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  1. Trump Supporters at Iowa Rally See 'Civil War Coming,' Say He Will 'Save the World' (msn.com) (I'd place a bet on 'Civil War' though )
  2. Zuckerberg Loses $6 Billion in Hours as Facebook Plunges (msn.com) teehee
  3. Communists stage Moscow protest against vote-rigging in Russia election (msn.com) Eh, always remember peeps, Russians will always seem to have it far worse than we do. We managed to get rid of Trump with a little scuffle but in Russia, the ruling government literally does seem to have rigged the elections, as there is no way in Hell all those young tech savvy people voted unanimously for Putin with online voting, as the results suggest. Why have I turned my guns on Putin? Because I like the CPRF better than I do UR and the era of cooperation appears to be over and Putin supporters are now invoking crass right wing rhetoric against CPRF supporters. All it takes is gaining big traction in elections then people show their true colors. "Sure I like you, as long as you remain small and not a threat of course!" Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.
  4. I hope so, because it would remind me of the police departments who still carry .44 or .357 magnum revolvers here in the U.S. All for show, little practical effect.
  5. I hope that's designed for destroying something vehicular because if not it smells like overkill.
  6. Some Eurojank RPG should implement this as a food source that gives various character enhancements/detractors.
  7. Reminds me of my "pasta and cheese" days where I would raid the exotic cheese section, grab some butter and garlic, and start shredding. It was absolutely delicious and then some but those calories were a body destroyer. Brain and body are quite incompatible most of the time it seems.
  8. 2021 Russian legislative election - Wikipedia How did I miss this? Communist Party of Russian Federation did quite well this year. Since 2017 -18 or so more and more Ruskies want some form of Communism back, not the bad old USSR but probably a more reasonable one that's in line with modern sentiments, a bit more economic leftism probably merged with the current sentiments of Russian nationalism. Zhirinovsky's party and United Russia both took major hits in favor of the CPRF. Awesome. Another thing I missed: German election results ‘not the most encouraging’ for improving relations between Berlin & Moscow – top Russian policymaker — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union What's with the Green Party these days? I remember the old days here in the U.S. when it was a cool anti neo-liberal leftist party led by Ralph Nader, now it's just like an extreme form of liberalism and hawkish towards the East. The one here in the U.S. also appears similar to the one in Germany, just more bog standard. Another juncture I overlooked. Damn shame.
  9. The Reasons Why FBI Went to Back to 9mm | SOFREP I've always had mixed feelings on the FBI but I agree with their decision to revert back to 9mm with a better ammo selection. Some gun nut U.S. yokels are criticizing their decision to leave .40 S&W but I am quite confident that a Glock 19 with good +P ammo is the right handgun selection. Now we just need sweeping law enforcement reform and perhaps my opinion on law enforcement overall may improve Yes, this teeters on being political but I just posted in that thread so I figure this is weird, random, and interesting enough to leave here
  10. Trump: "I love Wikileaks!" *installs Pompeo as CIA director* It was obvious Trump was a fraud and represented peak decadence of the U.S.A. as soon as he fired Michael Flynn, which was almost instantaneous after his inauguration. The question is how did he actually manage to pick up several million more votes in 2020? American braindeadedness? A good source of info I continuously read states that the U.S. Empire died on January 8th, 2020 when Iran attacked U.S. and the U.S. did not retaliate, and the U.S. as a nation died on January 6th 2021, when a mob of philistines attacked the Capitol. It's such a dead horse at this point, really. EDIT: The good news right now is in Germany German Election 2021: Live Results (bloomberg.com) A "Traffic Light" Coalition of SPD, Greens, and the business friendly FDP is what Orlaf is gunning for, and I hope they are able to achieve, as Germany would have a solid Libertarian Left government that would end the era of Merkel's thoughtless boring face.
  11. I'm too lazy to dig up old threads but I did predict earlier this year that Olaf Sholtz would be the next German Chancellor leading the SDP and form a coalition with the Greens, and this was way back when the SDP was lagging in the polls. I'll take that as good news if they do win, Germany going more left could have positive repercussions for the Anglo world as the EU is still technically allied with the U.S.
  12. Red Flags abound, and I hope the Kremlin is not directly involved. Mali and The Wagner Group (dailykos.com)
  13. These are not long term solutions to curb the root causality of social ills inflicted by the current economic structure of the U.S. A lot of people like to point to some European countries like Denmark as a success story, but what people don't understand is that a lot of these generous welfare states are only successful because they make a killing off of the curtails of the American Empire, just like middle class people are only middle class because they are sandwiched between the rich and the poor slums, hence: Europe, the middle class of the world. Without the U.S. and without poor countries they would not be able to stay afloat like they do.
  14. Both the Russians and Chinese have plenty of citizenry who critique their government, they just do it "flying low" like on the internet (netizens) and in small circles etc. In fact, the government often likes these critiques because it helps them gauge public opinion better and in turn direct policy accordingly. Really not much different from the U.S., I mean technically you CAN go out on a podium in town square with a loudspeaker in the U.S. and trash talk Uncle Sam, but you bet your sweet rear end that you're gonna be on The List if you choose to do so.
  15. Potion Craft Now we're talkin'! This is the PC Indie crap I love. Too bad it's Early Access, but I'm almost compelled to try it out and do some research on the subject and slam the devs if they get any of the basic fundamentals of solvents and reagents wrong.
  16. Looks interesting. Of course I'll probably get bored of it after 1 hour or so like I did the original but I'm liking the trend of reskinning and modding old gamestyles into the current and some of them are certainly a breath of fresh air.
  17. What's funny is South Africa is now part of BRICS, has an independent foreign policy, is no longer part of the Angloshpere (U.S., Australia, U.K., Canada), and its worlds largest trading partner is....China. Yet Bruce comes off sounding like some Englishman from the mid-20th century xD. Ye long for white colonialism of yore, God Save the Queen! *rollseyes*
  18. Missouri cave with ancient Native American drawings sold (apnews.com)
  19. U.S. has been blowing up civilian vehicles based on faulty intel "accidently" for decades now, this is really nothing new except MSM deciding to report this particular case for some reason. I think it's because they're disgusted with Biden's withdrawal and kinda lost their hero complex in him so decided to get back at him, or something along those lines. It's concerning because nations, like people, pay for their transgressions and I'm afraid all this is gonna back and haunt the U.S. sometime in the near future and my family and myself might be in physical danger.
  20. Now we're talkin'! If you're gonna do minimalism, do it RIGHT left.
  21. My ignorance? You're the one who comes off sounding like some grey puffed up elitist know-it-all. But I shall concede that I forgot General Smedley Butler who wrote "War is a Racket" which should be mandatory reading for all middle schoolers. Milley did nothing wrong, and I'm not even sure I would have the courage to do what he did were I in his shoes, taking such big countermeasures against an unhinged maniac POTUS and his basically neo-Confederate constituency.
  22. Joe Biden has ‘great confidence’ in top general Milley after Trump revelation | Joe Biden | The Guardian A general with integrity, haven't heard stories like that since what? The Civil War?
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