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  1. It all boils down to money. If they can't find other ways to reinvigorate the Afghan economy like China's BRI for instance (Remember, China is much more powerful economically and politically than it was 20 years ago) then yes probably. I'll go out on a limb and say that the Taliban is probably more interested in foreign partnerships now and opium trade will remain curbed significantly. The world has changed quite a bit in 20 years and a new generation is up and coming.
  2. This whole anti-mask/anti-vaxx sh*t is a Zone A thing. Everyone in Zone B seems to be compliant on the scientific consensus regarding Covid-19 and its variants, hence their successful handling of the pandemic. By the way, when I refer to "Zone A" I mean usually the U.S., Australia, Canada, EU, etc aka the "Collective West" "Zone B" would be Beijing, Moscow, Tehran, etc. aka "The Other Team in the East".
  3. You can live fine and happily in the U.S. off of 63k/y, especially in the rural areas and if it's individual income, for dual income you'd probably want to go 1.5 that much. The American psyche is just so unhappy and they think they need more more more which is in and of itself a cultural issue. Statistics show that if most people around you make the same income and share the same values and lifestyles, happiness increases. I'd rather live in a situation where myself and everyone around me is poor and living in conditions that are subpar by Western standards that be the sucker that make middle income and surrounded by people who are very wealthy.
  4. Afghanistan Is Not the ‘Graveyard of Empires’ (msn.com) The first stage of grief is... Also, @Achilles is correct. The happiest people usually make about the GDP per capita of your region of residence. So in the U.S. you want to make about $63,000/y to be happy. There's other factors of course(political, cultural, ect.) but that's the basic gist of it, and should be a good starting guide on where you would like to live given your income capabilities.
  5. In several cases, yes. Patreons get access to exclusive features of content that aren't freely available. I can imagine people getting outraged if the trend continues down that line, even though it would result in better quality mods.
  6. Get with the times, yo. It's called Common Prosperity now. Everyone should socialize themselves and get a Patreon account and produce content, and a good chunk of the money you earn circulates back into the community by supporting other creators. These backwards types I tells ya.
  7. I think it's normal for Americans to distrust the federal government. I mean they started a revolution over centralized authority and taxation and won so that kind of sentiment won't disappear in many circles unless another revolution occurs. Americans seem far more receptive to local initiatives than centralized ones.
  8. I'm noticing Patreon accounts seem to offer the best content as far as modding material goes, for any particular niche. But it's private and you gotta pay, which means every gamer outside of Twitter and Youtube will have a ****fit if it becomes the new norm.
  9. False. Terrorist groups are funded by all extremist Sunni followers with any amount of wealth, all across the ME. Some have high influence in various governments such as Saudi Arabi, some are just lay-lows with money to spare. Nationality is not really a factor. *Ahem* The Taliban now control one of the largest lithium deposits on the planet (tekdeeps.com)
  10. Not sure if sarcasm, but Afghanistan is certainly of geopolitical significance, it's not only sandwiched between China and its allies but it also contains trillions of dollars of natural resources such as copper, petroleum, and lithium, the latter which is used to power car batteries and cell phones aka a crucial resource for the 21st century. Why else would the U.S. spend 2 decades in there? Not just for ideological reasons, but economic ones as well. Same as Iraq. If China's approach to foreign policy is successful where the U.S. has failed, it would be both a financial and moral catastrophe for the West.
  11. Brits Fear Collapse of Containment of Russia and China in Aftermath of Biden’s Afghanistan Decision (larouchepub.com) Whilst I don't believe the Afghanistan debacle is in and of itself a catalyst for "Failing to contain" the East, apparently the bad psychological stigma of it was more damning than I realized, in the U.K. especially. Nope, what will be decisive on the prospects of China's rise as an economic superpower will be how China handles the situation in Afghanistan. If they can somehow manage BRI and peaceful relations through the country, and help its reconstruction and stability, China wins. If they botch it...whelp then they're just another wannabe up and comer like the USSR.
  12. Finally figured out how to port Biohazard (Resident Evil) 1, 2, and 3 to PC! Better textures and no "Door" loading screens to boot. Me = Happy. I'm not a Japan STAN, but Biohazard is by far the best thing that has come out of the mischievous little Asian Islet, and Silent Hill isn't half bad either.
  13. I still hope this guy runs in 2024 as an Independent, though I was gravely disappointed he backed out in 2020. He's like a more left wing egalitarian version of Trump. What I mean by that is they both have really aggressive populist rhetoric that can resonate very well with certain sections of society, I'd just prefer someone who isn't racist or sexist and actually has experience in government AND military. Who better to carry the transitional Peace/Love/Dope torch?
  14. For now. They're pretty much willing to work with literally anyone who agrees to their exclusivity deal. However, plans are are in the works and Epic is securing several studios who are strictly under Epic so sometime hopefully in the near future, exclusivity will mean exclusivity, not this timed release crap from the cot tossers of yore.
  15. I still have always had a hard time conflating the U.S. with "Rome" because the U.S. has only been a "Rome" since like 1945 or so and is not a protracted empire that has spanned millennia. It seems in the modern era great powers only last a century or so until the next one comes along. However, one notable difference between now and the past few centuries is that it looks like Western civilization as a projected entity across the globe appears to be in decline and the East appears to be an up and comer this time around so it'll definitely get more interesting as time goes on.
  16. Of course not, they're only focused on "The Image". Americans have always been obsessed more with how they're perceived rather than let the numbers do the talking.
  17. Explosion at Kabul airport, casualties confirmed. It's unknown who the assailants were at this point, but I've heard various sources say different things that it was British military, American Marines, and the Taliban who were the victims so I'm guessing it was an independent terror group. Edit: Yup I was right, those cool-headed Russians are quite good at pinpointing culprits real quick. Looks like ISIS-K was responsible for this, an ISIS detachment that's planning future attacks in south and central Asia.
  18. Nirvana sued by the baby from Nevermind's album cover - BBC News
  19. Yeah, and maybe Australia making China a rival won't end very well either.
  20. Game design is a b--ch, especially for beginners. Not only does it need to be highly successful to generate a profit, but when you think you've created something great and it turns out to be bland upon playing it. I read that somewhere, some small team was mesmerized that they actually got something functional completed but then realized that the gameplay was very boring and would get bad reception. I'll pass on a career in game development, but mad respect for all the studios and modders out there who give us content.
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