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  1. I find the game way easier in Turn based than RWTP. Its POTD, you are supposed to figure out how to do things in a different manner. Did you clear Engwithan site first? I recruited a Crusader moon godlike, cleared it, recruited Aloth and then went for Gorecci and it was pretty easy. So far my Bloodmage with max perception is destroying everything.
  2. So far its been incredible. I expected it to be very experimental and have a lots of problems, but im impressed how it turned out to be so great and functional (and for free after launch!). I'm getting the PS4 version too as soon it launches to play again with my wife. Such great work from obsidian. Cant wait for Outer Worlds.
  3. So, single-class wizard (no sub) has been my favorite class. I played my last run when Beast of winter came out (didnt play 2nd and 3rd dlc yet), so i didnt try Bloodmage yet. I'm wondering if i play Bloodmage or a no-sub again in my Turn-based run. I have always played my wizard as a glass-canon caster with max dex, per and high might. I like the fact you have more control over recharging the spells you want whenever. How bad is the HP loss from blood sacrifice? Whats your views on how turn-based will affect this playstyle? Appreaciate any advice. Thanks.
  4. Two new wizard spells, holy ****. Can we get any info in this unique grimoire and the spells??
  5. Did you try playing coop or just solo? DOS1 was decent, liked it but not that much. But when i started playing DOS2 with my wife it was blast, really really fun. We played for about 200h and we are about to start a new run with definitive edition coming out.
  6. It's in the White March: part 2. Llengrath sends assassins after you to take Concelhaut's philactery (from WM1), after which you can access the swamp area she's in. Depending on your choices, you either kill her and her pet dragons, or end up exchanging soul essence with her for knowledge. For Deadfire, she shows up in the Arkemyr questline, and possibly in The Forgotten Sanctum DLC as well I totally missed the point that this is about a POE1 decision. Sorry, and thanks! I havent played White March yet. I played POE1 when it wasnt out yet, so i just bought it to replay the whole game.
  7. I think Deadfire is all about exploring how people, factions and even the gods are not simply good/evil. So if you want to go "full evil" is kind of hard, but you can most definitly be a cruel son of a bitch and make Xoti go nuts with the souls and bring Serafen (smooth nice guy, but pirate) and Maia (very subjective to political views) along. But I wish Deadfire had a 100% nuts companion in a future DLC.
  8. Sorry, but what quest is this? I dont remember facing Llengrath in my gameplay.
  9. Its completely fine. If you buff stats for single classes Wizards will break the game. Single class wizard is really, really strong. Druids, priests, chanters and monks are okay. Maybe fighter, paladin, ranger and rogue 8-9 skills need some love, but having Martial classes to profit from being Multi makes sense.
  10. You are probably trying to face them like a normal battle, you need to cheese more. My group in this current run im doing is my Warlock, Eder Swash, Aloth Spellblade and Xoti Monk/Priest. No adventurers. Buy the fireball necklace in the vendor, its really good. Frenzy + fireball will help you a lot in harder fights at the start. Also chill fog ALWAYS, once both aloth and MC get it, becomes easier. Get weapon and shield style for eder asap. Give everyone a shield and have your warlock in the backline with the real DPS (did you put 18 in PER? you need it). Skip Gorecci street. If you find yourself dying too much trying different approachs in the fight. Its supposed to be hard, so dont try to face your enemies proudly as you did with your lvl20 character, you are weaker than they are.
  11. i dont think this tier lists work very welll because they need to be taken in context, build and etc. its really subjective example? amiras wing, not anything really special besides a PL8 wizard spell, right? except you can get it very early in the game, which almost break some encounters since wilting wind melts everything....its only a "D tier" if you test it via cosole in a lvl20 character with no context where its placed in the game or when you get it
  12. Miscreants is one the best because that 5% chance to ignore attack, and the fact that you get it very early with no effort at all...that should be considered. Nomads is one of the best armors for solo i think Theres vatnir robe too, very very good for glass cannon dps
  13. Berserker actually works very well with Wizard. Especially Evoker. Btw, wizard bonus PL for subclass is +2 now. Isnt Penetrating Strike a Full Attack?
  14. Only the highest value will be used. Example: If you have Mirrored Image (30 deflection)+ Llengraths Displaced Image active at the same time, the +10 deflection from Displaced will be ignored, leaving you with +30 deflection, +20 reflex and the hit to grazes conversion for their duration.
