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  1. What if we had 6 companions and when find the companion you choose class and subclass. That would remove need for sidekicks give more for making the companion stories. Simply ask which companions people want for POE 3.
  2. Dopsim your opinion is valied but please don't say it broken as this will scare some people stop them buying. I hope you put ticket in and hope obsidian find answer to issues your having. Wish you all the best not trying stop you been here you have every right.
  3. Dopsim If we follow your idea that been broken it only needs not work for one person then every version of windows was broken and no version windows ever was fixed. Every PC is built with different parts so there is at times conflicts between things, this doesn't make something broken makes it have issues. Broken would mean not working for majority. I sorry hear that your having game breaking issues and hope that answer are found and you can enjoy Pillars 2.
  4. Hehe, somewhat true. All those harbingers of doom:- The sales figures are so bad (I guess)! - The game is broken (so broken I didn't even touch it, but I read about it in the Daily Mail)! - The game gets released in parts (I assume)! - I'm a miser and somehow it's Obsidian's fault - but I'm here to tell the truth (and insult you while doing so)! - Duh! Being a member of the Harbingers of Doom seems to entail an inability to communicate decently as well. It seems as if as soon as you enroll to the HoD list all manners and dignity get removed, you'll be given a link to a random game forum with the mission to pester as many threads you can with toxic talk and personal attacks. Then after some rambling you will reach the second rank: you'll become a Harbinger of Doom and Daffiness (HoDaD). Nothing wrong with constructive criticism though. The game has some annoying issues. And to some extend I don't get it how those things can pass QA. As I already said a few times: nobody in their right mind expects new, complex software to be bug free - but if I'd let such obvious glitches pass QA I would get (constructively) toasted by customers. Sure, it's not a game then and I would disrupt businesses and cost them money - so the overall motivation to find bugs might be bigger - but still. You only need to play the game for a few hours to encounter reputation and relationship problems etc. And it's true that exploring maps before you got some corresponding quests can mess up things (like I got attacked in the Undercroft because I didn't go to the crime lord first and several quests failed before I could even get them - because I had to kill all those people. Not really a bug but annoying as hell). But all that doesn't break the whole game. I didn't encounter a single crash or other devastating bugs now in 80 hours (and 300+ hours of beta). Only thing that really broke was the Linux version in the early beta - but it was a beta. I play it a bit atm just to get the hang of it - before I will do a serious playthrough. Balancing issues are what trouble me the most, but I'm a PG and don't like to roflstomp the game with even mediocre chars. But despite the balance and the bugs I think it's pretty good overall, not broken. And even if it was broken I wouldn't feel the need to go all Hassknecht about it. Have to agree about trolls So many trying sell idea that tyranny sold badly and POE 2 doing even worse. Tyranny sold bit under expectations and managed that while not been marketed much at all. Issue that stops tyranny 2 nothing to do with selling badly. POE 2 is not broken and having come out with out having all DLCs is actually normal and has been for many, many years. POE 2 not selling badly, think we discover it selling not to differently from POE 1. No one knows till someone releases selling figures.
  5. Well I think Gods are antagonist as if we read Gods were created from ideals as I already mentioned and we do get glimpse of fact ideals can and are taken to extremes by the Gods themselves and this at times does put gods inconflict with each other and with little people if said little people knew the full truth. It always possible that at any time our watcher might come into conflict with one or more gods. I think obsidian have left it open so they can play with that idea if they decide to.
  6. If companions get dulled down or removed it would kill franchise. Simply companions are persons sounding board as you travel. Fun is how you change them and they change you over coarse of the journey. Sidekicks are ok but not same. Personally if I was Obsidian I make more player choice for what you want them to be and have few very interesting companions. Yes I noticed POE 1 took most game resolve the companion quest in POE 2 most companion quest resolved very fast. Probably be easier and better just allow player create class and subclass for each companion. I don't think players choosing will effect the way obsidian do each companion. This way person has full range and can choose who fits best and have them as they want them. If not going have full companions I suggest doing it as single watcher character only, sidekicks really don't add enough or do enough. There just waste of time and effort honestly. Insanecommander Mirke should tie you to cannon and fire it traitor!
