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  1. Those challenges are really simple touches, but change a lot in practice. Really solid additions. Thanks for all the post game support guys!
  2. I noticed that all the voice sets during character creation have been replaced by new ones. I was wondering if there was any way to add the ones from POE1 back in? Having spent so much time with my old character and trying to recreate him as best as I can in this one, it feels odd that I can't have a voice set that matches that. I can get over it, but it's been a little distracting so far.
  3. So, I set out right after the first map of the game onto the world map and headed west. I used the Paladin option to try to heal the boar in the little event that played, which then sends you into an encounter in the Foothills map. My party got wiped, but I never got the little game over prompt. Instead, the game just kept going, and the area's ambient music kicked in. I couldn't save during this, however, because the game still thought I was in combat in this respect at least. When I entered the Foothill encounter, however, it had an autosave, and upon being wiped again using that save, the same thing happen. I've included the autosave and the output below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9136dnuljuettkz/partywipebug.zip?dl=0
  4. Personally I miss the option for general talents, it feels like a strange omission. As Gromnir said, it's probably an issue of ability bloat. I also remember plenty of complains about Pillars 1's classes not feeling distinctive enough(though I never really felt that myself) so maybe the idea to tighten up each classes' unique strengths was a motivation. With multi classes(and to an extent subclasses), you have a lot of tools at your disposal to build in many different ways, which of course makes up for some of the loss. My concern is that because there is no general talent pool any more, it won't feel all that great to pick a base class. As of right now, I don't see it. But it's also way too early to tell. I will say that I really hope picking a base class turns out to be just as enjoyable as a multiclass(or even a subclass for that matter), because it really is a shame if it turns out that being a "pure" class is just rendered boring and obsolete by everything else. There's something to be said about wanting a character who is dedicated to a single discipline, but still have variety in the way that is expressed, especially for roleplaying purposes. With all that said, I think the custom titles for each combination of multiclass does help with that last point, because while mechanically you're playing two classes, from a character idea or roleplay perspective, it feels like its own unique thing. We shall just have to see how much diversity we see in build types mechanically as we continue tinkering however.
  5. Is there a way to get rid of your companions? I wanted to try and solo the beta content. Since the game immediately gives you companions, I'm not sure how I would do that besides kill them off(assuming you can kill them off).
  6. To add to this, I'm getting a lot of instances of missing string messages. The two that I can remember are the page for selecting No Subclass and also on my character sheet when I was finalizing character creation, under abilities taken.
  7. I made a Joan of Arc inspired Herald(Paladin/Chanter). Auras galore plus a focus on summoning invocations.
  8. Man, so hyped for this. Too bad I have an exam to cram for tomorrow. The stream mentioned that the beta will be updated with new features as time goes on, are we to assume the ones listed here specifically as not being in the beta are what will trickle in over the next upcoming weeks?
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