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  1. Personally I don't see how per encounter will ever be balanced for every players liking. For small amount they want every fight be like boss fight and majority will find that frustrating and in the end obsidian will balance for majority. So for some it will always be walk in park of simply doing right buffs throw the right high level spells and the right abilities for rest , from there rinse and repeat and rest when have 2 injuries. Adding in most ideas will just end up making it frustrating for majority want feel like gods all the time. Therefore most ideas not going end up liked. Therefore still think having choice at start is really important and having both per rest and per encounter style. I think the per rest system if improve on give game more replay value and that small group more likely to hang around and by expansions when most players like to be gods will found there next god fix. I think good few those think the new system once balanced is going be best going find its not as good they thought. As for Obsidian money where the majority of base are but that doesn't mean you only got please them, games can be made that will please the majority and the minorities yes might take longer and require greater thought but if obsidian can do that they will build game that will go down in history and franchise that will last. I think Obsidian's idea of if lot complaint remove is actually counter productive, they should ask why something doesn't work and how can it be changed in positive ways to make it liked by masses. Point strong hold in POE 1 was not well liked they improved it and for second game its gone. What did we get mini game with ships that's as well liked as strong hold from POE 1. No matter how they change it not going be truly loved as its always going be to much of same thing. POE 3 what's plan one gods going destroy our ship in prologue we die again get bought back to life by gods sent on mission by the gods. They try that and start all from 0 again going very franchise killing quickly. Personally I probably visit couple places from POE 1 and POE 2 in the 3rd game let people see how things changed what effects there actions had. This way can keep ship from POE 2 but reduce its needs down, because in POE 2 players actions calm the pirates some what and have few bounties and ships to have combat with for any one wants but, keep it small enough that it can be skipped and those want can simply use ship fast travel between places. Build simple place to store ship in new story with building has few upgrades make building personal, couple small quest that give history place and nice rewards and let place give team some sort bonus depending on how quest is ended. That's the important point all things need reason for been, good story and interesting quest. Even combat needs to be there for good reason and needs some fights that can be sorted without fighting. We should have quest in our logs at all times till we finish main quest as break in having quest in the logs make us mentally think we reached end point. We need per encounter and per rest combat and both need to be improved on. It will give greater replay ability and please larger group of buyers. Romance needs be natural romance not please groups. Example what I mean is Xoti and Eder wouldn't work as relationship, maybe as friends but not more then as both strong minded and won't really budge on there beliefs which romantically would cause lot religious issue that would destroy a relationship. Even to people that are good match can find it just doesn't work out simply because just wrong time. No artificial relationships just for sake of relationships. It's most important balance all things to point where its a challenge but not frustrating for majority and add in options where things can be made more challenging for those that need and want greater challenge. Achievements made people want get everyone possible so need please majority that are after achievements or they complain and games be done only please them and there lot that like get achievements and complete hardest level so they can feel they look good. If companies only please them will drive of other fans, as they not really after challenge want be gods in game complete all boast but most kids fit in this they buy lot games through parents.
  2. Personally I go with having some where new for the majority of the game. Oriental would be nice direction. But I throw in a short story that makes you travel back to small selection of POE1 places example stalwart in white marsh and diefience bay. That way you get see what some your choices from first game have done to change places. I have small visit to deadfires maybe city and couple islands that has its own short story. Again you'll see how things changed since you last visited. Main story line would run through new area. As for compainions mostly new compainions maybe bring back one thats been in it from start. one from deadfire rest new. I add more thoughts once we see where the DLCs and balancing take us.
