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  1. While Dragon Age did try to have its own spin on traditional fantasy ideas, it spun pretty deeply into Warhammer territory. The biggest advantage of being a part of a franchise like D&D would be cross-promotion and access to additional related entertainment. If you really liked BG2 and all the lore of Faerun, you can get more of what you like with other D&D games and the pnp game. If you really liked the lore of PoE, you only have the game and no immediate access to other entertainment in the same setting so you'll have to wait for the expansion and sequels. Similarly, WotC is able to promote D&D games through its various channels to increase exposure and sales. However, since WotC would not let Obsidian use its licenses under reasonable terms, they don't have access to any of WotC's media resources.
  2. Leveling in PoE is probably going to be much more significant than in the Infinity Engine games. In those games, you don't even get to choose many abilities for most classes when you level. Mages get new spells and thieves get their skills but for all the other classes, all you get are some weapon proficiencies every few levels. You don't get to make many important choices when you level until you start getting epic level abilities.
  3. I'm guessing enemies will just die when their endurance reaches 0. However, health will still be a factor since it determines how much an enemy can regenerate/be healed. If an enemy with 50 endurance and 100 health takes 40 damage, their endurance will be down to 10 and health will be down to 60. If they get healed 40 endurance, their endurance will go back to 50 but their health will still be 60. If they take another 40 damage, their endurance will be down to 10 and health will be down to 20. After that, they can only be healed 10 more points. So their health limit will prevent them from constantly healing themselves.
  4. Disintegration does damage. There are no save or die skills/spells in the game. As for endurance reaching 0, endurance regenerates during combat and you can heal endurance. However, the amount of endurance regeneration is still dependent on health. So for example, if a character has 50 endurance and 100 health, they can still only take 100 points of damage no matter how fast their endurance regeneration is or how much you heal their endurance.
  5. Has anyone actually proposed a potential solution or plan to actually combat the corruption in gaming journalism? Has there been any effort to confront the powers that actually have influence like the big game publishers and companies that advertise through games? Is there any real impetus to create standards that journalists, game companies, and other involved corporations will abide by? Heck, look at how the state of the rest of entertainment "journalism." It's almost entirely fluff. Hollywood reporters get invited to parties, hang out with celebrities, receive tons of gifts, etc. A lot of them are pretty much celebrities themselves. But no one really cares because there's the understanding that entertainment "journalism" isn't really journalism, it's part of the entertainment. Even though we know that films can have significant effects on the world, from horrible influences like Jaws causing people to freak out about sharks and killing them by the thousands, to more positive changes like how Philadelphia reduced the HIV/AIDS scare and made the public more sympathetic to people afflicted with the illness, so there should be a place for serious journalism in movies/TV. That's an issue I don't see anyone even really think about. Do people actually want gaming journalism to be real journalism or do they just want it to be part of the entertainment like the rest of the entertainment journalism?
  6. Beside buying secrets (which both never cost much nor matter much), the rest goes far above the simple balance of the currency system. I understand that it's obviously more interesting to explore gameplay mechanics instead of basic/overused tweaks. But the point of moneysinks and such is that it's easy to implement, it doesn't alter the gameplay in any other way than giving money hoarding purpose. Really, the only problem as being filthy rich is being unable to profit. The only problem would be that there's actually no difference in being extremely rich and not being at all. All we need is magic lore-friendly stuff really. Who cares if there's tons of money left in our pockets again by the end, why would that matter at the end of the game ? It really shouldn't be that hard to implement those ideas. Just roll it into existing stories/quests. They're already implementing quests with multiple solutions ranging from stealth to fighting to diplomacy. Just add one more way to solve it, economics. Also, you can take a simple idea and present it in a more interesting way. For example, in BG2, you can increase your reputation by donating at temples. That was really boring since all you're doing is clicking a button to makes your reputation go up. You can easily implement that idea in a more interesting way by having it done through interacting with different characters. Instead of just clicking a "give money for reputation" button, it can be done by navigating through different dialogue choices. You can pay people to have different rumors spread about you, which can affect your reputation in different ways. Spreading certain rumors might increase reputation with one faction but lower it with another. Spreading different or even conflicting rumors about yourself could lead to interesting results. Other people could take credit for making up a rumor that you payed to spread. It's basically the same system as paying for reputation but you add another layer to it. You don't need to create a new mechanic for it and it wouldn't take a huge amount of effort.
  7. This topic has been discussed a lot in the past and there have been tons of different suggestions on how there could be other ways to use money. Like using money to manipulate a region's economy influence a region's politics buy intangible things like respect, secrets, and silence frame/incriminate/trick enemies that you don't want to confront directly There's also the idea of merchants and shops being treated more like real characters with their own social and political connections. So for example, if you buy and sell a lot from a specific merchant, they'll become more prosperous, stock better wares, expand their influence, maybe buy up more property, and start offering you quest. Similarly, merchants will support certain people or factions. So if a merchant is a really good friend with a wizard guild, and you buy and sell a lot of stuff to them, they'll help make the wizard guild more powerful. That way, you'd have additional incentive to buy from certain merchants.
