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  1. @Masticator We need ask if there naked blue orlan Mind you it be funny if obsidian read this plan there revenge for there next game! If I was obsidian I design nice little version of us and stick them infront few big cannons from obsidian with love
  2. @Lord_Mord Really don't know why people have issues with things in games. I always looked at games as been fun escape from reality where I can do all things I want and would never want do in real life. If we took out everything that people complain about games would be so boring. I also find it fun when game deals with life issues as can make you think and see things from someone else point of view.
  3. Gog users search for rum runners dlc on google should take you to gog. put it in basket and click buy cost nothing, once done go in your game collection and you'll find it under dlc download and install and go have fun playing
  4. loved all possible options of Raedric,s hold and also loved the pit in endless paths. So yeah think its not just about having long dungeons its about variety of enemies, options for how to complete it and suprises. Perfect dungeon the right mix of things.
  5. Game screen so get idea what I mean tick box Per encounter tick box Per rest tick box attrition Injuries tick box attrition based rest Dungeon over time fills up with enemies if you leave the dungeon tick box 3 injuries result in death tick box attrition injuries tick box 3 injuries result in death tick box Story mode tick box easy tick box normal tick box veteran tick box POTD Game generates game file based on user inputs and sets enemy's and character settings game then runs character generation Add in things like beraths blessings and some there other ideas we got so much replay ability and we can scale it more to our liking everyone should be happy. Game should sit at number 1 for long time. As everyone be so happy word of mouth should make a cult classic game.
  6. both systems have one massive flaw balancing is done to make majority happy, therefore no game will ever be perfect balance yes we are lucky POE games have more range of difficulty levels then lot of games. That places a limit on people that want very big challenge from ever having that challenge. Also there big issue of combat going from difficult at beginning of game to been complete walk in park part way through. Games you have to remember lot of the fan base are children teens who are more competative in general then adults so they want to have every achievement and want to finish game on hardest level and boast about it with friends, this limits balancing to point. Young also have tendecy for wanting feel like gods, this also can effect games and difficulties. Before say I wrong think about fact POTD challenge of using single character to complete, if game designed for party 5 can be completed with party 1 its not truly balanced. People talk about injury in per encounter which is attrition and if changed to be more meaningful will at some point force player to go find supplies or do something sort the injury, which is funny as they asking for what was removed from first game because people didn't like going places in middle of dungeon crawl. Per encounter how do you make zurip fight meaningful throw 1000 at you when your level 20? Issue islands what if don't visit that island till level 20? Ok so we don't use zurip when someone level 20 well how's that going make for variety when each level of character going only have few enemies. Yes some enemies can be tweaked for more then single level but system does have lot limits. Yes I waiting see how they balance the per encounter and if they decide to make injuries more punishing. I truly judge when they say they finished balancing. I not going sit here pretend per encounter isn't flawed will be perfect once balanced. Yes I want per encounter stay, not sure if injuries become more meaningful it won't get same complaints as per rest did concerning it forcing players back track and kill the per encounter system. The problem is any attrition system will force you go places if you make mistakes. If you don't need go places then your going find system going have way to be abused. The problem is person that finds way to abuse then does it normally finds they spoil game for themselves unfortunately they then complain and/or leave that franchise.
  7. @obsidian Please show us gog users some love even if just quick update say things are progressing will have more news soon. Not saying anything just makes us feel bit unloved.
  8. I like per rest better because very few games are tactically challenging why because most companies scared make game to hard and destroy fan base. I like per rest can be as tactical as you wish to make it, risk and reward if your willing risk it and win then wow memories are made, yeah if you push to far to hard probably going back for camping supply or worst back to main hub. That been said there lot people probably like it harder then even I like. I not into microing the numbers make perfect builds. Do I want be made to micro numbers like they no but don't want spoil it for them either. I understand those people that want less annoyance or for there own reasons want less management. I think only way is to have both systems and have it so choose at start those choices load script for that style you choose. Once that script loaded then can ask other options so game can be as tactically challenging or not as each player wants. Will it take more work yes but reward is bigger fan base which means more money, more fans means more games and again more revenue. Sad when people push there own agenda with no thought to others or franchise.
