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  1. After thinking abit more i think pala/monk is prob best to get super high defenses & thereby keep up dance of death/blade turning. Dose dance of death get deactivated by spells aswell?
  2. Well i got most of it worked out, but like the idea of trying to proc swift strike & heartbeat drum. And best woud be sun & moon i guess. Thinking tuotilo´s palm in offhand (weapon with lots of deflect so don´t have to go paladin). But what woud second class be, do you guys think? Fighter? devoted woud be nice with pen & increased crit dmg. But woud it survive early game? Only constant recovery until unbending. chanter? healing prob enuff the firs 5-8 levs but another prob is no affliction resistence, maby go wood elf + devil of caroc is enuff? is no pen bonus ok? becuse you do need some healing only other decent option is paladin i guess but without chanter (to refil zeal) long fights is prob easier with fighter/chanter? (if enemy got rly high crush armor pala/monk woud need ages to chop it down)
  3. Nice build, pritty similar to the one i have =D i dual wield pistol/blunderbuss instead tho (herald). Wonder why you go athletics instead of alch? I meen don´t you overheal if you go full out on athletics? I guess you go 8 mechanics but still with pritty low atletics (maby 10) you prob heal enuff to heal max, but with alch or arcana you can get good buffs/heals ontop of atletics. I guess incrsing athletics enuff to heal maby 70% of your hp (shoud prob not allow yourself to go lower) and rest in alch (pot´s seems more powerfull the scrolls). If you use the blessing that give u +2 in all class skills you coud get alch pritty high. I meen you got LOADS of cash when soloing so why not use it on pots?
  4. Hi, wonder what evryone think is the most useful skills for solo? I understand you need 11(12?) mechanics to open most stuff. A few demand 15 but only 1-2 (who cares?) There seem to be a few items that gain bonus from religion skill, so thats the only viable passive? Then it´s alch vs arcana i guess? no real idea here honestly.
  5. You can spam Evasive fire qute alot its 0.5 sec cast and 0sec recovery, so you can shoot a slow attack arquebus with modal active without reloading 10 times in 5sec (with a reloading of maby 8-9sec). There is abilitys to regain resources aswell, have not looked that well into them myself tho. And after that you can switch to a faster attacking weapon.
  6. That is a good choice and would definitely justify it. I was not aware of that option when creating the character lol. Token of Faith just gives +2 resolve, it isn't an amazing item or a requirement for the build. I have edited the OP to include that. As a matter of interest, where do I find that amulet? Its from the companion quest with Pallegina. Totaly forgot, maby not then? i meen you gotta keep her around abit to get the quest and then it´s not so mutch solo, or maby you can still get it from the same location ? (only house you can enter in Lifter´s Refuge (on the pirate island)).
  7. Woud not fire godlike be useful ? i have no idea what token of faith dose but fire godlike + heart-chime neckless give you 20% of damage as healing for skills with keyword fire, aka eternal devotion. I guess this coud maby at later lev give more healing then lay on hands even, heh.
  8. Ain´t a blunderbuss ranger better (getting to use that 20% reload talent) and shoots more bullets and with the 20% reload talent some blunderbusses is shooting faster then frostseeker.
  9. Well kitchen stove (blunderbuss) is better then the bow, i got it down to 1.8sec (coud get it down lower with more dex, currently 15). It hits 4 times and jump twice and hit those 2 also 4 times. If theres 3 enemies pritty close (4m from eatch other) thats 12 hits evry 1.8sec and even if you only got 20% to crit the swift strike proc shoud proc with 3 foes evry shot and therby proc itself over and over until 1 of the 3 is dead. Agenst 1 or 2 foes it woud proc itself pritty often aswell and even if not the attack speed woud make it close to it. The downside is the major attackspeed and foe jump ability is 2/per rest. They stay for 20sec eatch tho and i somehow got +25% duration from level at lev 10? and 40% from int, thats (20*1.4)*1.25 (yes they work like that) 35sec. So woud prob be enuff with 1 use per fight. Becuse it´s 1h you get bonus accuracy and can take the 20% of hits to crits. So a rogue/monk woud have 45% of hits to crit or fighter/monk 60% of hits to crits. So a fighter/monk with Kitchen stove is the best ranger (only 4m tho) and after that a fighter/monk with frostseeker. Becuse the 33% of crit gets new attack give you 4/3 (kitchen/bow) new attack that can proc it agen there is no other "build" that come close to it. If this is not true (have not tried myself) then prob monk/rogue with kitchen stove(with evrything and anything uppgrade) & lightning strikes is the best build (with a chanter/paladin turning 35% of your damage to bonus fire damage & -20% reload time)
  10. Gotta say, most of them sound pritty situational. If you can´t lev them up to legendary i see no reason to use them exept maby Lord Darryn's Voulge on druid, maby Magistrate's Cudgel on a dual wield crit cipher (don´t sound that good of a build). i do wonder what the priest speical for Marux Amanth dose? it gives all attacks a chance to attack agen? or only spell attacks or what? the wording is kinda wierd. If its all attack i can see that beeing a decent pick for a priest/melee class.
  11. If con worked. Con only increase base hp, not the hp you get from lev ups. so for paladin/fighter its 42 base and 12 evry level with 20con (+50%hp) thats +21hp total. compare to the 12hp per lev it´s nothing. If con affected lev up hp at lev 20 it coud be (42+(12*20))*1.5=423 compare to 282 with 10con. If its 161 when activated + 161 2 more times that total 483. Maby if you activate then activate second wind and then lay on hands you coud survive it. But you prob (hopefully) have a few dudes hiting you. Better route is prob go Shieldbereers of st.elcga and go LoH route. Same as befor simply don´t activate second wind and instead lay of hands first and then second wind. But with the current con system most will prob not get higher then 280hp (if they don´t find alot of hp items) and then 161+161 after 3sec is enuff to kill anyone. So only way to get around it woud be ressurect abilities. Unbreakable, fighters tree seems like a good fit (don´t demand casting a spell so easy to execute). But this all pointless becuse the skill dose less to enemies compare to yourself and only fire damage....so thats maby 130? fire damage in a 2.5m around you. Prob better to empower a healing spell to let you survive lol.
  12. I reloaded a old save befor doing heist quest and was abel to get them to agree with a agreement. But then when i vent to Valera´s household they sayed that ther family memeber was in bardatto's bank and fk stuff up. Went there killed all the guards robed the bank, went back to Valera and they tasks me with killing Bardatto and went to Bardatto and got reward for making them having an agreement. No talk option to talk about how i just robbed her blind and no option to kill her (talk option). I guess im happy i was abel to do fued quest and get loot? I hope i havent fked my save for the future. (Sorry did not recall names at all heh...)
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