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  1. Slightly off subject Games have bugs Windows has more bugs then features World wants create god the AI., wonder how many bugs and issues that will have. AI plans take over world but unfortunate for the AI gets the windows blue screen of death. Finally world is greatful for microsofts windows.
  2. Also need think of game release is often thought out with regards other games. Would be pointless bringing game out same time as grand theft auto 6 comes out as you probably kill your own game. So yes money important on deciding when but also other games too.
  3. Hey! He sighs through his nose and gives you pained looks too 2 play throughts noticed that one once. but eye roll just so common. I scared if he keeps eye rolling I might get see my brain (or is it lack of a brain), from returning the eye rolls. Thanks made me laugh when read your reply.
  4. One improvement would be that aloth doesn't eye roll at almost every conversation. Maybe if he did face palm once in while. I think I started eye rolling at aloth every time he eye rolls.
  5. Thx. Curious. Does any one know how the xp fo idle character is calculated? I see you have sidekicks and a mercenary. I never bother level sidekicks up and made no mercenaries. Maybe the more people you recruit the less xp every idle individual gains? It certainly seems like too much of a difference. Not sure how its working. Yes I did merc just get the B blessing points. That said just because hired merc shouldn't mean merc falls that many levels behind. Sidekicks to. As for companions only, they seem fall behind, but on couple level ups noticed they end up multiple level up. So not sure what's happening with companions that fall behind. POE 1 was much easier everything stayed with in 1 level and if not used someone for while you had level up soon you choose them.
  6. What ever company does people will always complain. Games have gone from few kb to 40gb with that budget has increased hugely. People complain to much at little companies you end up losing them. You don't want just big companies they destory market and produce just what they want as it be limited compitition. No I not saying don't complain, but complaining about games having bugs at release not really anything new. As games get more complicated and expensive to build there no way games will ever be released bug free. We should complain if company doeswn't address bugs/issues. We should push companies to interact more with gamers. But complaining at company for game release has bugs just waste of time.
  7. Should have plank on our ships whats fun been pirate if can't make companions and crew etc walk the plank! If we get given the plank for our ships we need some sharks too.
  8. It's going to be nearly impossible to balance the combat so that most encounters are actual challenges. The only encounters that are going to be engaging exist in a tiny window: Between being able to knock down at least one character on a full-strength, full-spellcast party or threatening to wipe the entire party. The combat plays badly *precisely* because they removed camping/health/per rest. A game more focused around per rest *options* is actually more elastic in its ability to create engaging combat sequences. It's not as difficult to balance. I hope people are happy being able to cast their super-cool fireballs every battle. Because the only way that's going to end up working via balancing is if those fireballs do middling damage. I'm sorry but per rest abilities need to die for good. They are archaic and superficial and have been done to death. If I wanted to play BG2 I'd go back and play that:D Verde so want empower gone as that's per rest If you actually look yes they changed it from rest system in POE 1 but not truly a per encounter system because you can't balance it. So POE 2 isn't per encounter or per rest its a messed up not sure what direction go game as Obsidian can't make up their minds. Honestly probability is Obsidian have new system for POE 3 cause people complaining. Honest answer is you spend less fixing what you have as not constantly change things that will only bring its own issues. What lot people don't get is per encounter has be balanced to majority on each level difficulty so is by default going mean it is easier then few will want, also means that anyone plays it couple times going reach point where they understand game so well its to easy and per encounter leaves no way make game more difficult. Per rest system enables people tailor difficulty as much as each person wants.
  9. How is per encounter more predictable for difficulty balance when your in open world can go any where. How is it better when the game has to be easy enough for the majority, not balanced for any group other then majority as it has to suit most people and that generally makes game easier because company doesn't want to lose money and customers. Therefore anyone likes challenge won't find it and need create artificial difficulty balance it to there level. Before comment but that's what level difficulty is for not so POTD is still balanced for majority that will play at that level does not count those that need more challenge at that level. Per rest has its issues that need addressing I already suggested that best idea is anyone leave dungeon will when returning to dungeon find they have redo some those fights already done and longer you wait go back more bad guys there should be.
  10. To give you idea of how bad it is That play through my character was level 19 and and most those companions sidekicks etc are level 16 and Mia as you can see is level 15. I have had worse but trying find not easy as am have done 2 full run throughts. Loading saves rather tediously boring. Honestly really should never be more then 1 level as way to damaging to have way underlevel companions etc in balanced game.
  11. Stength if you take Bruce Lee good example he wouldn't condition his muscles to be bigger then they were. Bigger muscles are the more they start counter each other reducing speed and can even cause muscle lock (really not great thing in combat). Power is weight and speed. Really good rpg would have strength give benefits up to set point and after would start give negative effects which would increase as you continue to increase it. Should be speed in stats that is increased by strength upto point and decrease after that. Also dex should increase speed to. For monk strength, speed and dex would be important and I say evenly important. Strength and speed should be for attacking and dex and speed for counters and getting out way. For someone using great sword strength should need min amount to wield it, which would reduce speed. Therefore you do more damage but at cost to been defensive. Most other swords would do better with less strength and more speed and if want good tank good dex to. Should be possible with lighter swords or daggers etc to actually have lower strength and giving high dex so you can counter very fast and do lots lighter damage at speed. As for mage that would reduce strength as requirement as could make mage dex so can defend and counter. But need good skill to generate magic from. Intelligence in person should help defence and attack rating. Resolve is determination and should give increase to strength and defence. Anyone wondering why say that go look up meaning of lionheart you understand what I mean. Perception should increase attack and defence rating. Endurance should be strength and resolve based.
