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  1. A choice to get rid of the racial abilities on godlikes and allow us to equip helmets.
  2. Good job Kilay! If I were still playing this game I would try a lot of these out. Thank you for the translation help!
  3. I liked the way they ramped up fight difficulty in BG2. they gave everyone, including enemies, the ability to set combination spells that trigger instantly on conditions. like... iron skin, spell reflection, and mirror image that are cast instantly on combat start, for example. that made a lot of the fights much more interesting, and you had to plan ahead to deal with tough defenses by using counters like ruby ray, etc. so, at higher difficulty levels in PoE2, have the enemy ai be able to instant cast some defensive spells or abilities at the start of combat, and/or when certain conditions are met, like 50% health, immobilized, etc. again, the scripting for this kind of thing is already built into the game... the ai just doesn't do well using it. Would need to get rid of Arcane Dampener as well. Otherwise it's just nullified right away.
  4. Honestly, they should make the game realistic. Everyone dies or is mortally wounded on hit. Only wizards get access to HP now, because otherwise it wouldn't be "realistic" enough.
  5. You could always just make a mod that gives a subclass that gives permanent transform into fearsome ogre and slap that on any companion.
  6. I disagree with this, but I can't really argue against your subjective opinion. In my opinion, if you buff your party, it means your damage dealers can use their limited resources to deal more damage instead of buffing themselves. Priests are the only class that has at-the-ready AOE healing and affliction clears. There are plenty of spells I could pick out that help the party a lot. In terms of "will my party be worse with a priest or without" it's pretty clear that it will almost always be better. I think most people just play the priest as a heal-bot, but picking the best buffs/debuffs is also part of their arsenal as well.
  7. I don't quite understand understand the hate for Priests. They're plenty effective and have nice buffs and spells. You can do without them, but you're still more effective with one than without one. Bleak Walker/Priest of Wael is a really nice combo that dishes out a ton of damage and has a ton of healing and defensive options.
  8. It's still in beta, and even then most of the stuff being changed is justified. The only thing I can disagree with is the frostseeker bow change. Not really sure why they did that.
  9. I don't really know a better way of showing it. A video is just going to show those numbers above the enemy heads. The combat log doesn't really give a rhyme or reason to what procs off of what.
  10. Thank you. It's such a shame Obsidian is treating GOG backers as 2nd class citizen. I'll think twice to pledge if they ever come out with a new Figstarter. They went all silence and keep ignoring but only to say they are working out something but nothing. This kind-of response is why I wonder why Obsidian even bothers with a GoG version.
  11. I like Spirit because of the Terrify aura it gives. It's a great defensive boon and can setup some good combos with allies.
  12. This was my initial idea, but the main problem stems from getting animations to work. Most skills will just hang there and not do anything, or the certain model/animation group. Rather than try and edit all the skills to work with all models, it was easier to stick to a single one. I should note, I just played around with this in POTD and it certainly doesn't make the game any easier. Which is, in my opinion, a good thing.
  13. Pro 1.02 strats, equip both blunderbusses that deal AOE damage. Charge all over the map and watch explosions happen! I'm gonna miss that.
  14. Trial of Iron would be super easy, or at least easy enough, in the 1.0 version because of how invisibility works. You can Assassinate, invisible, leave. Just bust through the main story and you're good.
  15. So, I have tested this in the 1.1 beta and it's still perfectly viable. The squishyness of playing a Helwalker like I am makes it a harder sell, but it's still doable.
  16. I would rather they just add a "If enemy is hit with a spell" pause trigger. That way if I use the "Pause after spell cast" is triggered, I can immediately queue up another move.
  17. Happens for me too. Even without mods. But hoooo boy it's annoying when creating mods to wait 1-3 minutes for the game to load.
  18. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/76/ I've been working on this relentlessly for a few weeks. At first it was just going to be a simple replacement of Carnage and maybe a fire skill. But it turned into transforming into a big freakin dragon and tearing apart enemies with unique skills and abilities. Enjoy.
  19. I never really liked the pets in either game. They just die way too fast, leaving a debuff on the ranger. Ghost Heart I feel is more useful because it's a re-summonable meat-shield.
  20. Yeah, I have been poking around the assets bundle extractor, but where do the .asset files live?
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