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  1. When deciding what kind of undead you want to become, make the responsible choice, go for sustainability and pick an undead type that draws ambient energy from the environment or can feed without killing the victim. Anyway, I think the most interesting aspect of the undead is the psychological element. There's a lot that can be done with the changes in senses, perception, priorities, and memories that comes with undeath. They no longer have the same concerns or worries as when they were alive. They can make plans for the long term. They have to have a whole new approach to what they want to remember and focus on. The kinds of petty things that the living do like holding on to grudges or regrets can plague an undead and drive them to madness since their lifespan is much longer and they can easily get lost in their memories and be driven mad.
  2. Oh great, more anti-undead propaganda. Why do the living always think that the undead are cannibalistic beasts? The undead are not cannibals because frankly, manflesh tastes terrible. Dolphin brains, on the other hand...
  3. Ziggurat of Gygax?! Blasphemy! All know that the true believers dwell within: For this heresy, your name will be stricken from the
  4. Wait a minute, doesn't Avellone like to focus on what he dislikes in a franchise when writing the story? So Sawyer must be the yang to Avellone's yin. Therefore, Tim Cain must be the Avatar, able to bend all genres, bringing balance to the gaming world.
  5. If you punch the universe hard enough, it will have reality bending powers greater than any magic.
  6. A lot of things can be done through status effects rather than damage types. For example, a spell that conjures up a flood can cause crushing damage and leave a "soaked" status effect that makes the targets more vulnerable to shock. Poison and disease can cause reduction in stats, a chance to lose actions, and increased damage from other sources.
  7. Having subtlety and nuance is important. Don't telegraph everything with the character, have certain things be hidden and only hinted at. Even with more straightforward and "simple" characters, you can add some layers to them. The recent Dredd movie is a very good example of this. Dredd seems like a pretty straightforward character, he's supposed to be the faceless representation of the law, stern, unwavering, and completely devoted to the pursuit of justice. However, through all the interactions with Dredd, the movie still gives little hints that there's something more to the man underneath the helmet and the constant scowl.
  8. Eh, it's not like we don't know how the game will end. The protagonist is going to kill the remaining members of the Circle of Nine, choose not to sacrifice him/her self to restore the Pillar of Balance, leading to the collapse of the Pillars of Eternity, and usher in a dark age ruled by vampires.
  9. Maybe they should have released the game later this month, but I guess that would have conflicted with the release of Stick of Truth.
  10. Darn, all that practice typing with one hand in preparation for this game gone to waste.
  11. Well, it's OK as long as they don't go overboard and make deformities that are too grotesque like elves with rounded ears or hairless orlans. Such abominations would be too terrible to behold.
  12. Barbarian - Marklar Chanter - Marklar Cipher - MARKlar Fighter - markLAR Monk - MaRKlar Paladin - MarKLAr Priest - Marklar Ranger - Marklár Roge - Marklar Wizard - Marklär
  13. Another advantage the blade dancer has is that there are two one handed sword relics and even though there is one relic dagger, the quest (the bestiary one) that's supposed to give it is bugged. However, you can fix it by going into the Might and Magic X Legacy_Data\StreamingAssets\StaticData folder, open the QuestSteps.csv file, and find the line MELEE_WEAPON.82,1,1,1 and change the period after 82 to a comma.
  14. An all might party would probably too tedious due to the lack of crowd control skills until later in the game. Although, things will be much easier once you get the blade master promotion, especially if you have more than one blade dancer. All hybrid would probably be good with two crusaders since GM light magic becomes very useful later in the game. All magic party would probably be the easiest since both the shaman and the rune priest can both tank pretty well and even the Druid can be pretty tough. Just rest after every fight and keep the mana full.
  15. This is just not true. Psychology and Sociology have advanced quite far as sciences, and cults and religion are extensively studied subjects in the field of behavioural sciences. Group psychology, cultural and learned behaviour, and human psychology are all aspects important for the advent of religion. My second part was going to be about the rat experiment, but I just learned that I was wrong. So the ignoramus is me. No, psychology and sociology have not advanced nearly as far as they'd like us to think. Do you know how many psychologists still follow the teachings of people like Freud, Jung, Adler, etc.? Despite the fact that those branches of psychology don't have any real science at all. Heck, there's plenty of experiments that show therapies derived from psychoanalysis are only as effective as placebos. Just because something is studied extensively doesn't make it science. Historians study mythologies and legends very extensively, does that make it science? Much of psychology is basically philosophy, or art, and I have no problem with that. However, they shouldn't be calling it science. Even the more scientific branches of psychology overextend themselves and try to explain things that they have no way of doing. They lack very basic standards of operationalization and they're not able to adequately establish models to explain phenomenons. And as I've stated before, often times, they mistake definition for explanation. A lot of times, they would simply describe a phenomenon and put a label on that description, which is very useful, but then they would turn around and use that label as the explanation for that phenomenon.
