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  1. Occasionally upon reloading the game, a massive amount of gold will be consumed (I have had in the order of 20k+ consumed sometimes). Exiting and reloading stops the issue. When it occurs, the daily gold consumption for paying your sailors occurs on the left hand side of the screen multiple times. When this happens, saving and reloading the game causes the game to display as if 100's of extra days have gone past, even if they have not gone past in reality.
  2. Hes not even that threatening, fampyr packs are more challenging. Meteo Shower is really broken. I thought this spell would be "ok", but normal, the ukaizo dragon falls down to near death and heals back up to hurt. Fampyrs are more easy for me, because of whispers of the wind and solo, their domination is useless. But i tried it only on classic, so i don't know how much harder it is on potd right now. Without proper achievements, i don't know if i play the game a second time, there is no real challenge. It is possible to do the fight without meteor shower with this build, which was why I went to the effort of getting past the "hard" part of this fight (the 2 giants) rather than just 1 shotting him with it straight off the bat. From that point onward it is just a case of beating him down over 5 more minutes, with him healing up on near dead and then finally reducing him to 0. You have plenty of resources left, each of those random adds on the side represents 1 zeal and they are almost completely unable to harm you (their acc-deflect is -43 when I am flanked, giving them only a 7% hit chance when I am flanked and they are only capable of grazing if I am not). The main reason I used meteor storm to end the fight there is due to video length, I live in South Africa and my connection looks like this: Just uploading that vid took 2h 30 mins and really, the only reason to do it was to prove a point more than anything else. I can and have done it without the scroll, but I would rather not be uploading something for 5 hours. Thanks, updated my post.
  3. I managed to get the bug to occur again in another playthrough and videod it, here: The charm gaze effect also appears to have infinite duration on that fampyr for some reason after being reflected onto him.
  4. You can lower it with the ring sold in Dunnage which reduces raw damage taken by 35%, however, imo, it is still too much.
  5. My character keeps getting stuck against invisible walls. It has finally reached the point that I cannot figure out how to progress. This is extremely frustrating as it is my trial of iron save. https://youtu.be/vEWbGHKbdoU As you can see, there is some form of invisible barrier preventing me from getting to the door. I do not know what the cause of this is, but this is not the first time this has happened to me. *edit* I found a way to circumnavigate the wall however this bug has occurred to me multiple times and it is still worth looking into. My suspicion is that it is caused by summons persisting despite being unsummoned and forming a body block preventing the player from being able to move. The reason I suspect this is because there have been cases when I have killed nests that spawn monsters which caused the summons to disappear and the summons had, at the time been flanking me and the flanked status remained despite the summons no longer being there.
  6. I did say in the preface to this that I am no expert on this games mechanics. I like playing solo characters plus I like monks and this worked for me. I will take the advice on how to improve it into consideration though, but I will not be changing the class combination, even if another combination could do the same thing better, simply because I enjoy the way this plays. I have also not claimed this is the best build, or the best at what it does, or the only build, only that it has done solo potd and that it will work for that goal if that is your objective. I have updated the initial post anyhow with a perception vs might comparison and changed the initial stat rolls.
  7. I do understand the difference between additive and multiplicative damage sources and yes, I may have made a mistake between dex and perception vs might, however, in terms of helwalker vs no helwalker I feel like the benefits outweigh the costs. Having completed the game on potd with this character there are very few enemies that can actually harm you with these kinds of defenses, the main culprit being fampyrs, but everything else is a complete breeze. In most fights, you can ignore every enemy except for the 1 enemy that actually has a chance to damage you and just beat them down. The advantage of might vs other attributes more comes in with lay on hands, however, I feel like there most of the time it overheals you and so dropping it would be good. I think a better version of this build would be dropping might down to 8 and then using the helwalker bonus to fill the gap, then allocating those 10 extra points elsewhere. I will probably give it a go when I start my trial of iron playthrough with this character, I had started a party playthrough but I don't really like it, I have never been a fan of party gameplay. Either way, I haven't stopped enjoying playing this particular character yet despite having completed the game twice with it, so as I find ways to improve it I will update this thread.
  8. Pretty much this right here. Currently this game is much easier than the first pillars or tyranny and needs quite a few adjustments to bring it in line. I personally will refrain from using blessings, just because it kind of makes the game even easier than it already is.
  9. Oh, I wasn't saying it like it was a bad thing lol, of coarse I knew that already and I absolutely agree. It is still a great item to have for this character and for sure when I do a trial of iron attempt, I will use it. I think it is the type of item you use for hairy fights and take off for the easy stuff. I just reloaded a save before I tried a lot of the harder fights and redid them with a shield spec and the character is noticeably tankier with it, to the point where almost nothing can hit you (I had 133 deflection and close to 200 of the other defensive stats, most stuff struggled to hit me).
  10. I had not discovered it, this is great! You got me so excited I respecced my character just to try it lol. I would say this is 100% an option for fights where you need to be a little bit tankier. You lose quite a lot of damage for doing this, but it almost completely nullifies all incoming damage, so I am including a build variant that uses it.
  11. For chests i'd say mechanics 8, then use burglar's gloves for stuff that requires 10 and thief's putty for stuff that requires 12/13. Arcana is probably the strongest active skill for solo, having access to scrolls is like having all the spellcaster classes on top of whatever class you already are. As far as defensive stats, I went with history as there is a cloak that gives defensive stats per point invested in history, not sure what the religion item is but I would be curious to see it.
  12. I addressed that in a response to someone else already. The tl;dr is with 3 int your chances of hitting more than 1 enemy is close to 0 in early game. In mid game when you have 13 int due to turning wheel it is not necessary due to obsidian lamp and in late game you can blow everything up with a single meteor storm scroll anyhow. I did actually take it when I started out and every time I did use it I felt like just basic attacking was more efficient (and I normally ended up stopping using it and using flames of devotion or basic attack), so I respecced out of it and never missed it at all. I have included the explanation in the OP now however.
  13. haha I was in shock when he did that! I was like..b-but....I'M YOUR GODDAMN CHOSEN!!!!!!!! I WANT A REFUND AND KISS ANY DONATION AT YOUR CHURCH! *walk away in a huff* Then..was dissapointed . Was sure that choice would give us a fight and it didn't . Now..I'm just keeping my distance from him..you never know when he use a kamehameha... and they said he was gentle..yeah right Rymrgand does the same thing to you in the side quest skipping ahead if you challenge him. The gods in this game don't look nicely upon challengers.
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