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  1. Bought the REmake on Steam not long ago and already I'm at 75% achievements unlocked xD What annoys me most are Youtube speedrunners who kill the magic of the series by laser focusing on exploiting glitches and mechanics to hit that World Record that only dweebs care about. Speedrunners: douches. Though to be fair RE7's design is riddled with stupid "trigger" moments where you can exploit monster spawns just by doing a specific thing. Capcom should have thought things through better.
  2. Game is quite underrated imo, the class building and world is actually quite well made. When it was released I kinda dismissed it as a single player MMO but time works wonders.
  3. As an 'Murican I'm witnessing a strange phenomenon at the moment: people are so used getting government checks at this point that businesses are getting very desperate and jacking up wages and employment bonuses to fill the ranks. Looking like UBI is the new "Unions" insofar as forcing businesses to comply with workers rights. Thanks Covid-19, I always kind of knew that good policies happen by accident and not design, at least in the U.S., where man made miracles are scoffed at. Now if only we could accidently find a way for living costs to decrease xD
  4. I have no idea where this came from but I'm thinking some people, especially from Europe and the snobby sectors of North America, probably need some "Russian Fistcuffs", as it seems to be some kind of illusory psychological stigma that has no basis on reality. Based off of my life experience and interactions with the world, Russians and Chinese appear to be far more civilized and wise than the violent and angry people from North America and perhaps some European countries who seem to resort to "fistcuffing" far more easily and readily than that of other non-aligned countries. Projection is a wonderful thing is it not? This is perhaps the most weirdest and most random thing I have ever encountered in the modern world.
  5. More proof that California is not some kind of egalitarian progressive example but some kind of dystopian corporate controlled overly regulated hellhole. Obsidian why do you still reside in that state? What was once a beacon virtue is now completely bought out and paid for by s--tbags.
  6. • United States: life expectancy 1860-2020 | Statista The things we take for granted...
  7. Soy is such middle class liberal garbage anyway. I got a feeling both rich people and Joe peasant snort coke and drink canola fried cattle milk like the best of them.
  8. Yeah until they try to rehabilitate them a few terms later ala GWBush. I guess people have the attention span of a half stunned gnat if it takes a du jour villain to make them forget about the atrocities committed. Obama as well, I can almost imagine Fox News trying to rehabilitate him if a true and proper progressive champion wins the presidency xD.
  9. I don't think anyone agrees that it's bad, the U.S. is just as unhealthily obsessed with its planes the way the British were unhealthily obsessed with its ships in the 19th century. It's just as U.S. starts to wane in global influence, it becomes more subjected to criticism in all aspects, which is arguably the strength of the U.S. in general: self criticism. As long as a significant portion of the population bitches about how sh---y we are as a country, intelligent and well paid brains construct that criticism into national strength xD The Chinese may have stolen F-35 data and used it to construct the FC-31, but honestly if that's true it is nothing new. Apple, the worlds largest corporation, is both subject to numerous lawsuits and is filing numerous lawsuits for data theft, and the Chinese are operating as a meritocracy, which is virtually identical to a corporation so lax security is to blame here.
  10. Yeah what's holding Russia back the most is their crappy oligarch "Mafia" economy that governs the entire country, ensuring reforms will never happen, as they should be looking towards China's near perfect "mixed" (60% POE's, 40% SOE's) economy for inspiration. USSR and Nazi Germany had roughly equal economies at the time of clash in 1941. Russia doesn't come anywhere near China or the U.S. these days so they are a secondary power at best. Still, their military should not be underestimated, as neutral sources are claiming that the Russian army could beat the U.S. Army on flat field with no naval or air support. The Checkmate reportedly is 1/3 the cost of the F-35 and far cheaper to maintain and better on fuel consumption, if these are bought en masse I mean what can 30 F-35's do against 130 Checkmates?
  11. Yeah I just found out about this project yesterday. Whilst I suck at aviation mechanics, I can't help but get the feeling that a plane dubbed 'Checkmate' will have the pentagon quite rattled. Everything boils down to cost, if it's far cheaper than the F-35 but with still adequate performance, think T-34 vs. Panther in tank terms, I'd say "Checkmate" indeed! AndTheyDon'tStopComin'AndTheyDon'tStopComin'AndTheyDon'tStopComin'
  12. G.O.P. Blocks Infrastructure Debate in Senate, Raising Doubts About a Deal - The New York Times (nytimes.com) ^Why China will win. This has nothing to do with "Freedom vs. unFreedom" or "Democracies vs. Dictatorships", this is all about results and development. China has an extremely robust and flexible economy at this point and the central government can literally allocate resources on the fly to strategic sectors that can promote modern industrial development, with minimal effort, promoting rapid progress. The U.S. government can't even get basic 20 years behind the times projects initiated because the opposition will just block it. You can grab a harmonica and sit out on your porch at sunset and play Stevie Wonder songs all you like, the U.S. will fall behind if it doesn't get its act together. Raw corporate innovation and consumption isn't enough to stay ahead of the game.