  16. And the problem with ideas like "self-worth" and "self-respect" is that they're very vague and poorly operationalized. Concepts like color are reasonably well defined so that when I say that a color is purple, you might think that it's actually neon or light purple, but it's not going to be that far off. When talking about concepts like "self-worth," my definition may have entire sets of traits or behaviors that are missing from your definition. As for the bystander effect, it depends on how in-depth an explanation you want. It can be explained on a higher level of abstraction as simply a result of behaviors that people learned throughout their lives, socially conditioned behaviors, like most of our conscious behaviors. However, we don't have enough information to explain it on a much lower level of abstraction. It's like if you saw a car for the first time in your life and you're trying to explain works, but you can't look inside the car or take it apart to examine the relationship between the individual pieces. You can explain things on a higher level of abstraction like how turning the key causes the engine to turn on, stepping on the accelerator makes the car go forward, turning the wheel changes the direction of the car, etc. However, if you can't open the car up and take it apart, then you can't really explain how the steering wheel causes the car's wheels to turn or what chemical reactions are going on inside a car's engine. That's the problem with a lot of psychological and sociological sciences, they can explain things on a very high level of abstraction but they can't explain things on a lower level of abstraction. So all the explanations involving things you can directly observe are reasonably good like all the stuff with classical conditioning and some of the more basic stuff with social psych but when they get down and try to explain things that they have no way of observing like consciousness or self-respect, then there's a ton of vague assumptions and poorly operationalized terms, and it's not very scientific.
  17. Concepts like self-respect and self-worth are not things in and of themselves, they are definitions or descriptions of certain sets of behaviors, thoughts, or traits. It's like how colors are not actual things, they're just labels of certain spectrum of wavelengths that we use as an effective method of conveying information. To say that someone does something because they have low self-respect is to confuse definitions with causes. It's like saying that a beam of light has a wavelength of 440 nm because it's purple when in actuality, the reason why we call this beam of light purple is because it falls within a spectrum that we've arbitrarily decided should be labeled "purple." Also, the experiment with the rats being shocked was an experiment on aggression. It's basically just a survival instinct and has nothing to do with self-worth. It's kind of like animals will avoid a certain food if they're subjected to radiation that causes nausea after they're given the food, even though there's no natural connection between the food and the cause of the nausea.
  18. It wouldn't have any huge impacts but they could have saved some money and spent it on improving some of the game's features and hiring more game testers. The King's Bounty games are certainly much better polished than the last few Heroes games. Although, Heroes 5 ended up being a pretty good game after they fixed most of its problems after the last expansion. Heroes 6 could have been pretty decent but Ubisoft decided to end support of the game even though it still has some big bugs and optimization issues.
  19. Considering the more mysterious nature of the gods, I think it would be more feasible to explore the idea of religions/myths/gods being used for political manipulation and cultural exploitation. People have always used religion and mythology as a way of gaining influence. For example, the reason why Zeus has so many children is because rulers of nations would claim themselves to be the descendents of the gods and use the power of myth to give themselves more power. When small cities or villages get conquered by more powerful nations, the folk heroes/spirits/gods of local cultures would get integrated into the myths of the conquering nation. So the heroes and gods of myth are often times amalgamations of a dozen different folk heroes/spirits/gods. It would be interesting to see priests and religions change based on the demands of politics and culture. So priests wouldn't just be there to dispense advice or talk about their religion, they would actually modify their message based on your responses and the demands of the current political/cultural climate. In fact, you can add another layer so that where there's a reciprocal relationship between the gods and their followers where the gods can actually change based on what people believe about them and how they're worshiped. So a god who allows their believers to use religion as a tool of political and cultural manipulation/expansion gains more power but at the same time, they're more subject to the beliefs of their followers. On the other hand, if a god holds to their own beliefs and doesn't allow their followers to change their religion to gain greater influence, they're less powerful but they have greater freedom and will of their own.
  20. Ubisoft should definitely fire the producer(s) who's trying to turn this franchise into A Song of Fire and Ice or Malazan Book of the Fallen. George RR Martin has more talent in his little finger than the people who are writing the lore for the Ubisoft M&M universe. I think if they had spent that time on the actual game and fixing the bugs, it could have turned out much better. The same goes for the last two Heroes games.
  21. What creature cursed you? I finished the game and have every monster in the bestiary but I've never had anything curse or use a sleep effect on me. Also, I don't think I've had any uses for the fire, light, or shadow blessings from the elemental forge. Maybe I used them once or twice but not enough to notice.
  22. I finished the game and my feelings are really mixed. The game starts out pretty good and keeps getting better when the world opens up to you after Act 1. I liked exploring the world map, finding dungeons, getting better loot, leveling up my characters. I also like how the characters level and the way the different classes can compliment each other. It plateaus around Act 2 and Act 3 when you've explored a good portion of the world. Then it goes downward after that when the novelty of exploration wears off and you see more and more of the cracks in the game. Things get much worse by the end when you get herded into the extremely linear Act 4. My biggest complaint is that this game is just not finished. It's not just the bugs, which are annoying but hasn't hurt my enjoyment of the game that much. I think they probably took out a lot of stuff for a DLC. The Limbo Dungeon is not in the game even though there's an achievement for completing it. I don't think it's possible to reach level 40, unless maybe you have one character do all the killing blows to earn the extra experience. There are no monsters who can curse your characters or put them to sleep so the spells that remove curse and sleep are useless. The high level gear, like master level weapons, are extremely rare and almost never get dropped until near the very end of the game when you're not going to get much use out of them anyway. Also, I don't like how they shoved the lore and story into the game. The story in the old Might and Magic games weren't the greatest but they were straightforward and unobtrusive. You can quickly learn what the heck was going on without having to know too much and if you're not interested, they don't shove it in your face. The lore and story in the new Ubisoft M&M universe is really poorly written and confusing. They're trying to make it a Game of Thrones/A Son of Fire and Ice type story but the characters aren't developed well and they constantly bring up complex ideas and lore without sufficient explanation. Heck, the whole intro to this game was a convoluted mess. I believe M&M 6 also had a simple weather system, or it might have been M&M 7. Sometimes there would be things like fog, which was a nice touch.
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