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  1. Yeah, we have a good amount of conditional classes right now that still need some tweaking, both the Kind Wayfarer and Ranger Pets have been bugged. These are seriously great finds. Thanks for the assist buddy! You the best, -Caleb
  2. Nice Catch with the modal descriptions Achilles! I'll be sure to add this in the database for us to make sure we our devs get it resolved. Still super diggin' the name. You the best, -Caleb
  3. Heya Achilles, Sweet name. Thanks a ton for bringing this up and outline such easy to follow steps. We have this bug in our system and are diligently working on getting a fix for it. Though I'm gonna miss my cheap speed run strat You the best, -Caleb
  4. Heya Ladyyd, I'm trying to reproduce the issue you're seeing with the Ghostheart animal companion because it definitely should have a model. Did you multiclass at all w Druid? I see that you wrote that class for that step and was wondering if you did Druid/Ranger or just wrote the wrong class. Also, can you tell me what animal companion you chose? Thanks my friend! You the best, -Caleb
  5. Hello Jkorneta, Sorry to hear the steam issue youre having :/. Does the game provide a crash log file? Or does it just hang on a weird looking screen? And data or media you could provide would help me and the other devs try to sort this issue out for you. Best of luck, -Caleb
  6. Hey Ratoo, Sorry this issue is happening to you so early in the game . Are you not able to get passed Character Creation at all? I've entered your Crash and added all the files you provided. You the best, -Caleb
  7. Awesome. Take the small victories where we can right?? This is only our Beta phase, and we are actively trying every day to improve the game. I know we are currently working on GPU issues for hopeful fixes in the future. Stay tuned! You the best, -Caleb
  8. Hey there hrolfp, This is indeed a bug! We do already have it in our database and our working on it now. You the best, -Caleb
  9. Hey All! Thanks for compiling these list of typos and odd dialog instances (also damn good catch ). Most of these are in the system, but I will add the typos we do not yet have in as well. These were before the mega post, but you can add any and all missing strings there. Finally, sorry it took me so long to get to this post! I sincerely appreciate the posts and help You the best, -Caleb
  10. Heya OrangePulp! Sorry for the late reply! I do indeed see that you are correct, no life is awarded when the ability is used. Ive recorded the bug and submitted it to our other devs to take a loot at. You the best, -Caleb
  11. Hey Advisorcloud, Thanks for the info and post! I logged this in our database to get a hopeful fix sometime in the future. Great work! You the best, -Caleb
  12. Thanks Xaratas! I've entered your crash info into our databases for our "Top Men" to take a look at. You the best, -Caleb
  13. Hey Madscientist, We're aware of both issues and they're currently being worked on. It also looks like you're correct in that it is showing the active Sneak Attack damage and not taking the conditions into account. Thanks for the post! You the best, -Caleb
  14. All good things, helping us find missing strings isn't a bad thing!
  15. Heya Madscientist and Xeratas, What a list! Most of these we do have bugged in our system, but there are defintely some good gems in here, like the keybinding one. Ill go over all of them individually and add comments to ones we already have, and add the ones we dont! Thanks for the feedback You the best, -Caleb
  16. Hey divx! Pretty sweet catch on Devoted multclassing getting another weapon proficiency. I'll get this bug in the database so our devs can take a look at it. We do currently have the duplicate stances in and are currently working on it. You the best, -Caleb
  17. Thanks for bringing it up IndiraLightfoot, as said on the other postwe do have this cloak in our databases and are currently working on it Cheers, -Caleb
  18. Hey Throxus, We're aware of this bug and are working to resolve it in our databases for a hopeful future fix. Thanks for the assistance! You the best, -Caleb
  19. Heylo Aramintai, Good catches, we have most of these bugged already, so Ill do another pass and make sure to add your comments to the bugs themselves. Thanks for the assist! You the best, -Caleb
  20. You did it! You found the secret triple comment bonus link I just made up today! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-WHW-QNswE In all seriousness though, I really do appreciate the effort you've gone through reporting these, given me a lot of good work to get onto I'll be checkin this thread during the beta, feel free to keep pouring them in here and I'll make sure they are in. -Caleb
  21. Hey Umbersona, Thanks for the info! It looks like sliders are also off on scrolling as well so we'll look into it and investigate what wackiness is actually going on here. You the best, -Caleb
  22. Heyo Galagraphia! Posts like yours that outline the steps to reproduce make me happy. Thanks for making me happy, and providing the info. I will make sure the devs are aware this issue exists. You the best, -Caleb
  23. Awesome, again I appreciate it and making sure it's in the system if it's not already, and the images help a ton. You the best around, -Caleb
  24. Hey Madscientist, Thanks for the feedback and bug! Ill let the other developers know about them, it's def some great info! You the best, -Caleb
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