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  1. Finally figured out how to port Biohazard (Resident Evil) 1, 2, and 3 to PC! Better textures and no "Door" loading screens to boot. Me = Happy. I'm not a Japan STAN, but Biohazard is by far the best thing that has come out of the mischievous little Asian Islet, and Silent Hill isn't half bad either.
  2. I still hope this guy runs in 2024 as an Independent, though I was gravely disappointed he backed out in 2020. He's like a more left wing egalitarian version of Trump. What I mean by that is they both have really aggressive populist rhetoric that can resonate very well with certain sections of society, I'd just prefer someone who isn't racist or sexist and actually has experience in government AND military. Who better to carry the transitional Peace/Love/Dope torch?
  3. For now. They're pretty much willing to work with literally anyone who agrees to their exclusivity deal. However, plans are are in the works and Epic is securing several studios who are strictly under Epic so sometime hopefully in the near future, exclusivity will mean exclusivity, not this timed release crap from the cot tossers of yore.
  4. I still have always had a hard time conflating the U.S. with "Rome" because the U.S. has only been a "Rome" since like 1945 or so and is not a protracted empire that has spanned millennia. It seems in the modern era great powers only last a century or so until the next one comes along. However, one notable difference between now and the past few centuries is that it looks like Western civilization as a projected entity across the globe appears to be in decline and the East appears to be an up and comer this time around so it'll definitely get more interesting as time goes on.
  5. Of course not, they're only focused on "The Image". Americans have always been obsessed more with how they're perceived rather than let the numbers do the talking.
  6. Explosion at Kabul airport, casualties confirmed. It's unknown who the assailants were at this point, but I've heard various sources say different things that it was British military, American Marines, and the Taliban who were the victims so I'm guessing it was an independent terror group. Edit: Yup I was right, those cool-headed Russians are quite good at pinpointing culprits real quick. Looks like ISIS-K was responsible for this, an ISIS detachment that's planning future attacks in south and central Asia.
  7. Nirvana sued by the baby from Nevermind's album cover - BBC News
  8. Yeah, and maybe Australia making China a rival won't end very well either.
  9. Game design is a b--ch, especially for beginners. Not only does it need to be highly successful to generate a profit, but when you think you've created something great and it turns out to be bland upon playing it. I read that somewhere, some small team was mesmerized that they actually got something functional completed but then realized that the gameplay was very boring and would get bad reception. I'll pass on a career in game development, but mad respect for all the studios and modders out there who give us content.
  10. Whoops, I meant the "Iwo Jima" picture, not the whole situation. Both Beijing and Moscow showed signs of anxiety for the U.S. withdrawal, which is why they quickly sent in their diplomats in an effort to curtail the situation as best as possible. Neither government has recognized the new government yet but early signs show that the Taliban and China-Russia have initially come to some level of successful dialogue, as the Taliban has so far been pretty lenient and even promised some quite surprising reforms (by Islamist standards of course!). You won't hear that in Western media though, they're still stuck in "worst case scenario doom/gloom" mode. If you know Eastern methods, the way the Taliban are now talking seems clearly inspired by it. Signs suggest this isn’t the Taliban of old - Asia Times Even the U.K. seems to agree that China-Russia can probably "moderate" the situation and is probably the best we can hope for at this point. UK says Russia, China needed for 'moderating influence' over Taliban (msn.com) Nobody knows how it'll play out yet but so far it's off to a good start, for a bad situation, that is
  11. I had lots of fun with them back in the day before the internet and all that jazz. I really enjoyed the art and the puzzle solving. Unfortunately though, with all the latest technological advances, they've kind of lost their magic to me, they seem sort of like relics now gameplay wise and not really interesting anymore. I don't feel much nostalgia for them.
  12. Taliban mocks WW2 American G.I.s in Iwo Jima by raising the Taliban flag in Afghanistan clad in stolen American uniforms. Not entirely sure pissing off the U.S. is wise right now considering that their long term goal should be to gain international recognition and formulating a more moderate Taliban and regional stability, not that the the U.S. centric media would cut them slack anyway anytime in the near future but still, working towards proving them somewhat wrong should be a priority methinks. And just to get it out of the way, China appears amused by this whilst Russia appears more perplexed/skeptical. _________________ Estimated amount of U.S. military equipment lost to the Taliban: 2,000 Humvees As many as 40 aircraft, including Black Hawks, scout attack helicopters, and drones 600,000 M16 Assault rifles 162,000 pieces of communication equipment 16,000 night vision goggles. ^Some pretty good loot, if those numbers are even reasonably accurate.