  9. @algroth Thanks appreciate. Word searched and checking multiple times found nothing, followed your link and perfect.
  10. I think its possible to have both per rest and per encounter systems in game. If you had them as tick boxes at game start you could even add harder settings like your example of per rest been more strict. I think honestly make much better game having both systems and also having choices of how far each person wants take the system for there play through as it adds in much more replay ability. I think more choices also will help people find new ideas for both systems and can lead better game that way to. Most important point is keeping franchise open to as many people as possible, more there are more chance we have of POE 3 and beyond. I really enjoyed Tyranny has its issues like all games but has great potential but tyranny 2 may never happen and its total shame currently questionable if tyranny 2 will happen as didn't do well. I don't want see that happen with pillars.
  11. Think about human history took the Europeans long time to discover the Americas. So yes future for Pillars franchise is amazing and great Also we have time span between games so it be interesting see how some places we have been have changed. Lot potential and lots of future fun.
  12. DaKatarn I did perfect run of POE 1 for Deadfire. Did veteran as didn't want to jump from POTD run in POE 1 to POTD in deadfire. I keep playing deadfire. I will do POTD on both once deadfires balanced. I am hoping they balance deadfire maybe after we will get news of tyranny 2.
  13. I keep telling myself to wait but then I get bored and think it be fun play or they bring out something new like today I waiting to download start new game. I managed run on POE 1 and probably try run on tyranny after this rum dlc and bit of a play. All Obsidian fault adding things give me to many reason to play.
  14. Can't even find it on gog Please no specsavers jokes @Wormerine Thanks for asking about scavenger hunt for gog I to would love to hear bit of news.
  15. cokane I tried deadfire and currently wouldn't judge it. I came late to the first pillars. So I know I judge them both currently bit bias as first game was in better place due to changes and balancing that been made. I will replay deadfire and I write review of both when deadfire is in better place. Maybe he hasn't played yet as he waiting balances, so not going judge I hope he read my reply and see it for what it is and not a personal attack on him. I hope to community can learn to come together rather then trying push onesided ways change game. POE 3 really could be great game learning from mistakes. If community come together try be more open to all opinions obsidian will listen and make great franchise. As for POE 2 we got 3 dlc and lots improvements look forward to hope is great thing.
  16. whiskiz My points are valid. Honest answer is didn't really cover all my comments. I said that both systems have there issues weaknesses, but I am not trying change things so it way I want it. I like see both systems improved and given option at beginning of the game so each person choose what they want. I see having more options enables game to be played at level difficulty and with as much management or non as each want. Limiting game in any way is removing some of the fans, if to many fans are gone then the franchise is dead. Non of us here really want franchise die when has lot potential for the future. I not answer your points because your trying push one system is better then another. Yes maybe it is for you but your not every person. You don't hold any more value then any other person. I not for removing per encounter. Unless you open your eye you'll destroy franchise with your ideas. Franchise can only keep going while it can make enough money limiting player base removes money. If your truly fan of Pillars franchise then join in say what's wrong but think about other people and how they might like different to you how more people can be made happy. No I not attacking you encase misunderstand my purpose in writing this. We don't need have us and them mentality we need all people keep this franchise going.
  17. Problem is per encounter forces all fights to be made challenging as there no wearing down of the watcher or companions from one fight to next. Any fight that is not challenge just becomes meaningless trash fight with no real effects. How do you really balance a xaurip's with dragon, can't so either xaurip's becomes trash or dragon becomes underwhelming. Also with per encounter where is sweet spot, do make fights so challenging for few or do make sweet spot for many. Few will always want it be harder more difficult. Even many not all going want it same level. That's the limits of per encounter system people wanted. That said I still think it should be done as choice at start per encounter or per rest let each person choose. I also think both systems need improvements and I also add in for both more options that effect difficulty allowing each to tailor game more for there own abilities.
