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  1. For some reason I cannot find any of the passive watcher abilities... any idea why this might be happening? I am on the latest patch, and seems all my previous saves are missing these, too. Could someone show where exactly I can see these passive abilities listed? That seems to be really fishy. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi! Unfortunately DLC does not want to trigger in my current game play (I was already after Margran's temple). The massage about pets machine came through but nothing above that. I was also traveling around the black isles without much luck (just old temple there). Is there anything I can do to enjoy DLC without new run? Save game file was emailed. Regards.
  3. So apparently after finishing POE 1 on the veteran, while killing all the tough enemies (alright, it took me few attempts before that bastard Concelhaut went down) and finishing the 2nd game on veteran with ease, I figured - boy I am good at this game, time to play POD. Seems like either my builds are absolutely trashy or it is just way to hard. I even decided to use some of the Berath's blessings (main char buff for more dialog options + better ship + store in PM + 4th level). For whatever reason, I cannot even finish first major ruins (Engwithan Digsite). Fight with pigs and bats was so difficult that I needed to reload ~10 times. Now I am even more blown away since there is a drake in there + SUPER DUPER tanky skeletons in the dungeons. Talking about skeletons; after 4 attempts I took down one warrior. It was a simple encounter, two warriors, one assessing + mage + ranger. So, yes - my party is a little weird. The main hero is the warlock, which I expected to be weaker in the early game. But what is the point of having self-buffing character if once he runs through 3 fairly quickly spells, there is no HP left to do anything? I literally have time to only run healing/potions to avoid a knockout. And once there is an opportunity to attack, 25% to 39% average hit chance does not help at all. Not sure what I am doing wrong, or maybe the game is a little too broken after updates (PoD in particular). I understand they increased the difficulty level, but from super easy veteran now I have switched to extremely unfun environment. My current team is: 1. Warlock fire-godlike 2. Eder (he cannot tank ****) 3. Xoti - probably the most useful character as of now 4. Herald - seems to be extremely squishy, but I went with it for nice single burst spell + passive buffs 5. Beastmaster - that was a panic addition for additional tanking mob (bear) + to get some extra buffing spells (good luck hitting someone with offensive spells on 20 something average hit chance). Originally I was planning on replacing beastmaster with Aloth but I am not that sure anymore. That character with bear as companion seems to be much more useful compare to very squishy herald. What do you think guys? Please, can you share some tips? Also, is it right I cannot rest and use buffs when resting on PoD? Does it mean food is only good for ship supplies and resting is tavern + special locations strictly?
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