  13. Edited in comment by Gorth: Just a heads up, video contains occasional nudify. I.e. NSFW
  14. Black Myth: Wukong - Official Unreal Engine 5 Gameplay Trailer - IGN
  15. Would require a brand new outlook on global affairs, and Americans don't seem quite ready for that yet. Case in point: Asian Americans reported being targeted at least 4,500 times this year (msn.com) Asiatic commie filth are still painted targets in the eyes of Americans. Nevermind the fact that the U.S. has the best universities and medical facilities in the world and people would rather move here than China, the idea that a Communist government could have the worlds largest economy and the West could be the primary benefactor from their produced goods and services, the U.S. appears obsessed with being #1 at everything, always.
  16. O'Rly? How Russia-China are stage-managing the Taliban | The Vineyard of the Saker These are the key takeaways. – No problem for women to get education all the way to college, and to continue to work. They just need to wear the hijab (like in Qatar or Iran). No need to wear a burqa. The Taliban insists, “all women’s rights will be guaranteed within the limits of Islamic law.” – The Islamic Emirate “does not threaten anyone” and will not treat anyone as enemies. Crucially, revenge – an essential plank of the Pashtunwali code – will be abandoned, and that’s unprecedented. There will be a general amnesty– including people who worked for the former NATO-aligned system. Translators, for instance, won’t be harassed, and don’t need to leave the country. – Security of foreign embassies and international organizations “is a priority.” Taliban special security forces will protect both those leaving Afghanistan and those who remain. – A strong inclusive Islamic government will be formed. “Inclusive” is code for the participation of women and Shi’ites. – Foreign media will continue to work undisturbed. The Taliban government will allow public criticism and debate. But “freedom of speech in Afghanistan must be in line with Islamic values.” – The Islamic Emirate of Taliban wants recognition from the “international community” – code for NATO. The overwhelming majority of Eurasia and the Global South will recognize it anyway. It’s essential to note, for example, the closer integration of the expanding SCO – Iran is about to become a full member, Afghanistan is an observer – with ASEAN: the absolute majority of Asia will not shun the Taliban. ________ Whether they live up to it is anyones guess but the rhetoric here at least is a vast improvement from the old days.
  17. Historically, it's not poverty or hunger that starts conflicts on American soil, it's the power of an idea. The idea that the U.S. should be a sovereign Independent nation away from Tyrant King George, the idea that their slaves might be taken away, ect. The idea that the country could take a more left wing and transitional turn in the near future seems to causing Johnny AR-15 a quite a significant stir lately. Even if its not in reality an earth shattering or Stalin-esque type of turn, and it's well within the confines of teh Constitution/based on American principles, the fear alone is all it would take to trigger them into action. Americans are dumb strange like that.
  18. There was no chance of Civil War in the U.S. during the Cold War, as WW2 was still fresh in the minds of the public and the country was both rich and unified*. U.S. had the greatest economy and a functioning democracy in those days, as opposed to the U.S.S.R. which was both economically and politically ineffective**. Things just seem...different now. U.S. economy and political situation appears to be showing signs of decay and people are quite riddled with anxiety and uncertainty about the future *The Consciousness Revolution of the 1960's was indeed a time of turmoil for the U.S., but the political and business class at that time was composed of the elder generations who kept the country ironclad together. The kids at that time are now elders and in charge and now we have two camps: One that is trying to perpetuate the gains of the 60's into the country for good and the other trying to roll it back into some kind of white supremacist pastime before that. Hopefully the former wins, as it would fundamentally change U.S. policy for good and we would be left with a situation in which all sides on the geopolitical landscape would win. **Largely thanks to Kruschev and his complete cutoff of the Stalin years into Soviet History. An Ancient once said "The Best way to destroy a country is to dismantle its history". Deng Xiaoping may not have been all in with Mao Zedong policies, for good reason, but he he still honored Mao for what achievements he did accomplish and enshrined him in the CCP history as one of the greats.
  19. Or just wait until the U.S. tears itself apart on idiotic cultural shenanigans. Should be the winning strategy for everyone tired of the U.S. war machine. Don't provoke the beast, just sit back, lay low, and wait until they start killing each other. Rainbow LGBT and minority Freedom and Liberation Front vs. John Deere Good ol' Boy Buckskin slackjaws (O.K., I'm sure the battle lines will be a bit more nuanced and complex than that but I can't help but make some comedic gestures about the Western obsession with identity lol).
  20. America once won its wars. Now it just leaves them - Asia Times The American public just doesn't seem to want war anymore, and seem far more obsessed with domestic cultural issues than anything. The 1960's episode has really manifested itself into U.S. culture and I don't see it going away. I do not see social conservatives winning out in the U.S.
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