  15. Really good DLC. The gameplay was a bit repetitive and very easy even on potd/up, but i played with a hella op group (20). I imagine if you land there as a 15-16 group during a run with half ass equipment you will get destroyed. And thats the point of it, althought i wanted more as someone who finished my main run and went back just to play it, the DLC is perfect as an extension of the game. Deadfire is great, really great as it is right now, but once we have all 3 DLCs, megabosses and 4.0 this game will be the best thing ever. They are aiming for a future cult classic here. I really loved the dialogues between Waidwen and Eothas. The DLC was very well written. Liked it so much that inspired me to finally buy White March (at full price!) and go back playing POE1.
  16. Honestly the game does a poor job of explaining how chants/linger work. I have have no idea what im doing when i have a chanter in my group.
  17. i feel bad for you dude, a thousand threads hyping about building a marauder and now you dont like it :\ spellcasters are always more fun, i played more than 150h with my pure wizard (potd/up) and now created a warlock, but it just cant surpass the pure raw power and versatiliyy of the wizard. i've decided to go back to PoE1 and finally play white march with a new character (wizard ofc) and then i'll go back to deadfire again for a solo play martial classes with high melee dps arent really for me, although i'm really liking the idea of a ranger/druid or ranger/chanter...something to micro summons and deal damage from distance anyways, goodluck!
  18. I think theres no need for a resting in exteriors mechanic...but getting injuries in your group should force you return to the inn to heal them. Getting knocked out in battle should be treated as a big deal, so you are forced to use your escape mechanisms like invisibility, escape and that priest that you cant get below 1hp. Empower should be per encounter just like every spell, theres no need for having 2, 3 or 4 empowers availables. A button that you can use once per battle to empower a single spell or get more resources.
  19. this area is so confusing that i dont even remember which portal are you reffering to... but i just couldnt get to the last fragment, near the dozen armor, i went back to the initial portal and used leap to get to it....then i realized how easy it easy to get there.
  20. I went with her light sided because i wanted Eder to like her, but was disappointed in the end. She really doesnt develop much as character. Maybe homicidal could be more fun.
  21. go with lord darryn for rp and looks if you are playing group, a barbarian with 2 swords doesnt match. another option is Kapana Taga (club) did you consider Pukestabber or another dagger in offhand? they are very good and you are a Marauder (rogue!), having a crush damage in main hand and dagger in off for quickstabs is very barbarish, use the hungover ring and become a drunk barbarian... also full atacks use the recovery from offhand...so its very optimal also theres xotis sickle...murder her and use her weapon
  22. Wow, thanks a lot guys! Looks like the game changed even more than i thought since its release. When talking to Concelhault in Deadfire i really didnt recall fighting him in POE1. Now that you told me that it wasnt available at 1.0 makes complete sense. it will be like playing a whole new game. I didnt recall most of what you just said so it will of great help. The stacking rules for itens are intriguing, i think BG was something like that. I will probably try the new companions from white march, maybe i will stick to 4 or 5 members, 6 is a bit too much. Wizard looks even stronger than in Deadfire. Do we accuracy problems in POE1 too? I will probably max perception just like POE2, or it isnt necessary? Missing/grazing is really annoying. If Deadfire gets half the treatment POE1 after its release, we have a bright future. Thanks again!
  23. Hey everyone, i played POE1 back when the game launched and now im planning to play once again. I wanted some help with this! I havent played White March, and ive heard the game changed A LOT since 1.0, also i can barely remember the technical differences from Deadfire (like wiz being per rest spells, endurance, grimoires, etc). I played on Veteran with a Cipher back then, now i'm planning to purchase WM1-2 and do a POTD/Upscale run with a PC Wizard. Any major tips that could help with playing the game now that im used to Deadfire? Is Perception king for POE1? I'm actually aware that POE1 POTD is way harder than Deadfire, is it viable playing with the companions or should i bring optimal Adventurers? If i'm playing a wizard, should i leave Aloth behind? Any help and tips are welcome! Thanks in advance!
  24. I find chain lighting good if the field is chaotic and you cant properly land a Freezing Pillar or Minolettas Piercing Burst, but its a good skill, just not worth if we are focusing in Combusting. I dont think its worth trading +4 Fire PL or +2/Shield for +1 PL for a single spell from a weapon that comes very late in the game. And its not viable for solo i think. Sun and Moon also gives +2 Ice PL if you use it during the night. I just recruited Vatnir as his robe is a good option por pure DPS armor. +10% damage/+10% damage taken and +action speed when HP decreases. Also looks really cool.
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