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  1. America once won its wars. Now it just leaves them - Asia Times The American public just doesn't seem to want war anymore, and seem far more obsessed with domestic cultural issues than anything. The 1960's episode has really manifested itself into U.S. culture and I don't see it going away. I do not see social conservatives winning out in the U.S.
  2. You speak like a dark web Gen-X er, always pointing the blame to Easterners for your woes, when in fact it was the U.S.A. who allied with these people against the fascist pukes from Germany, Italy, and Japan. It seems only educated youngsters actually have a solid grasp on U.S. history, whilst older people seem to only think in Cold War terminology. Whelp I guess they don't call it the cyclical nature of history for nothing. Yeah sorry I'm immune to white supremacist Cold War lies and propaganda, as were many other youngsters in 1861 and 1941 when the banners were called to dispel such nonsense and set the record straight. and lol @Azdeus for always being the diligent sinophobic Swede who sees "Asiatic hordes" as the the ultimate menace. Rings a bell.
  3. How Could the U.S. Navy Take On China's 500-Ship Navy? | The National Interest Worry not, Westerlings, China doesn't want a naval fleet designed for world domination (Except, perhaps, to protect their lucrative trade routes), they just need a navy that is capable of whipping anything that comes at them in the South China Sea. This fear mongering of Chinese domination on military sites is becoming so sad it's almost laughable. For centuries, China has had the worlds largest economy*, and yet they've never once attempted to enslave, subjugate, or colonize anybody, unlike some we know. *For kicks, I randomly looked up the year 1500 and who had the largest economy at that time, and the result was....China!
  4. In China Marxism is seen as a noble ideal that's something achievable in the future, not something that must be forceably implemented. It's capitalist in practice but Marxist sentiment still runs deep in the hearts and minds of the Chinese public. It's called being realistic and not overtly ideological. Capitalists serve the public, not rule over them and flamboyantly control the country by throwing money at politicians making themselves TV stars like in the U.S. Meanwhile in Germany Rise in far-right extremists seen in Germany last year - Los Angeles Times (latimes.com) Color me not surprised.
  5. Marxism resurges among young Chinese after CPC’s centenary proves a success - Global Times See? If this were a fascist regime, these kids would be rounded up and put in camps, or worse. Yes I'm aware Global Times is "Official" state news but that's kinda the point, government is praising kids who want a more orthodox Marxian resurgence.
  6. LOL yeah that always ends well. Insanity, results. And China and Russia are handling the situation quite maturely. They are not intervening in the situation militarily but have hit diplomatic relations with the Taliban in case they win. No extremist elements and no sending fanatics into their border in return for full recognition and economic development via Belt and Road. See? China knows how to do diplomacy like a champ. Even though the CPC and the Taliban are quite ideologically incompatible, there's such a thing making the best of a bad situation without resorting to swords and steel.
  7. Not sure why this got to the Coronavirus thread but I think it's fair to say that MAGA is quite fascistic. Worshipping a strongman leader perpetuating some kind of mythical past on a crusade against the left is quite comfortably in the realm of fascism. I mean sure perhaps it wasn't very hardcore and was a bit levitated from it, and Trump was a woefully inadequate and poorly skilled leader (Thank God for that!) but the rythim is there. He and his supporters are going to continue creating problems for the U.S.A. Also I don't see the U.S. going full "dictator", they don't have a history of that. I mean I guess anything is possible but I'd call it unlikely. Some great "no nonsense" leader who can actually get the job done by aggressively and skillfully solving problems and damning the torpedoes wouldn't be a bad thing for a term or two though. Every once in a while you gotta elect a sledgehammer to crush glaring and long embedded problems.
  8. U.S.A. will not collapse or be like China, ever. I just hope Western liberalism sees an improvement sometime in my lifetime, is all. Simple really, you want Socialism with Chinese Characteristics move to China, you want Western liberalism move to U.S.A. or Europe. 'Tis a big planet, there's room for a multitude of systems that can peacefully coexist. As of now, it is of my opinion strongly that Trumpism is the greatest threat to the U.S.A. and therefore the planet writ large.
  9. Opinion: The rule of law is pushing back against Trump's big lie (msn.com) Democracy without the Rule of Law isn't democracy, it's chaos. Trumpism is fascism and chaos. However, I think American Rule of Law needs an overhaul, one way to turn me off from you and not engage with you is to continuously cite Constitutional theory from weathered papers written centuries ago. What does American democracy stand for? Hopefully something better, soon.
  10. U.S.A. wins by one Gold Medal, strange comeback considering China was comfortably ahead until yesterday. I call biased referees trying to keep the China down. I played sports in school and have personal experience with biased refs so you can't tell me it's impossible.
  11. No. NK is backwards Marxist Leninism and China is Socialism with Chinese characteristics, basically an evolved form of Marxist Leninism. And I'd say the living standards in Shanghai are better than New York in some ways, as it has lots of efficient high speed railway, whilst New York's subway system is dated as Hell. Plus in Shanghai, food vendors are open at midnight, with lots of delicious food. Pollution levels are about the same in both cities (ranked "moderate" at IQAir World Air Quality Index (AQI) Ranking | AirVisual (iqair.com)) New York would probably be considered better for rich people but not for poor people.