  12. No point complaining about infinite carry capacity. POE 1 had per rest which was changed to per encounter cause people didn't like having keep going back to town. There is no way on this planet your going get any real meaningful carry system as people just wouldn't play it. Modern soldiers carry upto 90lbs of gear. Thats not much when start talking of armour swords and guns. No one going want to do multiple trips to dungeon. I like having limits placed but carrying loot I don't want it limited. Per rest if I found myself going back town then I was making mistakes and need to look at what I was doing wrong, hence its punishment. Carry load would be constant punishment when done nothing wrong. It would seriously get boring fast. If want explanation to infinite carry capacity thank aloth for his infinite carry spell.
  13. Kyros uses games to keep everyone in place doesn't really sound evil more like politician. Voices agree with katarack21 he bat**** insane. Even by british law standerds he be found criminally insane. Graven ash can be classed racist but don't really say he evil. He like father to all his soldiers. Bad father to his daughter. Tunon the adjudicator is not evil he applies the law. He do same whether laws are good or bad. Bleden mark is an assassin, not really evil he good at killing and its his job. He likes tell people when he after them so no not evil. Sirin Had abusive father that used her for profit. She learned to manipulate people to do things and at times show shallow childish nature so don't class as evil just childishly foolish and manipulative.
  14. Yeah in POE 1 companions left behind would fall 1 level behind. In POE 2 have had as much as 4-5 levels behind by very late game. As the game is currently not big issue as games not challenging but if they manage to balance game this will cause any team members left behind might as well not be reused. Idea in first game was so that all team could be used at at time and non would be underleveled. In POE 2 4-5 levels will create suicide squad if its not changed with balancing they are doing.
  15. Probably BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! Pick one! 1) he was too busy picking on a weakling elsewhere . 2) he doesn't know you moved from drywood , nobody bothered to update your facenuke page yet... 3) connexion in deadfire is static at best....he is still at the Loading screen 4) he is sulking for some reason and will get you in POE3 Maybe someone should tell him stop using Microsoft windows,makes total sense why he god of resentment
  16. True enough, also the one person he doesn't want following him to his ship. BIG HANDS!!!! BIG HANDS that rules Donald Trump out then Sorry couldn't resist it
  17. Thanks Karkarov Maybe now I finally get around to trying them after done with POE 2
  18. I choose gog. I have steam account and lot games in steam. I do prefer gog. Issue I have with steam never really own anything. Steam ultimately has power to remove anything or close your account. That been said steam gets lot more from game companies compared to gog. Old games from gog work or need less done to work, steam sell games don't work and don't bother do anything about it.
  19. Unless I completely misread his post I don't think his point was that it was a good thing, it sounded clearly sardonic to me. Yes, I was being sardonic. But just because I think something's not meeting my taste or expectations doesn't mean it's inherently bad. It's just not what I would have done - but I don't have to earn my living with the development of video games (thank you, merciful fate). I mean if so many people don't get how endurance/health works there's only one thing Obsidian can do: make it simpler. They have to sell games after all. And the government has to invest in better education obviously so we can have endurance/health back without confusing people too much... Haven't lived in Lugoj since 2006 so not sure how things are there. Here in UK they are complaining lot that education standards dropped. Blame for it is Tories and there cuts. Imagine it will get lot worse before somethings done about it.
  20. I do have the enhanced edition of BG 1 and 2 not tried them. Yeah some people like some don't like. I bought them on sell as heard if both did well enough they planned to make BG 3 To date they not made. So far not tried them yet, Got ID games to, not tried those yet.
  21. If I was choosing complete list companions for POE 3 Devil of Coroc Zahua Mirke Eder Grieving Mother Fassina I have it so free choice class and sub class for each, and therefore do away with side kicks. Give 6 companions so really good quests and interactions few really good companions better then lots choose from but not so interesting.
  22. Ultimately would I want my watcher be a God no, watcher is part me and how I perceive that world. Like me watcher is as messed up as gods . Honestly Gods need be set free, there based on ideals yet its there greatest flaw too. If God exist then he created universe which has everything and without that everything it would never of existed. As human being I understand that but I would still try build universe in my own image, which would ultimately destroy everything. To be God got understand everything and everything place, which currently well beyond me.
  23. For reference I didn't gang up on guy I treated him politely and respectfully. But lot of people have been trolling it easy see it. I think I seen 3 threads asking if sold well. They starting threads and then when people point out the mistakes in there arguments they start another thread same. Seen to few claimed to be making review game when it was just attempting bash. So I agreed with Boeroar and then the guy, he dragged me into that conversation, therefore I can not be ganging up on him. As for him using ad hominem he did use as Boeroar pointed out.
  24. Oh I wasn't bashing strategy games, I just think it would be a waste to turn a crpg ip into a strategy game. A strategy game spin off in the same world could work but instrad of continuing the series? That just seems wrong to me. Reminds me of Bioware turning all their IPs into shallow sandboxes and multpiplayer focused online affairs. Sandboxes and MP games are not bad but Bioware is ruining what was actually good about their ips in the hopes of making more money. Totally agree it would be wrong direction. I want tyranny 2 crpg
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