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  1. Could be nobody has tried summoner yet, wouldn't get my hopes up to high just yet anyhow. Ravager ought to be able to do decent AoE with carnage+rooting pain. It appears that Beckoner now actually has +1 to phrase cost for summons while retaining the other bonus and malus, that'll really push Troubadour to be the go-to for a summoner which it kind of was already. Skald is obviously still great for a martial multi focusing on crits although Paralyze hit-to-crit is only 25% now. And you are right there is still some decent AoE but it is not nearly what it was. AoE weapons such as Whispers being hit as well compounds this. That might actually mean that martial classes will have more trouble on solo runs and push for some more diversity with casters seeing more use as well for their AoE capabilities, assuming you can also get an acceptable level of survivability.
  2. Well looks like almost every item that saw any use has been nerfed, my guess is that they will buff weaker options somewhere else down the line but for now we'll just have to adapt. I'll probably have to use a different 2h as back-up for my solo PotD Warlock, since Whispers single-target DPS got cut in half, or maybe switch to Engoliero do Espirs all-together. One interesting thing that I didn't see in the list of nerfs is chanter summons. A chanter multi might be the best option for a solo run now honestly. Rogue getting bonus damage on all their abilities also raises them up in the rankings a bit, but not much. Fighter isn't the king of AoE anymore, with how bad Carnage is there is actually almost no AoE for martial classes come to think of it.
  3. Getting below 25% quickly and then staying there seems risky and unreliable, one hit and you might be down. If you want to go with this I'd recommend going Paladin (Shieldbearer of St Elcga subclass) instead of Priest of Wael, Lay on Hands prevents you from dying for a little bit, downside might be that you'd heal yourself out of Near Death region. Priests do have Barring Death's Door admittedly, so you could still go that route, you do just get it quite a bit later and the recovery time is long as hell. Either way, you might want to invest in Constitution a little bit so you 1-25% health range is larger, to avoid surprise deaths.
  4. The Devil of Caroc Armor has an enchantment that gives resistance to STR, DEX and CON afflictions.
  5. Might and Perception are your priority stats, yes. Intelligence is also somewhat important (but not as much as MIG and PER) because it increases the AoE of Whispers of the Endless Paths and Carnage and also increases the duration of your buffs. You already have a ton of free action speed and recovery time reduction between Helmet of the Falcon, Bloodlust, Frenzy etc so Dexterity in the end only decreases recovery time by 0.1s per point, which is why I think it is lower priority than Int. You don't need extra constitution but I wouldn't dump it either, you can't see your health so having a small health pool would be dangerous. Resolve is the least important stat by far.
  6. I'm currently playing solo PotD with a Warlock, it works pretty well. It's not as broken as a few other classes but it is strong enough, you just buff yourself up and start wailing on enemies. You can complement your spell list with a grimoire, there is an Adventurer’s Grimoire early on that has access to Arcane Veil and Ironskin for example so you don’t have to pick up those. With those covered from your grimoire, pick up at their respective power levels are Fleet Feet (1), Infuse with Vital Essence (2), Llengrath's Displaced Image (3), Minor Arcane Reflection (4) etc. As for items try to pick up this: Equipment: Weapon: Whispers of the Endless Paths (Periki’s Overlook) Other options: Wahai Poraga; Engoliero do Espirs Armor: Armor of the Devil of Caroc (Mechanical Mind and Self-Mending enchantments; Periki’s Overlook) *I went for Mechanical Mind because Unflinching already gives resistance to Body Afflictions when >50% HP. Pet: Abraham (Roof of the Luminous Adra Mill in Queen’s Berth, Neketaka) Grimoire: Adventurer’s Grimoire (can't remember the location?) Helm: Helmet of the Falcon (Crookedspur Island merchant) Cloak: The Giftbearer’s Cloth (Fampyr’s Crypt, use Cloak of Deflection early on) *Requires you to invest in History to take full advantage of. Amulet: Protective Eothasian Charm (Port Maje, Gorecci Street) or Orishia (Flamewalker Vessali) Ring 1: Ring of the Solitary Wanderer (Purakau) Ring 2: Ring of Greater Regeneration (Orlan merchant in the Brass Citadel) or Chameleon’s Touch (Nomu the Marauder, Neketaka wilderness) Hands: Gatecrasher’s (Waneka in Queen’s Berth, Neketaka) *Also get Burglar’s Gloves (Iolfr in Periki’s Overlook, Neketaka) for traps/chests. Belt: The Undying Burden (Imuani in Delver’s Row, Neketaka)
  7. I made a custom history where I selected that I reforged the blade and I did not get the parts. I also made a custom history where I selected that I did NOT reforge the blade and then I did find the parts on my ship. So yeah, it's bugged but if you know the bug you can get it.
