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  1. Easy... Make mobs have also the Empower. You really think this dumbass AI will use it? Also kinda makes heros less special Big giant outside temple last 1.5 secs if you hit him with 5 empowered abilities/spells, looked like interesting fight when seen him to.
  2. Works great, by the way. Thanks appreciate @Big-Ben yeah maybe after they get this first big patch out we might hear some news.
  3. I 100% your 100% good sir. I myself am waiting until they actually finish the game, before supporting them with a finished price tag. Things didn't work on launch (literally - level scaling flat didn't work for example), there was alot of bugs and performance issues, the higher difficulties weren't actually balanced - having to be done as we speak post release. Etc. It was/is a mess that they pushed out the door because business and completely relied on hype and the gaming communities general impatience, to sell it either way while they still worked on finishing it and getting a much bigger and free QA/beta test pool. Not something i personally want to support/encourage. While I completely sympathize with your criticism, I still think any serious cRPG fan should support Obsidian with a full price purchase (if you can afford it). They proved with first game that they will fix the issues, but the fact is they are making ambitious projects, trying to overdeliver despite relatively limited resources, in a complex genre that has been abandoned by AAA publishers. They also don't try to nickle-and-dime with cosmetic DLC or microtransactions which are extremely common in RPGs these days. For those reasons and for the abundant quality content in this game, I believe they deserve the financial support of the core gamers, even though I agree, the game was released in an unfinished state (and it still is even now). The fact is, no one else besides maybe Larian (DOS is similar but not exactly the same genre) is making quality games of epic scope in this genre anymore. It seems like sales figures haven't been exactly stellar, so they need all the support they can get, especially at full price, if there is to be any hope of seeing another game like this any time soon. That said, if you haven't started your game yet and have the patience to wait a bit longer, I think you will have a much better experience in about a week or 2, once they released the first major patch. Besides the difficulty issues (which are alleviated somewhat by mods), there are still game breaking issues like bugged saves which won't load (I myself lost over 20 hours of gameplay on my 2nd playthrough). TL;DR buy now to support Obsidian and wait until the first patch for a better experience. I agree with NiceGuy I also say that obsidian not big game company so they got get money back to pay bills, so they really need support. We don't support they be stuck making games with smaller budgets which will limit what they can do. If you look at POE 1 had its issues on release but obsidian worked with community fix them made game much better. Yes I do complain about things but not because I like complaining I want help obsidian make game better and I think they actually like hear people complain in good way so they to can improve what they do. As said they don't try microtransactions and all the annoying stuff lot bigger game companies do who don't need money so much so yes obsidian I think are one better companies and I don't make much money as carer but I will pay for obsidian game. Big companies I often wait sales and buy as don't want support there bad practices with microtransactions.
  4. Agree needs bigger dungeons at least few. Soulbound weapons not much so hope they sort. Loved Modwyr sarcasm was great wish she had more lines. Some equipment changes to. Think shorter dungeons does make game feel shorter
  5. Also depending on what spend money on can help or make fights harder. If spend lot early money trying make ship more combat ready you can end up neglecting character and companions equipment which makes fights harder but if spend money early on equipment fights are easier, if not sailing as doing city can hold of on buying things for ship. You can get few ship items from quest to if wait to do ship.
  6. Very early game can be hard fights as you don't have much to throw at the bad guys and you don't hit hard. As said by someone else once do most city suddenly your higher level and fights are easier. not long after leaving city every fight becomes cake walk. So yes if do lot combat before going city or break city up fights can be hard, but after city goes to easier then very shortly after cake so needs balancing in way doesn't make start more difficult but makes later fights more of a challenge. Giant outside temple lasted about 1.5 secs to my party which was disappointing as thought was going be fun fight. 3 small constructs early game made fight seem like forever and I had use everything.
  7. Depends how much time you have and will you be willing to do more then one play through? If you're only going play it 1 time then I say wait till its balanced and all DLCs are out. If you can play it more then once get early play through and wait for 2nd till all balnced and DLCs are out.