  3. We also need be careful or we going end up with POE 3 with another new system that never meets its sweet spot. I like if POE 3 does get made we not all starting from level 1 again be nice actually carry on from where we finish POE 2 level and equipment wise. Maybe per rest requires been limited from returning to inn till reaching a point. Maybe needs also possibility that someone discovers camp site and attacks you. Less trash fights and more thought out fights per encounter needs have something like when rest doesn't heal all in one go and limited number rest in a period time. Need huge range different enemies with different buffs use food spells and mixed will deflect etc to force people use more assets and not make each fight simple small sellection of things and rinse and repeat. Also think POE 1 suffered with to much fighting and POE 2 has to little. I say to that POE 1 had to many big dungeons and POE 2 has to small need find middle sweet spot.
  4. problem is this system probably going generate very simple response Small selection of good spells used small selection of food used small selection buffs used small selection of abilities rinse and repeat for every fight as there nothing make you use anything else. Once in while rest stop someone gaining 3rd injury yeah in POE 1 rest or going back to inn was easily done as nothing stopped you or punished you. But atleast for those pushed on they had to use spells not the best and had use some lesser buffs. I just see way combat going it become complete it don't bother again as just to much same. As said I vote for choice of combat syles at start game one per encounter and one thats per rest but both systems need changes to really make them shine. Funny everyone discusses which is better system when real questions should be how can we improve per encounter and how can we improve per rest?
  5. Firstly humans make mistakes. Most importantly obsidian do bring out games need bug fixing same as any other company. Even microsoft have bugs in there operating system win on every release. Think about it multiple operating system and game systems to build for. 1 person has i5 with gtx 960 and someone else i7 with gtx 1080 not including memory used and amount, motherboards etc no way test every type of configuration and make item perfectly bug free. Gmaes have to be released to gain money. Without money company go under. POE 1 is great to play after it got sorted, my only issue with it is white marsh needs be played mid game to unlock soulbound stuff and that makes end game to easy as it kills level progression, mind you end of games in rpg's are normally easy anyway as party often op by then. Completed it 3 times so had my moneys worth out that game love the game. POE 2 played it had only couple minor bugs, nothing game breaking. Yes combat needs fixing and balancing and needs bug fixes. I not played to much game as will save it till lot issues sorted, not issue to me. As for add on I like DLCs as long not like most where cash grab. 3 dlcs for $20 dollars is good price. I know there not going be size of white marsh as think most wanted smaller dlcs, that been said hope maybe will get one white marsh size dlc but thats my want like and I be happy with what we get as long as its enjoyable and adds well to game. My issues with game and this my own point view. For me liked combat way it was in POE 1 but I am minority. Personally I like see option at beginning of game lets you choose combat similar to POE 1 or as is currently in POE 2. Second issue is miss having dungeon crawls, I would of enjoyed having endless path style dungeon but with less filler combat more thought out. Would be nice have few other dungeon crawls to balance out game bit. By dungeon don't mean underground only, could do dungeon that's tower or massive woods etc. So as can see I am not champion of obsidian most not but that been said I think they do wonderful job and are one better game companies. I don't agree with everything they do. Sometimes obsidian not responsible for issues they had complaints about good example KOTOR 2 which obsidian wanted bring out late but not allowed and wanted bug fix add content after release but were stopped so can't blame obsidian for everything. Tyranny had its issues still not like short end part but game had its bug fixes got some add on content, now is great game and I completed it many times and hope in future for tyranny 2 I imagine they be few things in POE 2 even after finished fully I wish were different but I am me and am not more important then anyone else. I know it be great game I play it many times and will enjoy. I sure it will have things I dislike and wish were different but nothing ever perfect. I do hope there will be POE 3 and hope it will be best of POE 1 and POE 2 with new ideas to. I really don't get why some are so negative towards obsidian and make such issues out of the few bugs and problems. Obsidian replied both bugs I found and were very polite and professional. I glad see they work with community and take feed back and listen which lot companies not doing. I like they don't want microtransaction money grabbing things lot are doing.