  18. I have said I like few longer dungeons but think problem is the per encounter system. With per encounter every fight has be made challenge and because this having long dungeon would require more fights and requires xaurip's fight to be as tough as dragon fight, if fights aren't as challenging as each other then underwhelming fight becomes trash fight and filler, as the per encounter has no way wearing watcher down and as for abilities spells you have what you have and this doesn't change from fight to fight. So every fight has be levelled with thought that watchers/companions going use best buffs and spells and best abilities every fight. Therefore easier to have lots little bits that don't need to much combat and don't show true weakness of the per encounter system. One big endless paths dungeon would 1 worthwhile fight and rest trash or dragon at the end will feel underwhelming cause it was as challenging as xaurip's fight at start.
  19. Personally I think as stated in another thread on combat and mechanics that we need both per rest and per encounter systems implanted at start game by making choice. The poster that started this thread tried argue same things in that thread too. I see per encounter been limited dragon fight has be at same level as every other fight per level of players watcher, you got simple system that throw best buffs and spells and use best abilities no thought no challenge rinse and repeat. System needs improving. I don't like this per encounter myself but some people do. If you don't level fights correctly you get few tough fights and a lot of underwhelming trash fights that do nothing. Per rest need to be improved as resting hold no real dangers and you can spam rest. At least per rest has the ability make fights more varied and things like dragons really stand out as fight. Managing resources and per rest abilities makes combat more thought out and engrossing. Fights in per rest even underwhelming fights if your not careful can lead to not having right resources so actually don't feel like trash fights. Group of xaurip's don't need be made as challenging as dragon I played both POE1 and POE 2 and 2 feels watered down not so much fun as POE 1 and yes think some this will change as the bugs removed and system gets improvements but think removing all management not direction to go especially if only 1 style of mechanics going be used. Game was a spiritual successor of IE games they all have management in them to, completely removing management move pillars away from those games to much and will destroy what these games are meant to be.
  20. For me I had go back to place to collect camping equipment I couldn't pick up earlier, on few occasions as was running out but not that often can't give exact number as never counted it and it wasn't enough to be bored or annoyed. Often was my own fault as I made mistake in combat at some point and got short. Most the time I completed areas in one go without need to travel back and forth. Lot of the fun in combat was the get to finish of an area without spamming rest or back traveling and it made lot good memories. I realised fast that the endless paths where not a finish in one go didn't bother me I enjoyed endless paths, think couple of levels where bit trash fight is with no real reason for existing but loved having big place to explore and wish POE 2 had few longer dungeon crawls. As for inn's used them if was in place with one never went back to one and rested for bonus mid way through area. Honestly if person was back tracking more then me or having use the inn rest mid way through area then think the problem was person was doing something wrong or lack of understanding mechanics as really never had to do it. We had potions, resting, food and party choice so don't really understand why the need keep going back. Not best at combat don't try to use everything perfectly. One fight had meet lot of druids wasn't prepared for fight as my first time through that area. Lost 5 party members in couple seconds to 3 stags and thunderstorm, Eder was only one standing pulled him back. 3 enemy's chased Eder had fight them they died but had dropped Eder endurance to low. Then had switch weapons from Eder sword and shield to pistol shoot 6 vines/tentacles, then use Eder to bring my party back to life. Then buffed better and kicked those druid butts. Made me use camping equipment I hadn't planned to use and became fight I never forgot but got through it and finish area without back traveling.