  7. i've played the original panzer general as well as the rest of ssi's 5-star line up (allied general, pacific general, star general, fantasy general), i've played panzer general 2 & 3, and panzer general 3d, i've played panzer commander... not sure i've heard of panzer corps? i'll have to look that up. only played panzer general from 2 onwards. But did really enjoy still play them all. As for panzer corps its modern version of panzer general and I very enjoy it gog have it and all DLCs cheap currently. Panzer corps Afrika corps Russi corps 39-45 as geman Allied corp 42-45 If very like that type game might also enjoy Order of battle world war 2 Edited I would probably started with those but didn't get computer till later in life. I hope you will enjoy. Have fun.
  8. True, but we know our perspective, that of the Watcher. Just bear in mind, I am saying Eothas is not a villain/antagonist/whatever you want to call it. I am NOT saying he is a hero, or the good guy, or not doing reprehensible things. Perspective is important, but the biggest perspective when determining the moral action of someone is the perspective of the person committing the act. I simply suggest anyone Eothas killed, was someone he had to kill to achieve his goal, and that he did not kill anyone he didn't have to. Additionally his end goal is self sacrifice to do what he feels will enrich the lives of the vast majority of kith. As for the Kreia example, that's all well and good but here is the better question. Would his life have been better if you gave him nothing? Don't know. Would the people who mugged him have mugged someone else instead? Probably. I am not saying giving the money didn't make his life worse, I am saying that it isn't that simple. Perspective of watcher and Eothos are personal perspective by each of us plays the watcher. There no one watcher. Yes can see and understand your perspective but we can argue all day as mine will never be yours and everyone else will choose see only what they wish to. Eothos ideal maybe noble and he might be good guy if we choose look at what he trying to achieve but ultimately he still squishing little people and for that some will only ever see him as bad. If I kill human in self defence or to save a life of another person some would say I took a life and therefore am bad person, they be right as there own opinion is valid. I and others might say what I did was for good reason and noble that's valid opinion too. Yes with Kreia thing your very right its not that simple. Life very rarely is simple black and white. I do understand your point and in part you are right but so is what I said. Been honest this why would preferred lot more gray moral questioning at the end faction quest as it forces you look and examine your moral compass and choose what you believe to be right path and this much more interesting way do things. With black endings made it to much black and white sure lot will choose sail alone. Which if we get see should mean people choice probably caused war in deadfire. We look at real world America currently not super strong place once was, both China and Russia have grown much stronger. When one country not far ahead of rest war never far behind.
  9. @Mikeymoonshine First yes I had heard to that they where thinking of stratery game. I agree not what I want either thats as person loves play stratery games. One things for me about tyranny which was great hook at making me want see tyranny 2 was fact we never meet Kyros the over lord. I want meet this Kyros and kick its butt. @casper I actually still have ssi panzer general 3d games and panzer general 2.Curious did you try panzer Corps? @syphonhail I like Obsidian try most things I enjoy good crpg. Shame never got make KOTOR 3 to wanted see where that was leading. I know there MMO for that but not same. I totally love see a martial art cprg. Yeah we did have Jade Empire which was great but no 2nd part and fighting was bit to basic but story was great. So yes so much that could be done would be amazing have range of franchises keep us all happy.
  10. I want see more drunk mirke. Also fun to remind obsidian about naked blue orlan. (every obsidian game must ask obsidian if has naked blue drunk orlan) I wish we could go pick up Devil of Coroc, give more lines to that sarcastic sword. I love the sarcasm makes me smile. Intersting question how they going to do companions for POE 3? They going bring back eder aloth and pal again who will they keep from POE 2 and hows that going to work with new companions as thats could be full team of just old companions. Sorry I know some that's not what this threads about.
  11. Issue with tyranny 2 not number copies sold. Its fact that obsidian don't own rights. Owner of rights has mentioned they willing to do something with tyranny idea but not an rpg or tyranny 2 as we know it. If obsidian agee to make tyranny 2 with owner of the rights they would have to follow rights holders wishes and obsidian prefer having more power to do what they want with a game. So doesn't sound good news but we never know both companies might find some middle ground and we might see a tyranny 2, as for me hope so I very enjoyed tyranny and want see where it leads. I very like both POE games will back POE 3. I have to admit I back tyranny 2 in an instant if carrys on from first game. For me there no tyranny vs POE games both so different and enjoyable I want more both.