  6. There are advantages and disavantages to both system. Good side of per rest and having limitations placed makes you use all as wisely as possible, therefore making you think about and as your having think your more ingrossed more a part of. Good side of per encounter no limits is the freedom it give and not having back track when make mistake. Bad side to per rest and having limitations is having back track and not know what will happen so always unsure what can be used when. Bad side to per encounter and no limits just rest always and throw best at it consently no planning no thought simple onesided encounters, might as well delete lower spells and buffs as no use as gain better. Do we actually have to have one side win and lose out no. As said best system would put option that allows you choose way you like to play and then choose difficulty everyone can be happy everyone wins. No need to fight and claim anyone one side is better then other as the truth is both are right and both can be fun for differnt people. Anyone says can't be done wrong write up 2 scripts one for each system and your choice defines which script game loads.
  7. There are a lot of ideas for making Deadifire's challenge to suit different people here If they add Berath's Curses, or call them whatever you want, then surely there's going to be something to make resources more scarce in the game, less empowers, maybe you can only rest on the boat as has been suggested, whatever. I don't think your two ability resource systems wish is ever going to be fulfilled unfortunately, since it's most likely just way too much work. I don't know if the devs read that thread but adding my ideas there at least made me feel a bit better. I see your point did say earlier might be that my idea only work for Pillars 3 as games already out and my idea might require to much work. Thanks for posting that thread might be good idea post my idea there. As for devs I imagine if idea was really good lot people liked it they probably read it. So guess upto people choose what they like fight for it.. Thanks to all that replied to my idea helped me think about it and make it clearer.
  8. If tactical means having to save your scarce resources then: 1. The per rest saving in PoE didn't really matter all that much in the first place. Most fights in the game you can do just fine with per encounter abilities, especially after you get masteries. And when you did have to use your abilities there is such a massive difference between party power that you can just absolutely crush any fight you want to if you just empty your stores. What it does do it allows for a greater discrepancy between encounters, the toughest fights can be ten times tougher than a normal fight in the same dungeon, just because your party can peak to incredible power if necessary. But the price for that is one camping supply, of which you have two, and every dungeon is filled with those. Not very tactical. 2. The health/endurance system, I already said this earlier in this thread, but it doesn't do anything. Forces you to rest at some point maybe after using dangerous implement for too long. Costs you one camping supply. No matter what you'll still rest before every boss fight since you'll want to have that +10/15 ACC. Also not very tactical. Does casual mean getting to use your abilities in every fight instead of trying to win fights without using / minimal usage of your abilities? Gameplay wise as a player I know which one I'd choose, and if that makes me a casual then I'm a happy casual. The only problem is how well they'll be able to differentiate encounters from each other since you use the same abilities every time. In the first game it was very binary, you either used no/minimal abilities or you threw everything and the kitchen sink at them. You have a point but only if the game doesn't force you out of your comfort zone. If you can go back to the tarven any time you want, or if you find enough camping supplies everywhere that resting is a non issue, then you're absolutely right. But if the game takes those options from you at certain points, like if you enter a dungeon and you can't go back the way you came and have to find another exit, then it's very different. You have to start thinking about resources management and it becomes a lot more stressful. At least it is the first time around. Thanks good point That's why think having choice between tactical style and causal style is important and then having level choice story mode to PotD enables much more choice find exact balance for all people and doesn't limit people either. You can choose style and difficulty therefore always be comfortable/stressed as much you want enjoy. Also stops highest difficulty been for only those that like manage every little thing. If someone is achievement and difficulty loving person they can please there ego. Tactical mind fun is beating those limits that are in place but yes has be done in levels of difficulty so not only for 1% of gamers. Casual player like use everything and doesn't want lots of limits and maybe having back track for supplies. Game can cater for both if done in right way and stop lot fighting between players want game go one way while another set of players want it go in different direction.