  21. A very good point especially with the per encounter system. With one group a fight can be cake walk while taking another group will make that fight challenge. Number of possibilities with the multiclass increases the chances of having wrong group to counter player and been the cake walk. Yes pushing difficulty up could make it very frustrating for people that like to RP over those that power game there characters. Only way to really address it is to include options where choose if you want RP or want more challenge as you like to power game the characters, let people choose the bits the way they want to play it. I am against pushing the game to much in any direction spoils it for others, so think obsidian need make options so game balanced for the different types of players playing game and not only make it balanced for one small group players. Lexx problem with trash fights is people hate having lot of them especially if they are boring and to samey. Also true of having every fight boss fight doesn't make some people happy as becomes to stressful and doesn't let people relax between. Again think it best have options and choices that allow a person to personalise game more towards there style/likes of playing game, not trying one size fits all.
  22. Firstly not calling myself anything as been lots of different things depending on life. Secondly and most importantly there nothing wrong in playing any game in any way person likes. So if your casual gamer I been casual game at times, if that's how you enjoy game or are limited to playing game its not problem. Personally I prefer the per rest system, but that said I not saying its only way or should be in game by itself and if read my posts I advocate for it to be inclusive to all types of gamers. I labelled things to make/show my points not as way to value any given group of people. Its descriptive and not negative label. Tela2k thanks for making your point I quoted as it allowed me to correct my position. I didn't mean to offend anyone, and apologise if I did. tala2k your making me feel old with the MR
  23. How well sells in beginning will effect things but ultimately most important piont will be how Obsidian deal with negative comments/issues. Biggest selling point always going be word of mouth. If obsidian can turn negative/issues around add in some great DLCs then they should get good seller again. We seen in film world where films not done well on release but has become cult classic. Obsidian want concentrate on been as inclusive as possible for the different types of gamers. Easy make game that appeals to majority but that's not really going make great franchise or great game that be remembered for long time. Niche gamers are just as important and been flexible is what matters. Right game that has good story and is inclusive of all types going to not just please for 5 mins going last be replayed and get talked about by lots. To many companies just build games that designed please achievement lovers, those want feel god like, casual gamers that will be gone fast and on to next so called big release. Those might even get franchise but not going be remembered down line. So obsidian want look at classics that are old remembered and ask what really made this game great. Good story, good emersion, balanced difficulty that has options to make it more challenging, stand out moments that will never be forgotten, inclusive game that fits so many gamers and makes them talk etc etc.
  24. Honestly we should get kicked out factions bit by bit as we progress things. I also say not wise kick us from factions to soon as that get lot complaints like tyranny did. They need balance weight system that will at right time kick you from faction for to much negative impact on that faction. As for party members they need be balanced so yes some have potential leave but there needs be chance of keeping some that are negatively effected by some actions. Person might choose there country over you but maybe they can be shown that what countries doing is wrong and therefore that person decides stay but to do that person has be party member well used and right dialogs used. That been said think that should be dice roll to decide stay or leave ultimately that way can get those shocking memorable things happen. Some dialog option should kill other dialog options and your action in deadfire should also effect if some conversation can or can not be used. How you develop your watchers and companions character should also define how watcher and companions interact with each other and that should effect factions and world around you. As for ending yeah was big let down. really destroyed any real need of everything you have done. Personally think they need change ending as its games biggest failing. Choices and consequences need really play out through out story. why is he doing it should we join and help or as gods want stop him. What do each factions want are there goals compatible or not with our watcher. we should get locked out some factions but not all. Our choices should effect more then locking us out a faction. Annoying one faction by doing other faction yes locks us out but how does that locked out faction feel are we threat to them are they going try kill us. Will annoying faction force 2 faction join together or more and make stand against us. Or will it set faction on path in an attempt to destroy faction we are helping mostly (war). The endings need be tied to character development of watcher, companions and factions and therefore connected to world we have shaped.
  25. Earlier examples 1500s had heavier blade but were still a cut and thrust weapon but could be used on battle field. By 1600 they had become very light and thin blade and on its own was not a good weapon for battle field. If wanted use rapier from 1600s and later on battle field you needed to pair it with buckler or dagger which was used for parrying. Saber and sword would easily break a rapier from 1600/later hence most militaries had sabers. Rapeir is a dueling blade.
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