in what form it would take. The Witcher? Souls style? Bethesda? And that's assuming their next game isn't an FPS/TPS. I mean, there's the possibility that Obsidian could also be making a sequel/reboot to Perfect Dark And y'know... it wouldn't be too much of a stretch given that Obsidiain has made Alpha Protocol EDIT: Huh... https://generacionxbox.com/renovacion-perfect-dark-xbox/ Apparently MS recently renewed trademarks for Perfect Dark...
  2. Mass Effect 3: Eh... unpolished, rushed, and just a mixed bag so far... CoH2: love me some RTS. Unfortunately things are starting to feel stale with the meta, factions, and exploits I plan on playing Tomb Raider 2013, Pillars of Eternity, and Tyranny after ME3 I think/hope.
  3. Hey there! Have you ever wondered if there's a game you'd like but wish it was done in an isometric style by the guys at Obsidian? I've been on a Mass Effect binge lately (sadly cant play Andromeda until I get a decent GPU and given the average-good reviews i'll wait for the sale) and although not a terrible series, I do feel like it suffers from trying to do so much while also trying to simplify mechanics and become a loud shooter and lastly being rushed by EA (specifically ME3 which had about two years while ME2 had about three years of development). However, I have entertained the idea of the ME games being done by Obsidian and having an isometric angle to it. Writing: For one I think Obsidian would have continued their tradition of writing compelling multi layered characters as we've seen in KOTOR 2, New Vegas, and Pillars of Eternity. Not that Bioware can't write good characters. I really thought Garrus, Tali and some others were consistently well written and were likable. Others though like Ashley, while having a surprising amount of depth in the first game, don't carry the same consistent quality into the other games. I feel like the dialogue in the ME games is generally really good. The problem is that what they say after their character arc is finished is much to be desired (i.e. Ashley/Kaiden were interesting in ME1 but in ME3 all they did was talk about how they can't trust you because... drama?). I also think Factions in Mass Effect would have been far more explored. I find the politics and factions in ME games to be too simplistic. There's hints of nuance here and there but it feels largely generalized. Humans have pro human and pro multiculturalism factions. That's kinda it. What about wealth inequality, corporations exploiting colonists, actual politicians trying to undermine one another, and so on? Again it's hinted at (i.e. the corporation on Feros observing the effects of the Thorian on colonists) but it's very shallow and not focused on. I think it's worse for the other alien races where they just had aliens like the Volus just all share this one trait like their love for banking and exploiting people for financial gains. How would a species devoted entirely to running businesses with no sign of any Volus labor manage to work as a society? Lastly, I think Mass Effect would have less deus ex machina and supernatural elements and been more grounded in 'reality'. I guess some would miss the more fantastical elements in Bioware's ME games but personally, I prefer more grounded stuff. Kinda like how in Battlestar Galactica, the sci fi was my favorite aspect but all that mystical I-Cant-Explain-It-Cuz-Magic felt really jarring. Maybe Obsidian's ME would have focused more on the existing factions and politics while the Reapers played a less galaxy-apocalyptic role (and none of the Crucible nonsense). Morality: I think it's safe to say this binary Good or Evil morality system we've seen in so many games is finally losing its popularity. I mean, heck, the new Mass Effect Andromeda is dropping the Paragon/Renegade system for something more Reputation/Influence focused. And yeah, Obsidian's RPGs have largely done away with binary morality (in KOTOR2, it was how one's morality conflicted with how people viewed you). I dislike how the morality system in ME1-3 is done. Either you're an avatar of all things good or you're sometimes this badass or sometimes you're this dangerous psycho who slams reporters into the wall and threatening them while this horrific terrifying music is playing in the background. Plus binary morality forces you to full commit instead of mixing and matching. Obsidian's ME would have factions and characters judge you based on your words and actions. Squad Combat: I hate the idea of having all these characters available to you but you're limited to only two to use. And usually you always pick these certain two characters rather than experiment with others. If Obsidian made ME, I would have loved to have had a squad of 4 to 5 to go with on missions. I know why Bioware's ME is limited to two, as well as the KOTOR games, that being it was 3D and controlling more than two characters would be too hard (especially without a tactical isometric camera view) but given that Obsidian would make it an Isometric game, controlling a larger squad would be ideal and much appreciated. Firstly because it grants more tactical options but secondly it would bring these characters along on the mission who otherwise would be stuck on the ship for the entire game. Combat Style: I'm not sure whether I'd like it to be a real time or turn based game. I think most would prefer a turn based game but personally I'm not that big of a fan of being forced to play at the pace the game is allowing you to. Games like XCOM 2 can get real tedious too, moving every single soldier into position or to take an action one by one can be a bit too slow and repetitive. I much playing a game at the pace I want to play it at (like Pillars of Eternity's Pause-And-Play). Plus I find real time to be more tense and engaging as i'm always on my feet and reacting in real time. I guess that would have to play like Dawn of War 2. It contains hero units, abilities, a cover system, and it's tactics based (flanking, flushing enemies out of cover, suppressing fire, etc.). I think it could translate well into a ME game. Otherwise, we could go with a traditional AP Turn Based gameplay for ME. That said however, there is one significant downside I can see from an Isometric Mass Effect game and that would be the lack of 'cinematic cutscenes' which is one of the reasons why Mass Effect is popular. Seeing characters exchange dialogue, facial expressions, and body language in these ingame cutscenes is one of the reasons why a lot of people connect with the characters. I think that would be hard to overcome if the game is in an isometric view. I'll confess, while I do enjoy reading in Pillars of Eternity, I do feel spoiled by the 'cinematic' approach Mass Effect and Dragon Age have. It's a bit harder for me to connect through text than it is to see it happen visually. Again, it could be me for being spoiled. Still a point worth mentioning though. In any case, what do you think? And what games or maybe even stories (books, movies) would you like to see turned into an Obsidian isometric game?
  4. So I was reading this interesting interview with Chris Avellone http://www.thatonevideogamer.com/featured/tovg-extra-spotlight-interview-with-chris-avellone-by-gerry-martin/ And early on he mentions: And with Obsidian heading to E3 soon, I wonder if they'll hint or even reveal something about it. I was initially thinking it might be that Wheel of Time game they were co-developing but as of 2014, they said that due to not enough finance, they couldn't continue developing the game with their partner. So is it a new IP? The CEO of Obsidian did say:
  5. Hey, i'm really enjoying the game so far. A few problems/nitpicks but certainly thoroughly enjoying it. Congrats, Obsidian However, one of those nitpicks I'd like to see addressed in some future patch is to slow down the time when those pop up texts disappear. I love reading these things that add flavor to the world with the beautiful descriptions but unfortunately I'm a slow reader When I try to read it at a faster rate, I don't absorb as much than if I read it at my own pace. And this screenshot is an example of one where I had to click the same prompt three times so I can properly finish it. The long description text boxes tend to take 2-3 clicks until I can properly read it all. Hence why I would like to ask if Obsidian can add an option to slow down the time for these text boxes to linger around. I suppose you can have a text box that won't go away unless you close them by pressing on the 'X' button in the corner but either way, I'd really appreciate it if this option(s) was available
  6. Question: Is it possible to purchase the individual DLC content once the game is released? I'm pre-ordered the Champion edition on GOG and when I found out that the Royal Edition offered the novella, the strategy guide, and so on, I wanted to upgrade to that instead but GOG said they're not sure if it's possible to upgrade so I wonder if I can still get the strategy guide, the novella, etc. by purchasing them individually once the game is out. Thank you.
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