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  1. GDP: National Wealth GDP/Capita: Citizen Wealth PPP: National prices of stuff (China beats the U.S. here btw, as things from food to housing are cheaper there).
  2. Denmark, Switzerland, and Ireland (to name just a few) also have a higher rate than Americanistan, are they also non-countries??
  3. ....and performance. I mean the latest console GPU's are equivalent to a Geforce 2070 or a 5600 XT. You can buy a mobile laptop with a GTX 3070, Ryzen CPU, good memory and SSD for a reasonable price these days.
  4. Don't forget the lore, some of the best and most ingenious plot puzzle pieces to work together in the entire medium. No joke, the game is already like opium, but it's like opium +P if you carefully follow the story.
  5. Brooklyn Lawyers Plead Guilty in Firebomb Case - The New York Times (nytimes.com) Lawyers gone lawless. I mean yeah keep up the good fight, Lord knows we need less controlling whitey f**** running around However, risking 10 years in prison...yeah that's not for me, call me old fashioned but I'd rather fight on a battlefield than in the streets.
  6. The only games I've seen with a good amount on mods for consoles are Skyrim and Fallout 4, and those are both Bethesda games. Almost all console abandonware games from the days of yore are available for download on PC with the right know-how, and much of them have mods that improve visuals, framerates, and gameplay. Plus most new games come with zero issues with launch errors unless your PC is either defective or cluttered with malware.
  7. They seem to be going out of their way to port every game that isn't Bloodborne to PC.
  8. Whoops I was apparently wrong, U.S. does not have the highest GPD per capita, that honor goes to smaller less populous countries known for smarter wealth management and distribution. Duh, U.S. has a grotesque number of billionaires that inflate score and a whole ton of impoverished people either living on the streets or behind bars, then you got your middle class suburbanites who consider themselves morally superior to both the wealthy and the poor. xD
  9. Since I live in the country with the worlds largest GDP per capita currently, throughout my life I have had spouts of moments where's I've had enough disposable income to blow on consoles AND PC hardware (who needs cars and wives and stuff right?!). Whilst I've had some fun with consoles and some of my greatest franchises started on consoles, I always find myself reverting back to Windows, simply because it feels more independent and there's tons of crap you can download like mods and stuff. I'll probably never buy a console again, especially now that the quality of gaming laptops has grown significantly in recent years, plus more and more PC games like Grim Dawn are integrating controller support fairly well nowadays.
  10. Yup unfortunately PS users get the shaft here. Though if I were a PS user (I'm not, I love my Windows gaming laptops with controller support) I would simply move on with my day and look for other titles to fill my catalogue. Fortunately Avowed and TOW2 look like amazing games on Windows platforms so I'm "inside the algorithm" so to speak. I can live with or without another FO game, getting kinda tired with retro future post Apoc stuff tbh, it's just totally not my thing.
  11. Shared territorial concern, opposition to US intervention prompt Russia’s support to China on Taiwan question - Global Times Russia (somewhat surprisingly) doubling down on support for China regarding the Taiwan question. Moscow calculates two things: 1) Taiwan will cede to China with minimal resistance on its own terms. 2) The U.S. will not intervene unless they go full throttle in their defense of Taiwan aka near total warfare. Moscow doesn't think that the U.S. will. My opinion? If China absorbs Taiwan right now there is a good chance the U.S. will retaliate in force. However, with the serious underlying social issues brewing up in the U.S., there's a good chance they could get away with it sometime in the near future. The current domestic issues in the U.S. are far too severe and dire to simply put them aside and unite against the Red Dragon.
  12. Steven van Zandt Says America Is On the 'Brink of A New Civil War' (msn.com) Every once in a while you get stunned when a celebrity shares an identical overarching opinion on current affairs. Cheers, Steve!