  8. I'm currently doing a Solo PotD run with a Berserker/Wizard. Port Maje was actually kinda tough, but as soon as I got my ship and was able to sail to Neketaka to pick up Whispers of the Endless Paths and Abraham (pet on top of the Luminous Adra Mill) it really started to pick up. Wizard buffs have no recovery and a very short cooldown so you can just buff yourself up at the start of a fight and start wailing on enemies. Summoned weapons aren't worth the long cast time I think. For Paladin and Fighter you'll want to dual wield btw, much more effective with the full attacks.
  9. Just curious but what does Giftbearer's Cloth do? Must be pretty strong if you build around it.
  10. Nice, I was curious about the vendor's item list, it's a bit boring but oh well. Those Firethrower's Gloves look pretty sick for an Evoker though, imagine a Nature Godlike Evoker empowering a missile spell, that's gonna be a lot of missiles.
  11. A little tip, you can select multiple items (including large stacks of a single one) by using ctrl+click and then drag all of it to quickly sell all your loot.
  12. Even if you get the Cornett of the Deep first and complete the quest you can still go to Takano's Villa and steel the Cornett of the Waves and open the door.
  13. I haven't tried it yet (I want to finish my party playthrough first), but I'm curious to try a Wizard/Berserker solo run, seems like it'd be quite fun. You could buff yourself up with Vital Essence and Llengrath's Displaced Image for survivability and Bulwark against the Elements and Minor Arcane Reflection could be situationally helpful as well. Berserker just provides a ton of damage an a bit of tankiness as well (+armor rating). I'd like to try it with a 2-handed weapon since Barbarians have access to a lot of free action speed and just because I haven't been able to make use of the unique 2-handers I've found in my current run. Especially Whispers of the Endless Paths could be great or that Pollaxe that also has AoE damage and makes you invulnerable while in the attack animation, it's a shame Blood Thirst only comes at PL7 because that makes everything so much better. Probably not the best build overall (dual martial classes tend to be better, Wizard/Devoted is probably also better), but you do have some flexibility in the answers you have for encounters if you know what you're facing.
  14. Yeah the unique items are pretty cool and in some cases it appears choosing one enchantment will lock you out of another so you have to make choices as well, for example: I bough Sasha's Singing Scimitar for my Devoted/Skald, the two main enchantments it has are: 1- A stacking action speed bonus of 2% for each phrase held. 2- Empowering an invocation gives 3 phrases. For the first one the enchantment options are to either make it a 5m aura, or to also get 3% shocking lash per phrase. I'll go for the shocking lash I think. For the second enchantment I can get an upgrade that gives you max phrases when empowering an invocation or an upgrade that returns the empower point when empowering an invocation (and you still get the 3 phrases of course). Now this makes for an interesting option, getting max phrases will mean I benefit a lot from the first enchantment if I empower an invocation, but so far the invocation I use the most is Killers froze stiff, not sure if empowering that is really worth it all that much, this bonus would be the real incentive, and it would be a decent DPS upgrade. The option to return the Empower point would mean I could Empower an invocation every encounter without having to rest for it, which could be nice, especially since it returns phrases, it means I would get to benefit from the first enchantment pretty much every encounter, and I could chain paralyze without needing to crit. Overall it's pretty interesting and I'm enjoying these new items a lot, I just wish there were more of them.
  15. I'm curious, does the vendor sell items that are otherwise unavailable or not?
  16. That would be very helpful. Also if you're gonna be looking into this anyway, perhaps it is an idea to still show skulls for everything else besides the critical path if the level scaling is specified for only the critical path.
  17. Saving the crate doesn't matter, you need to import a PoE1 save where you reforged the blade. Creating a new background where you reforged appears to not be working sadly.
  18. Can confirm this as well, exploring is quite a bit tougher when you have no idea beforehand if you will get oneshot by high-level spells or not
  19. I enjoy all the new enchantments of the unique items, but this is just next level! : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1382518642 This appears on all my items by the way when I go to the enchantment menu, not sure how you would enchant a weapon with drugs, makes you curious though. And to not clutter the forums, here's a little bonus: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1382557004 These guys have a way with words I tell ya
  20. I have the same issue, difficulty indicator is turned on, but I don't see skulls anywhere and I'm sure I should have. I ran into an island encounter with no skulls thinking it was my level, only to have my entire backline be oneshot by Storm of Holy Fire by one of the casters. That caster wasn't even the named enemy, nor was he the only caster. And I was level 5. I highly doubt an encounter with casters possessing PL7 abilities (around level 13) is supposed to be on level for a level 5 party.
  21. Hey I was just wondering if anyone has any idea as to what triggers Edér's personal quest? I remember seeing Cohh do part of it, where you first had to talk to the Dawnstars in Port Maje and later in Neketaka. I'm already running around doing stuff in Neketaka but nothing has happened yet when I try to talk to him. Only thing I can think of is that you are locked out if you did not restore Edérs faith in PoE1, but that doesn't make much sense considering the events that relate to his personal quest were from way before he even met you iirc.
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