  8. Sins of a Solar Empire with the Star Trek: Armada 3 mod. It's pretty much one of the best Star Trek games ever. Homeworld Remastered. It's pretty good but they pretty much remade Homeworld 1 with the Homeworld 2 engine. While that does fix some exploits, it also introduced some problems. The formations don't work with fighters and corvettes and the hard counters make certain campaign missions much more difficult. I was playing Darkest Dungeon but I decided to stop because I've leveled up my heroes too much so I don't want to get burned out before the full game comes out.
  9. It doesn't really have anything to do with rest spamming. Also, how many games in the past have had mechanics that followed up on quests failing? Sure, games have had consequences for not doing quests or making bad decisions in quests or quests with extreme consequences but how many games have had new quests/stories because you failed a quest? All it really does is make the player reload.
  10. It would be great if there could be additional quests/consequences for rejecting/failing quests but that would just exponentially increase the amount of work required to implement all that and they can't even be sure that the players would get to play any of that.
  11. If you use time limits, then it has to be started at a specific quest area rather than the beginning of the quest or it would just make the quest annoying rather than stop rest spamming. When people take too long to do a quest, it's not because they're rest spamming, it's because they're just putting that quest off and doing other stuff. So setting a time limit at the start of a quest doesn't address the problem at all, it'll only make players reload so they can start the quest later. Instead, the time limit should be implemented in a specific area. For example, in the De'Arnise Hold quest in BG 2, instead of starting the time limit when you first get the quest from Nalia, the limit should start when you actually enter the Keep and start fighting the Trolls.
  12. "It is the Pen that is mightier than the Sword. And we are both the Pen and the Sword when skilled modern armies are commanded by intelligent strategies brought upon by a true military strategist." - Anton Slavik
  13. They can probably alter the flames so that it doesn't emit light on the visible spectrum.
  14. Korra started out great and they were doing a pretty good job of developing the character until around the middle of the first season. They really dropped the ball with the Equalists and that hurt Korra's character development a lot. I think they should have developed the complexity of the whole bender vs. non-bender plot so that Korra had to grow and learn more to deal with such a difficult nuanced problem. They could have actually developed the idea of how benders were abusing their power and that the Equalists were trying to push back against oppression, and both sides could have had good reasons for what they were doing but were still making a lot of mistakes and going too far into the extremes. That way, they could have had Korra become more perceptive, patient, and wiser in how she solves problems. They could have also brought in more of the spiritual element in dealing with such a difficult issue. Instead, they just decided to make Amon into the obvious evil guy and Korra never really had to change to fight him and things got solved through plot conveniences.
  15. Oh no! A clicker! The mutated Cordyceps is infecting Eora!
  16. Kane lives! Peace, Unity, Brotherhood, Elves.
  17. A stronghold with no House has no honor. You wouldn't want to be an honorless petaq, would you?
  18. I'm sure all four humors will be in this game, but it will likely be of a primarily sanguine temperament.
  19. It would be interesting to see how the discovery of practical applications of animancy can lead to societal changes/integration. We know that animancy can be used to create constructs, those constructs can be used to perfect jobs/duties that are dangerous/tedious for regular people like mining, construction, waste disposal, etc. Once a cost/benefit of various animancy applications have been established, people can be swayed through political maneuvering, propaganda, or just good old diplomacy an economy can be built around it. You could have animancers pay people for their souls, people can use their souls as collateral when borrowing money, the justice system could punish criminals by giving them to animancers, enemies captured during wars could have their souls forfeit. There would also be more advanced/experimental research like the preservation of knowledge/skills through the soul. Highly skilled and educated people could volunteer for animancy experiments in the hopes that everything they've learned can be saved after their deaths. Then there's all the illegal underground stuff like experiments in prolonging life and stealing other people's memories/skills/magical abilities, which leads to a black market for souls and corruption of legitimate/licensed institutions.
  20. Obsidian Paradox does have a certain ring to it. It sounds all ancient and mysterious.
  21. People use or develop fighting styles/moves that take advantage of their physical abilities. A big strong person will use different styles/moves than someone who's smaller and more dextrous. So just apply that logic to spell casters. A wizard who's physically strong will develop spells that take can advantage of their strength. A wizard who's fast and agile will develop spells that take can advantage of their speed and agility. Rather than dealing with magic as a whole, deal with individual spells or disciplines of magic. Have generalist spells that aren't affected by physical attributes and some specialized spells that are.
  22. See my rewording at the start of this post. This is more about engine/asset support than making either dev team's work dependent on the other... If you get what I'm saying...? It doesn't matter if they're not dependent on each other. They'll be influencing each other and there will be times when they'd use something from the other game rather than coming up with something new on their own. This would be a bigger problem for Numenera than PoE since it's in an earlier stage of its development. If they were sharing too much then Numenera may be influenced too much by Eternity. Since Numenera is supposed to be a much more exotic and unique setting, it would be better if they come up with as many of their own ideas as possible without being affected too much by other sources. Even sharing simple everyday stuff like simple terrain, plants, furniture, etc., could hurt Numenera since much of the world is supposed to be so alien that even mundane things can have completely different aesthetics.
  23. Despite the advantages, I think it would constrain one game. I would prefer the two games go in their own directions without having to give consideration to what the other game is doing. At the most, they could do something similar to the Alien reference in Predator 2.
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