  13. Most of my family are deeply religious (In a deep blue northeastern state no less) so securing a banging education and discussing academic and scientific theory at the dinner table was never really a part of my upbringing unfortunately. "Either work with your brain or work with your back!" was the rationale I received for staying in school. The town I grew up in was pretty hickish and stupid though, so it's not like the public schools offered a strict and advanced educational curriculum ...whoever was the darling who was attractive, good at sports, and was well connected with the community received priority. xD
  14. Unless they have a secret cloning lab nobody knows about and would be completely speculative and anecdotal to accuse them of having. No, they're specialty is AI and robotics, and from what I've seen it's mostly Westerners who are obsessed with cloning, I mean look how desperate they were to clone the mammoth. Scientists want to resurrect the woolly mammoth. They just got $15 million to make it happen - CNN I mean what Western scientist doesn't want to be the great modern humanitarian and use cloning technologies to enhance both the scientific and medical fields??
  15. I dunno China appears to be leading the tech sector because like OP said Westerners aren't really interested in STEM fields and winning anymore. It's all about self gratification now. Check this: Pentagon Official Resigns Over Belief China Has Won AI Battle, Heading to Global Dominance (msn.com) Is the future of the West enlightened hedonism whilst China is the worlds backbone?? Questions questions.
  16. Obsidian "baddies" knock the Hell out of Far Cry pseudo villains. EDIT: I am playing Path of Exile as a Duelist, which is a class clearly catering to my standards. Let's hope I can actually get through it this time and not get bored 1/3 of the way through due grind fatigue.
  17. I don't know Bruce I don't have the answers but what we're doing now sure isn't working, and I find it disturbing that the Anglosphere as a whole still cucks to the U.S. government when they've clearly been in the wrong since the turn of the century. It's like they have no spine and just let themselves be herded into failure. In other news, the Episcopal Church is near extinct Why is the Episcopal church near collapse - Beliefnet What's funny here is that they were SO SURE that they were the future of the Christian world and would gain memberships in droves because of their liberal views. Whelp, the complete opposite is true. The Christian world and modernity are proving to be quite incompatible it seems. The vast majority of Evangelical Christians are dogged conservatives and Trump supporters. Also, China has loosened up on the Xinjiang province. Why it now suits America to cool the talk of Beijing’s Uighur ‘genocide’ in Xinjiang — RT Op-ed Whilst accusations of 'genocide' were completely inaccurate and far fetched and dangerous propaganda people stupidly swallowed up without a second thought, it did brooch on what you could call "Human Rights infringement", let's hope China improves it counter terrorism methods in the future.
  18. The level of outedtouchedness I see is insane sometimes. Trump IS the GOP, just like Nixon and Reagan WERE the GOP in their respective timeframes. The grassroots majority of the GOP base is all in for Trump, as long as he stays active he will be their messiah. I don't like it either but he seems to be some kind of symptom of a failed system that is broken.
  19. Majority of Americans express dissatisfaction with democracy, and gerrymanderers race to the bottom (msn.com) And so it begins.
  20. Trump Supporters at Iowa Rally See 'Civil War Coming,' Say He Will 'Save the World' (msn.com) (I'd place a bet on 'Civil War' though )
  21. Zuckerberg Loses $6 Billion in Hours as Facebook Plunges (msn.com) teehee
  22. Communists stage Moscow protest against vote-rigging in Russia election (msn.com) Eh, always remember peeps, Russians will always seem to have it far worse than we do. We managed to get rid of Trump with a little scuffle but in Russia, the ruling government literally does seem to have rigged the elections, as there is no way in Hell all those young tech savvy people voted unanimously for Putin with online voting, as the results suggest. Why have I turned my guns on Putin? Because I like the CPRF better than I do UR and the era of cooperation appears to be over and Putin supporters are now invoking crass right wing rhetoric against CPRF supporters. All it takes is gaining big traction in elections then people show their true colors. "Sure I like you, as long as you remain small and not a threat of course!" Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.
  23. I hope so, because it would remind me of the police departments who still carry .44 or .357 magnum revolvers here in the U.S. All for show, little practical effect.
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