  13. This. There is no Kickstarter for Avowed, as they are now owned by Microsoft. Also, Pillars 3 is not a confirmed title, as Pillars 2 did poorly. Turns out, the worlds 2nd largest corporation is a more reliable investment than a few hundred thousand middle class Europeans. At the end of the day Obsidian is an American studio so it's only natural for them to gravitate towards U.S. economic methods.
  14. ^U.S government blaming their goofs on their geopolitical rivals to whip up public hatred? Gee that's a new one, luckily the public isn't that stupid and are on to them at this point, oh wait... Couple tidbits Former DHS Chief: ‘The Republican Party Is the #1 National Security Threat to the USA’ - News Punch The Republican Party is the #1 national security threat to the U.S., not Russia, Iran, ISIS, China etc, according to a Republican renegade. Cool, the Republican Party should be the law and order and security party and largely agnostic on most other issues. It's just people like Ronald Reagan, W., and Donald Trump who destroyed the party and turned it into a confederate-like Party and now an outright fascist party. Whatever Happened To European Corporate Competitors? (hedgeye.com) Europeans don't really seem to like entrepreneurship and corporate giants, something they definitely have in common with the Russians, keep that income gap nice and low and largely rely on the U.S. for major companies, whilst keeping a few niche homegrown companies that aren't really expansive. Americans and the Chinese have much more in common as far as business goes, which explains both countries huge GDP. Food for thought.
  15. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/15/kremlin-papers-appear-to-show-putins-plot-to-put-trump-in-white-house Democrats still on the whole "Russians did it!1!" spiel I see I'm sure the entire 1/3 or so of the country who donned MAGA hats and embraced fascism openly and probably can't even find Russia on the map are somehow Kremlin agents as well, right? But what do I care, U.S. glaring problems with far right political capital and massive inequality were there long before Trump. Call me an accelerationist, but the right going even more bonkers than they already were gives us an opportunity brainstorm solutions far quicker and better. The sooner we duke it out and set the record straight, the better. The far right vs. everyone else. Is it me or is neo-fascism less organized and more haphazard and grimy then the European fascists of the 20th century? They seem more libertarian than authoritarian these days, though it's still definitely fascist ideology at the core, as the video demonstrates.
  16. Latest news from the Chinese gaming front: https://www.theguardian.com/news/2021/jul/15/china-video-game-censorship-tencent-netease-blizzard Well hopefully those flowers will blossom soon, gaming is still kind of an awkward thing in the Middle Kingdom, but the doors seem to be slowly opening up. It boils down to the usual weeding out of contradictions and finding some kind of sweet spot that works for everyone.
  17. Which is why automation will save us. The quicker we eradicate the working class, (as a social entity) the more egalitarian we become. Stalin and the paleo Marxists had it wrong, it's not liquifying the upper classes that will ensure a better society, it's eliminating the need for workers totally and utterly that will augment society as a whole!
  18. It does stutter quite a bit at Castle [Romanian name that I can't be bothered to look up how to spell]. Figured it was just bad programming as the Japanamese aren't known for their fondness of PC but this theory also makes sense. When the vast majority of their games sell on console, I mean why worry if a small % of the PC base may pirate a copy? Eurojank RPG's only being released on PC in the 00's and early 10's may have a point but this could be going a leetle bit too far, conservative suits are still alive and well in the West it seems.
  19. So far Biden has been pretty apt actually, he seems to be managing "allies" pretty well and is actually working with Republicans on infrastructure. I do not agree with his continuing Trump's policy on China but I suppose that's the cost for getting some internal economic reforms done, to throw the jackasses some bones in return for compliance on that regard. I predict Biden will start to deteriorate soon enough though, once culture wars flair up again and he has his hands full trying to deal with it. He simply does not have what it takes to effectively crush the cultural fascists, and his weakness will stick out like a soar thumb, effectively rendering him catatonic.
  20. Yeah leading ballistics experts are now claiming that 9mm on a 5.5 inch barrel is the perfect pistol/small arms round as far as low recoil and adequate penetration goes and the U.S. Army has always been pretty diligent on listening to experts so this decision doesn't surprise me in the least. 9mm has seen some advances over the years so you have a whole ton of ammo to choose from, from low velocity "assassin" rounds to ultra powerful Russian made Barnaul rounds. U.S. Army -again- goes with the pragmatic Winchester NATO rounds for 9mm sidearms and probably will for the subby as well. I've never been in the Army but I feel like I know and understand their decisions like the back of my hand lol.
  21. https://www.independent.co.uk/climate-change/news/seashore-animals-death-heatwave-canada-b1878937.html Mother nature best chef! (Thanks to man-made climate f-ups)
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