  8. Personally think story should been bit longer. Think having watcher having an actual effect on the story would been good to, way it is currently we did whole main story had no affect on outcome what so ever which then makes you feel like didn't need do anything at all. (Sitting facing god at start please just kill me now) Factions I understand how life not black and white and is lot shades grey at time, sometimes we have choose lesser of multiple evils. That said I think fraction end missions where all mostly way to black. Obsidian should given us more range of end missions which had degrees of grey not all black as it more like life and make the choices harder. As is with black endings most don't do or help one pirate instead. That all said want POE 3 hope they learn from both earlier games. Yeah might complain at times about bits of both games but love both games had great time so far.
  9. Problem is making fights interesting, varied and feeling like they belong to that place. Trash fights feel annoying but not having enough combat can feel bad to, what's point in loot and buying things if can't try them out. There the important point most dungeons are just few rooms in size. As someone said depending what obsidian do with balancing will truly define what's needed. I do feel we do need couple longer dungeons so actually feels like dungeon crawling, but they need be done with right number of bad guys interesting quest. Beyond that wait to see how things balance. Maybe bit more combat in big city.
  10. Yeah agree the main quest is very short compared to POE 1 I enjoyed side quest and faction had lot more this time. But 3-4 rooms for dungeon, just start enjoy it over lot of the time. I like big city but needs more break up with combat as you arrive if do all your suddenly level 7 and not done much combat.
  11. Bigger then POE 1 but at times feels like less, due to it been spread out. That's more about size of dungeons as lots little short dungeons.
  12. Tyranny is shorter. I enjoyed and hope for tyranny 2. Combat is good if you go into it knowing its 4 and rather simple, spell making was nice touch. Best part tyranny was the story. I played POE 1 and Tyranny about same number times. I can't say how long takes complete as job I do I often am pausing and going on to do something and that gets added to total time. Biggest complaint was act 3 was very short, can't say more don't want spoil it. Give it a go its worth it.
  13. Ok nude blue orlan drunk naturalist pirate happy now? Try saying that few times while drunk
  14. Actually not true, there is blue nude orlan companion. Obsidian has fetish for nude blue orlan drunk pirate!
  15. While power often corrupts, and do understand how things need be done. I have to agree wasn't happy about most end faction's missions. Honestly there should be ways to do jobs don't mean killing innocent people pointlessly. I just refused to do most them from principles. Yeah was ironic that a pirate was better then all other faction leaders. Personally by that point wanted to assassinate all but one faction leader. No I not perfect human and I am willing to do what feel is right even if I have get hands dirty but just couldn't do what they wanted.
  16. @Gritino When first meet Durance thought wasn't going like him but yeah like he has his faults and willing change his opinion. Like Kreia he was well written companion and I liked him. Unfortunately all my favourite companions got left out for POE 2 I not sure how managed change colours
  17. I think either go back to how Grimoires were in POE 1 let us custom what we want. or Choose spells at level up, and have Grimoires add in spells that can't be added at level up and make Grimoires schools of magic based. That way grimoires full unique spells and more add to your character. Examples Necro grimoire Fire & Water grimoire Nature grimoire Etc
  18. Yeah I prefer more meaningful content, do like banter and want but want meaningful interactions. Yes I dislike how fast some companions can go from like to hate and leaving. Don't get me wrong if you constantly do something companion dislikes then yes I expect person to leave. As for conflict with in companion yeah understand that but, don't think most would just walk out. Should really start conversation about the issue which depending on that conversation should define if person leaves or stays. I not going say more as I know there some issues with it that obsidian are fixing, we will see soon. Also think important stop the cliché companions. Want companions that are varied and not all similar and set clichés. As its spoiler free I use kotor 2 companion as example Kreia was great as she disliked force both dark and the light side, which was very different in star wars world. Because of way she was, it made you look at star wars world in a different way. Therefore an interesting character. Fav companions from pillars 1 Devil of Caroc Grieving Mother Zahua Durance (normally religious zealot wouldn't be my thing but by end of game he different person if you lead him that way)
  19. Honestly whole point of companions for me is the interactions, I like having companions that are varied and interesting, want them to interact. How do my morals, points view compare and seeing how my actions/conversations affect my companions and they also affect me. Interesting see how your character is viewed as even with a character we create often we choose see what we want so yes more interactions better. Having companions equals feed back and more feed back your getting more you drawn into that world and companions.
