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  1. To be fair (And I myself am pissed) - Obsidian isn’t owned by Private Division. They just have the publising roights (which sadly also includes the right to choose distribution channels) - Future Obsidian titles will most likely not be on the Epic store, rather on Steam considering Microsofts recent moves. Then I will consider - with some very suspicious scrutiny, thanks to all of this - future Obsidian title purchases. But by that same token, this means that this situation in particular is as much on Obsidian's head as Private Division's, because not being owned by PD means that
  2. The problem with defending Obsidian as the stooge with no say in the matter is that they're still owned by Private Division, and my buying this or any other Obsidian game will still mean financially supporting Private Decision. So whether Obsidian is guiltless in this matter or was chomping at the bit to slap customers around a bit for some extra shekels, my course of action to protest is still the same: refusing to buy this Obsidian product is refusing to support the asswipes who made this decision and refusing to support the asswipes in charge of Epic. If Obsidian decides in the future it
  3. I unearthed and blew the dust off my account here to let the nice folks at Obsidian and whatever corporate masters they've prostrated themselves before know that I won't be purchasing The Outer Worlds during the year it's exclusive in The Epic Games Store. And then, when it releases elsewhere, I still won't buy it. Nor am I too likely to buy any other Obsidian products going forward. Steam may be garbage - GOG is the only proper digital retailer - but Epic has, in its short time of functioning, been composing a whole list of anti-consumer policies like this exclusivity nonsense, invasion of
  4. Everything sounds nifty. I just hope that Pillars of Eternity will be able to properly follow through with the Ranger, without falling into the nonsense trap that practically every other RPG does--nerfed bows and crossbows. In real life, bows and especially crossbows were insanely deadly, far more powerful and penetrating than any weaponry known to man until modern firearms. Additionally, a skilled longbow archer in the middle ages could fire several rounds a minute, each one easily powerful enough to pierce the heaviest plate mail. Crossbows were even more powerful (though not as quick to
  5. So basically you guys' idea was to take the most awesome class in RPG history, but make it roughly 3x more awesome than before. I approve.
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