  9. Firstly @sarakesh My idea not make PotD to easy. I will do my idea in more graphical way to show what I meaning Game start Tactical combat like pillars 1 limited rest and limited uses on abilities with improvements by asking tactical players what they improve and iked about pillars 2 or Casual combat unlimited rest and ability uses and improvements casual player wants. Difficulty Story mode easy normal veteran Potd That's what I mean by having that one extra option PotD can be made run for both casual player or tactical player not make it one level fits all. @Tela2k yes tactical would be more like pillars 1 limited rest and limited abilities usage, casual would be more freedom on rest and abilities like pillars 2, this should make it more fun for everyone as keeps all sides happy.
  10. I really enjoyed endless paths. I do miss not having anything like it in Pillars 2. As for start stop I liked fact it started and stopped had multiple story lines running so it had natural break points for me. Having massive end of game version of endless paths does sound interesting idea too. Only issue I really had with Pillars 1 was DLC spoilt levelling. do it at the end then not really got enough to do for soulbound stuff and if do it in the middle then spoilt level progression. As for DLC I actually enjoyed the DLC no complaints about it just way it was thought out with level progression/soulbound items. As for DLCs in 2 hope one might be like endless paths. Also hope that if smaller then white marsh we get white marsh size DLC in future.
  11. "I honestly don't see how POE 2 can be made challenging as no limits mean having to make really massive changes to game already out. Adding in more bad guys or other things not really going to make game of tactical choices and if we fudge it with bad idea we could make it unplayable for casual players and possibly kill franchise." Um, this is what multiple difficulties are for. There are 5 difficulty settings in Pillars. "Even a casual player wants to complete game on hardest level, no one wants feel inferior to another person." I think that's neither a realistic thing, nor something that should be supported - sacrificing the entire rest of the playerbase and quality and depth of the game because: "Even a casual player wants to complete game on hardest level, no one wants feel inferior to another person." The entire gaming industry is centered around them. Let us at least have one thing. Just one difficulty. I have to agree at least to some degree. The overall problem in my opinion is that a lot of people are confusing beeing able to beat a game on higher difficulties with an overall worth of a person (casual and hardcore gamers alike). But beeing able to beat any game on higher difficulties doesn´t reflect on ones overall worth or intelligence, but on a particular skillset which is needed to do so. It´s a skewd perspective. In a lot of cases, it comes down to two things in my opionion: Determination and time. The later affects a lot of people, at least people I use to talk about games. Most of them have demanding jobs, families or other hobbies which keep them ocupied. Those people don´t need to or rather haven´t the time to finish a game on harder difficulties. This is what difficulty settings are for. It´s the most or rather the best option a developer has to be as most inclusive as possible. I agree what difficulty person finishes game on doesn't matter. unfortunately achievements seem be helping push mind sets of people trying achieve hardest settings and getting all the achievements, this does spoil games for people cause can lead to insults and one upping others and lot of what best path get the achievements rather then enjoy game. I mean more for it to be about casual style and tactical style so all are more happy. Pillars 1 was more tactical in combat and 2 currently feels more casual in combat I think simply having option in start the game give either tactical combat like pillars 1 or casual combat like pillars 2 will make more gamers happy, so not so much about the difficulty can still have levels of difficulty but more a choice in combat style. Also having this choice should allow casual players to complete game on harder levels to. Currently in Pillars 1 PotD really only for those that like manage every little thing so only really for tactically minded players.
  12. I remember reaching that thinking to myself what's worse that can happen and jumping in realise only had 2 camping supplies left. So yes I totally get what you mean and for me pillars 1 combat is better as yes makes fun memories. But I do understand casual gamers to thinking it boring to be limited wanting use full powers all the time. I also get that for some players they like long interesting story but don't have time to manage every tiny aspect of combat. that's why think we need combat choice at start which gives either tactical combat or casual combat both sides are happy then.