  12. Something not really mentioned much people should think about! Gods where built from ideals and yet look at what they are willing to do to force there ideals on each other and the living. They are ideals yet they sow lies. Thats part big point ideals are imperfect and if taken to extremes can lead away from very ideal one was/is following. We see it with zealots and extremist with in all the religions in real world too. People follow a religion because of its ideals and for small group they take those to extreme and good becomes very evil they claim stand against.
  13. Depends on your perspective! If your one of the little guys Eothas squished not going be calling him anything good. If you think of what he trying to do or his actions with watcher (saving your life) then he becomes good guy. He wants destroy the lies and make gods and everyone work together in truth and not lies. Also depends how you choose look at the age old question kill one person save 1million. Problem is most things are not as simple as black and white there so many shades of gray. Life often forces us choose lesser of 2 evils. How often do people do what they think is good and right thing but never truly think of the consquencies of there actions. Look at KOTOR 2 where most people give money to that poor guy down on his luck, and then Kreia shows you that he gets beat up and robbed. All you end up giving him was pain and suffering. Often if you help someone your only making them relient on you and what happens when your no longer there to fulfill those needs?
  14. Pillars of eternity was released in March 2015 and by Oct had sold 500,000 copies. By Feb. 2016 it had sold 700,000 copies. Tyranny which wasn't marketed much at all, sold just under expectations. That said I guess currently Pillars of eternity 2 probably sold 150,000 - 200,000. I don't think to far off first games sales. It will probably get some sale spikes when on sale, each time DLC released and probably when people feel bugs and issue been sorted it spike again.
  15. Tyranny was about been evil so wasn't that conflict within person be good person, without that we just make choices based where we wanted to head. POE games are normal good vs evil so most people try to do right/good thing. Think way obsidian actually set up end for each faction was mistake. I think it was mistake because all to black, when should been more morally gray. If they had been moral gray would of been more difficult to choose a side. I think most people for a save for POE 3 will choose to sail it alone. Honestly if watcher told his/her story only be one story left to tell. How the little people all got annoyed at no one caring and they all rise up and over throw the gods, factions and everyone that was holding them back/down. Why cause POE 1 and POE 2 not one group really cared about the people, especially not gods. All having happily killed lots little people with not one care in world. Wonder what the chances POE 3 we all be shouting Vive la revolution
  16. 1 "Game has budget" having coop = more players = more money hence more of single player experience. 2 dont like coop? dont play coop. 3 was iwd 1&2 nwn 1&2, bg 1&2 all too mainstream for you? because you know they all had coop right? and poe was inspired by those horrible lamestream games. Wrong for POE 3 to be coop game the budget set before it sells anything and therefore budget for coop comes out single player dropping single player budget and therefore experience. Now if POE 3 sells well and is in part due to coop then POE 4 will get bigger budget, but doesn't mean that single player get any more budget as if does to well as coop then more money be spent on the coop. So therefore no I don't want risk single player experience on coop as it possible it could ruin single player aspect. If having coop brings more players then its an after the games made effect, your statements simple not logical so is seriously flawed.
  17. NO I don't want POE to do coop. Game has budget and making coop takes out that budget hence less of single player experience. Secondly having coop when people can be annoying can make game way unfun. I hate idea waiting for someone who shopping, dislike someone ruining my game cause got bored decided to kill people for fun. I dislike when people start something then get bored and disappear leaving it half finished. There are lots of coop games stop trying make everything mainstream, its nice having some games that single player only.