  20. Personally doesn't matter to me POE 2 is what it is, we start from 0. That been said I would like POE 3 to simply not built to start at level 0 again, I like see POE 3 add high level content follow on from POE 2 with level progression. As for DLC's for POE 2 I hope they progress well from POE 2 level characters and add in some interest and variety. How we follow on from POE 2 is interesting question. Just adding in more levels not going be much fun. I would prefer specialisation levels. so as examples weapons specialist, black guard and necro for wizard etc. It would be interesting see what specialisations obsidian come up with after POE 2 multiclass. Might also be interesting see communities ideas to.
  21. Personally I like equality and I mean true equality. I will start by saying what I want in game is simple; I want well written character I want well written story I want well written companions I want enjoy it for what it is. I really don't want game checking boxes make sure its not discriminating some group. Why do I want game that simply just game cause I want to enjoy. If look at any game even one where spent ages checking boxes please everyone you can still find discrimination. If you want find it you will. People are people and non of us are same. Obsidian simply just build good characters and companions. Also people really want stop think todays oppressed become tomorrows opressors. This has and is happening. Both sides are as bad as each other at times. SJW yeah seen woman in hollywood that suggested all males should have pay cut to match woman, sounds like equality right, is it what about poor family from poor country doesn't have same rights, wife no maternity pay gets pregnant has look after child/ or husband stays home. They no maternity pay and one working person brings less money home in poor country where pay drop guy takes might kill that child, even if doesn't will effect childs health and wellbeing. Not really equality is it. Pushing equality what direction are things heading we had Trump in white house Briexit and lot countries came close voting in racist, Italy almost has racist party inpower if they make agreements. SJW talk of equality and yet are pushing world towards war and to hate. I got nothing say about other side. I not going talk about racist and people haters. I am all for equality but not when it hurts people, destroys life because people push to far without thought. Simple answer is let games be games and let people enjoy them.
  22. In POE 1 I had 4 Grimoires, 1 had lot defensive with fav offensive spells. 2 had mostly offensive spells and 3 was more a necro for Aloth, 4th was Lightning and flame spells. I did change between them based on what I needed. System in POE 1 I could use Offensive spells Grimoire, Lightning and flame Grimoire or Necro for lot easier fights and switch to balanced defence and offense Grimoire for tough fights. I could change or roleplay lot more as could do it my way. In POE 2 I found I quickly found a Grimoire I liked and then choose aloth's spells at level up based around that Grimoire. I did try changing Grimoire a couple times but found it to cost me spells I could use as I had not built aloth around said Grimoire. I might pay out once respec aloth to fit better Grimoire but I not going keep spending money respecing aloth. So personally I found new system to limit me changing Grimoire more then first game.
  23. Sorry but for me I have to say I don't want MP. Even friends can be jerks at times especially when they decide do things there way or for laughs go on murderous rampage. I don't like idea of spending money on MP at the cost of SP. I have seen so many games where they opted to go for MP and everyone complained about SP campaign been short boring feeling like it was dulled down due to MP. So sorry but tyranny and POE should remain single player. Lot people said POE 2 feels short so imagine how short POE 3 with MP might feel as lot budget would be spent on MP. I don't think it would make more money in backers by asking for backers to pay for MP. Even if could get backers pay say $25 each for just MP as example and it made enough money you then got next issue team is set size and if part that team working on MP then there not working on SP. Therefore no matter what you do SP campaigns going lose out. Look at POE 2 on release still some bugs/issues. Imagine how many bugs and issues they have on release with POE 3 with MP.
  24. Really would be funny see all your names in POE 3 few seconds before few cannons go off If I was obsidian I have to revenge is dish best served ice cold
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