  13. "I honestly don't see how POE 2 can be made challenging as no limits mean having to make really massive changes to game already out. Adding in more bad guys or other things not really going to make game of tactical choices and if we fudge it with bad idea we could make it unplayable for casual players and possibly kill franchise." Um, this is what multiple difficulties are for. There are 5 difficulty settings in Pillars. "Even a casual player wants to complete game on hardest level, no one wants feel inferior to another person." I think that's neither a realistic thing (most casual players i know or hear of, are quite happy on their normal/hard maybe vet etc) nor something that should be supported, sacrificing the entire rest of the playerbase because: ""Even a casual player wants to complete game on hardest level, no one wants feel inferior to another person." Yes there are 5 levels difficulty and for lot of people played PotD on pillars 1 non of those difficulties are difficult cause the mechanics been changed to more causal gamers style that's my point 1 is more tactical and 2 more causal based. We need system for pillars 3 that caters to both groups. That's what this whole thread is about causal gamers like combat in pillars 2 and tactical thinkers like combat from 1. Neither side is wrong and I hope pillars 3 will be happy places for all. Point is take best bits from pillars 1 combat add in some good changes needed for tactical players and for causal players take best of combat from pillars 2 add in some good changes it needs to then give the choice at game start either choose tactical combat or causal combat style and everyone's happy. Adding more bad guys to each combat not making game harder or tactical just thin out enemy by using choke points.
  14. Important point that think needs be made is POE 1 was more for the tactical thinker and the casual player could tone level down to play. POE 2 more for causal player cause having no real limits and no progression in one fight to next you can throw everything then rest if need and throw everything in next fight no tactics no thought needed. Now the important point we need casual players and we need the tactical thinkers. I myself am a tactical thinker and like to think and have limits to try get best out myself but I understand that a company and a franchise can not exist without casual player, games take money to make and tactical thinkers not majority of gamers. Without causal players we will lose games and franchises. As a tactical thinker its not fun cause only few games are made for us, most are just cheese fest for casual gamers with tricks. I honestly don't see how POE 2 can be made challenging as no limits mean having to make really massive changes to game already out. Adding in more bad guys or other things not really going to make game of tactical choices and if we fudge it with bad idea we could make it unplayable for casual players and possibly kill franchise. I hope that game can be balanced and given time be better. I hope that it will be good for all types of players. I honestly don't think it going be perfect. I think obsidian need think hard for POE 3 if they are going make it. I think they need option in game start that gives you choice of style 1 geared for tactical thinker and one for casual player. Even a casual player wants to complete game on hardest level, no one wants feel inferior to another person. Most people not going want to admit I complete game on story mode only. Why would anyone want to admit that in world where people can be judging and nasty. I think therefore having a casual or tactical choice at start makes better sense both sets players can complete game on hardest level and feel good and not worry about been judged. It will also be better as your splitting the two groups apart enabling game shine for all. Remember lot of causal players just children and kids are very competitive. As is one shine for tactical thinker and 2 shines for casual player. I truly hope 3 shine for all!
  15. Frame rate drops when I enter Forgotten mausoleum and suddenly goes back to normal when leave that area. Strange as area not big and not much in there. I have had no FPS issues to date in any other area I visited so far. Currently got as far as old city. I have I5 with GTX 960 graphics card drivers are upto date and as said been in graphical areas that are bigger and have lot more in and no issues with FPS. Windows 10 did download new update while was playing so I rerun that area second time today and same slow down so don't think my computer was busy. While rerunning that area checked graphics card it did spike in temp by about 1 degree while in that area. When left it dropped back 1 degree. My graphics card runs at about 50 degrees while under use hit 51 in that area. After rerunning it again did same.
  16. I had this happen in Magan's temple and I only had Pallegina's in party for very short time. Xoti behaved as Pallegina's had been making negative comments about the gods for long time. Said I had choose between them.
  17. Here was 6pm release so spent most day at café eyeing up the cute waitress rather then home waiting release all day as would of seriously driven me crazy. @darkhayze hows the unpacking going? @AlphaShard can so understand the inability to focus. Still not found any more codes for cosmo, obsidian your killing us with waiting!
  18. Between downloading game from gog and trying get last 5 codes, driving me crazy want play the game. I think I am worse then child in candy store.
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