  18. Bunch of heathens, can't put devil of caroc down the blood pit one of my favs from POE 1 Durance is perfect for trip down the blood pit Anyone sacrificing devil hope she burns your boat in POE 3
  19. My comments are my own and not more valuable then yours so not trying dis your opinion. It is niche market so they trying make up by selling at bit more. Is it worth that much yeah if they can sort the bugs and add in good DLCs. I rather pay bit more and have game I really want then stuck with most games that designed for mass market with notion of pleasing casual player bases. That been said the second game has been toned down lot for casual players, if they tone down much more no I wouldn't pay the prices. We also lucky they don't do microtransactions so cutting price would we start seeing microtransactions for things like rum runners pack?
  20. If don't like ship combat and want to do board fast try this. First ship you get upgrade guns to double cannon looks like pair of cannons welded together 4 of those hit like 8 cannons. Improve hull bit but try not lose combat speed. Improve sails best you can get, improve anchor and ships wheel. should be very fast and nimble little thing. Move fast to 200-300 metres turn to be side on hold position open up guns and jib in one turn hold fire then move fast to boarding. Should find with good cannon crew, your hits should keep enemy ship busy, won't take much fire from and with speed you can go should close distance fast board and win. That's probably best 2 ways deal with ships If want sink ship shoot cannonballs, if your aiming to annoy crew on enemy ship while closing to board use grape shot.
  21. Report does fix the ship if you move people to damaged bit that appear on the left side screen (your left). I find galleon to be best ship. I have mine set with long range one side and shorter range other side.Yes can board if close in not just at start better to close in. Combat is easy get to good range turn put you side on hold position (important) then fire cannons and jib rinse and repeat. If find your taking beating you don't like turn face and close distance 2 down when close enough will say prepare board. If can put all single job crew on best ship add in few on bottom right can do multiple jobs, make sure couple handle cannons, sucks if cannon people injured no skilled take over. Upgrade when can afford too. more combat speed better. Hope that helps bit
  22. I not bashing your opinion but I think personally and this just my thoughts so I not saying yours wrong. For me I think needs couple longer dungeons, ones in deadfire way to small. I think other then few longer dungeons its enough combat. Longer dungeons need be designed well, with good quest and with right numbers of fights and must feel fights belong. There is place for games without combat but not POE franchise we started with combat and should have combat, I think to complete remove combat would be mistake as would complete change feel of game and wouldn't feel like POE. That said what combat we have need to be worked in way then increases difficulty at right point, as early combat can be lot harder. Really could do with breaking city up as you level lot in city and throws the difficulty out. I personally would put one long dungeon in city as way break it up and help make combat difficulty more gradual curve. Combat couple levels after city really starts shoot off fast and is so OP combat really cake walk. Need balance character development and difficulty a lot after that point. I think max level should be reached before the end so have time enjoy been level 20 but not so far away that your just cake walking lots of the game. Money really should be split in 2, think we should have money for character upgrade buy things for team and second pot money for developing ship and crew. Think that help balance things and will open up some doors to help improve ship combat as if do that you can as example have the ability capture ship and sell or use etc. Money for both has be balanced better shouldn't get rich to fast as helps make you op way to fast. Obsidian need make sure all they do gives variety and gives options. Having make tough choices is great thing, balance.
  23. Think deadfire's story would worked better if they dealt with faction issues and then had bit more main story before finally reach the end. Yes having both faction and main story finish same time really undermines the whole. Also think having so many black endings for factions really sucked life out to, Almost all the faction ends are extremes, when should had range of grey endings which would been much more of moral conflict for players. Kotor 2 worked so well with Kreia because even when thought you were doing good she show you that actually your actions not as good as you thought. Not trashing story was enjoyable enough but it has it issues and could been better. I hope obsidian will read peoples comments learn from it.
  24. Don't think Deadfires doing that badly it has its issues but lot of fixes will come and we have 3 DLCs to. Word of mouth is always been biggest seller. I say that if obsidian do the fixes work with community then it keep selling. As long they work with coummunity sure lots of us will spread word and lot of us will back POE 3. Game has its issues but also has its good points sea shanty's, Modwyr (got love sarcasm), Music is good, fact they listened and change things from first game, multiclassing etc Look at KOTOR 2 was bugged to hell need fan mods to finish what obsidian not allowed to but hell, one of best games ever. So people can talk about sells but honestly game not go be number one for 21 weeks to be success. Constructive criticism is better then threads asking how sells are.
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