  12. Yeah well that's how white puritanical superstitious Westerners/Americans see China and especially North Korea, even though China offers lots of cheap public services and living costs are low, it's 40% cheaper to live in Shanghai than New York. Massachusetts, for instance, is consistently ranked as the smartest state in the union, yet it's 40% above the national average in living costs. You'd think the smartest state would figure out a way to reduce costs but I think they like it that way. Why? Elitism. most likely. Anyway it looks like the U.S. won the Summer Olympics, though it was a close call. China had adopted the Soviet model of state funded and regulated Olympics training for youths, I guess it might need more funding if the want to really kick @$$ next time around.
  13. China unveils 600 km/h Transrapid train - Asia Times Yeah baby.
  14. Ultrawealthy Americans are ditching their US citizenship in droves (msn.com) LOL, where are they gonna go, and what is the U.S. without it's rich folk? Fun fact: China's wealthy aren't taxed as heavily as Americans (but as I mentioned earlier are under increasing pressure from state regulators), so U.S. is pretty screwed if they set up shop in China. Without its brainy entrepreneurs, the U.S. would expose it's rotten underbelly even more, and I think you know what I mean here. "Rural" and "White" are the keywords. @Gorth Perhaps we can agree to disagree, you see it as blatant fascism, I see it as communism evolved and matured to a workable level, the real fascist in this story was Donald Trump in my book, not Xi Jinping who continues to cite Marxism and has read Das Kapital 3 times. Ask a Trump supporter of Marxism and you risk death, ask a Xi supporter about Marxism and you'll get a more positive and optimistic response.
  15. China's biggest private companies are in chaos. It's all part of Beijing's plan (msn.com) ^Proof that China is not fascist. In fascist regimes, business leaders are seen as the heart, soul, and pillar of society, workers and peasants be damned and hit the slave pits. China is restructuring it's business community so that it adheres to a more balanced and equitable society overall. I mean sure, there's risks with taking a sledgehammer to the tech and tutoring sector, like it may slow growth in the short term, but if you want to tune your rig, you got to dismantle it first and then let it run with its new processes. Westerners are always so quick to pull the trigger with short term thinking in mind, China is playing the long game
  16. The nostalgia is strong in this one,].
  17. Every time I take a break from this thread, it just goes back to @Gromnir vs @Guard Dog like a 1980's air hockey match Allow me to raise the discomfort level by talking about a growing China China's Army Day: 94th anniversary of PLA founding - CGTN China is now obsessed with hitting centennial goals left and right, they've achieved a "moderately prosperous society in all respects" in 2021, exactly 100 years after the founding of the CPC, and virtually eliminated extreme poverty. When I was a boy, my step dad would always use the "starving people in China" card every time I complained about what was for dinner. This is no longer a fact, the average Chinese citizen makes a decent living now. Their next centennial goal is to achieve a "moderately modernized military" by 2027, exactly 100 years after the creation of the PLA. Their ultimate goal is to achieve absolute modernization and be a leading power in all respects buy 2049, and that includes being the foremost innovator in technology and other things. "Made in China" will be a thing of world class quality rather than the be the gold standard of cheap goods.
  18. Bought the REmake on Steam not long ago and already I'm at 75% achievements unlocked xD What annoys me most are Youtube speedrunners who kill the magic of the series by laser focusing on exploiting glitches and mechanics to hit that World Record that only dweebs care about. Speedrunners: douches. Though to be fair RE7's design is riddled with stupid "trigger" moments where you can exploit monster spawns just by doing a specific thing. Capcom should have thought things through better.
  19. Game is quite underrated imo, the class building and world is actually quite well made. When it was released I kinda dismissed it as a single player MMO but time works wonders.
  20. As an 'Murican I'm witnessing a strange phenomenon at the moment: people are so used getting government checks at this point that businesses are getting very desperate and jacking up wages and employment bonuses to fill the ranks. Looking like UBI is the new "Unions" insofar as forcing businesses to comply with workers rights. Thanks Covid-19, I always kind of knew that good policies happen by accident and not design, at least in the U.S., where man made miracles are scoffed at. Now if only we could accidently find a way for living costs to decrease xD
  21. I have no idea where this came from but I'm thinking some people, especially from Europe and the snobby sectors of North America, probably need some "Russian Fistcuffs", as it seems to be some kind of illusory psychological stigma that has no basis on reality. Based off of my life experience and interactions with the world, Russians and Chinese appear to be far more civilized and wise than the violent and angry people from North America and perhaps some European countries who seem to resort to "fistcuffing" far more easily and readily than that of other non-aligned countries. Projection is a wonderful thing is it not? This is perhaps the most weirdest and most random thing I have ever encountered in the modern world.
  22. More proof that California is not some kind of egalitarian progressive example but some kind of dystopian corporate controlled overly regulated hellhole. Obsidian why do you still reside in that state? What was once a beacon virtue is now completely bought out and paid for by s--tbags.
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