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  1. Don't get me wrong I liked both KOTOR and TSL but I think that they should just leave well enough alone. We know that as a LS jedi the exile went off to find revan and as a DS jedi he stayed to rule the galaxy and Revan went off to battle the 'True' Sith regaurdless of how you chose in the first game. I think they should just say ok thats the end of their stories as far as playable characters and now they will go down in history as great/evil jedi, nows the time to move on and start fresh with another new jedi (one who perhaps is new to the order) giving us the chance to guide them from normal to jedi master/ sith lord through out the course of the game. I don't think 100 years is too drastic mainly because if its too close to the time of TSL people will complain that its not taking place at the end of TSL. THe closure your talking of could still happen 100 years later perhaps by learning of their exploits during your training, or while talking to various long living jedi (not sure how many can live over 100 years). Plus it would completely remove the PC from any of the problems that either Revan or the Exile caused during those two game (i.e. the sith winning) because 100 years should be more than enough time for the jedi/ sith order to rebuild. I am not sure if I understand what you mean by it being no longer possible to set the game 100+ years after TSL, I mean sure for those who are looking for the perfect ending to TSL it would suck as it would look like LA (I say LA because we don't know for sure that OE is doing KOTOR III which means that if they aren't then more than likely we see much of revan or the exile since they are other peoples characters and no one likes to work with someone elses character when it comes to a role playing game) )has given up on the exile and Revan. But the thing is that how could you possibly tell the story any further than it already has without making it into a muddled mess? If you continue then you will have to bring back revan which isn't OEs character to begin with thus meaning that they would more than likely have to decide for us what revan was (either LS or DS and either Male or Female) which would piss off a lot of people (more than if he wasn't in the game to begin with) and then if OE doesn't do KOTOR III then we have a new developer working with not one but two character that other people have created meaning that it would just make the game that much worse since now we wouldn't have any control over what either character looked like or what their alignment was or what their actions where during their respective games. It would just be easier to start fresh and tell their stories either via flashbacks or via conversations in the game. As to your coment about the story being non linear that kinda ruins the whole point of an RPG doesn't it?
  2. once agian finding these crystals is all random... heck I played through an entire game and never found a power crystal (NOT ONE!!!) even in the crystal caves. Mind you I had tons of colour crystals but no power crystals sometimes the random loot system sucks other times its great (also on a side note to those with the xbox if you do the multiple reload thing to often your game will freeze and possibly destroy a game save, so always make double saves if your going to do it).
  3. well if you stop screwing with the colour of your text maybe it would be easier for us to understand what your problem is exactly. Also it doesn't matter which character you have with you, if your game is acting up you should go exchange it for another copy as soon as possible.
  4. When I first finished TSL I wanted KOTOR III to finish the story but as time has passed I am looking more towards the next set of stories that have nothing to do with Revan or the exile. I think that KOTOR III should be set some 100+ years in the future of TSL. That way, as the original poster stated, it would give the writers and developers more freedom when it comes to creating KOTOR III. This way they wouldn't have to worry about what the exile or Revan did in the past two games nor would they have to worry about what the outcome of the past two games were. I know there are still a lot of people who want KOTOR III to wrap up what was left open ended in TSL but I think that would only serve to hinder the developement of the game and possibly cause more peroblems than what we had in TSL when it came to dealing with just Revans past game expliots.
  5. hence the whole 'random' part of random drop system (meaning it may never be in the same spot more than once... other than while doing multiple loading)
  6. I read some place on these forums that Ni was supost to meet the exile at peragus along with sion or maybe in place of sion I am not sure. I also think he was suppost to be the main bad guy... though thats more speculation than fact on my part.
  7. your right it would have been interesting to see those two flaskbacls since they would give another way for the player to connect to the characters. But the question I guess would be is how would you show the distructiopn of both planets? It would be difficult to show that level of distruction in a video game to a level that is belivable enough for the gammer while not being so violent as to raise the age level of the game from teen to mature (since ripping someone from the force is suppost to be unbearably painful, not like gassing a room where everyone just drops to the ground dead from the gasses)?
  8. For those who are wondering (this has already been discussed awhile ago) the bronze crystal was put into the game as a treat for anyone with a HDTV (since HDTV's show more colours at a better resolution than standard TVs and computer screens). If you have a HDTV load two sabers one with the orange crystal and one with the bronze and you should notice a slightly different shade of colour between the two... thats it. Also about the cyan crystal I have the Xbox version and I usally use the cyan crystal in my sabers and I have never noticed them staying lit all the time, they always seem to shut down after 5 seconds or whatever it does when any other crystal is used.
  9. While I thought the amount of info given about Ni during the game was enough to base the character on I would have liked to have seen more of him during the game maybe had a run in or two during the course of the game instead of just hearing about how bad he was during it. I agree that a cut scene showing his distuction of the miraluka homeworld would have also been nice to show the extent of his power, But I think it might have been too much wanton distruction for them to show in this type of game I mean we already have two worlds that get killed during the game did we really need to see another?
  10. Yes true! but saying that the DLC coding wasn't removed they could have included a patch with the standard DLC, which wouldn't realy go against M$'s standard practice would it? but then agian this is all really a mute point since the coding was removed prior to the games release.
  11. As far as I can tell its more or less hit or miss though I recomend trying what cereron said (as I am as soon as I get to the sotre to get a new mem card). I have been having the same problem and I always just figured that it didn't work because my Xbox wasn't modded so I guess I have something new to try and see if it works.
  12. Should they YES!!! can they I don't think so since there is no DLC support for TSL and without it I am not sure if even if they were to release it on a CD that loads onto the XBoxs HD that the game would even recognize it/ load it during game play. The only real way to impliment a patch would be to re-release the game and that would prove to be suicide for OE since it would make them look incompitent in the eyes of the industry and I sure that they wouldn't want that... not too mention how it would look to the gamers that would more than likely have to re-purchase the game again.
  13. Yes I agree, they can do it. As I have said numerous times, it has been done for Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon. That
  14. This is the first messages board I ever joined, in the time I have been here I have joined a few others some dealing with Star wars and others that have nothing to do with it. But by far these are the best boards around! I guess I have just become accustomed to the general banter that goes on, on this board, where even someone with low posts has a voice and wont (at least not always) be trampled on just because they have a low post count. I for one loved KOTOR: TSL, while I have voiced my opinion and concerns over certain aspects of the game since its release, I far preferred the story behind TSL over that of KOTOR (minus a few things that really if you followed my posts I don't need to mention at this time). I loved the fact that the devs actually cared enough to answer the vast majority of our concerns prior to the release of the game and even took the time to consider our suggestions for things that we thought should be implemented into the game. One thing I really liked was the whole weekend developer thread that Akari stared and that a few of the other devs got in on to answer our questions way back in the fall of last year, as well as the threads that Mr. Avallone took the time to write about the various different parts of the game play which basically let us know what to expect in the game when it came out. Now with all that being said, I can fully understand why the devs haven't posted a lot since the games release mainly due to the fact that they are VERY busy either with the patch that is coming out or with the development of NWN 2 which is going on at this time. I must say that I don't very much like the idea of these boards being closed since this is where I spend the vast majority of my internet time. But I do at least understand that these board cost money to operate and that any bad press being caused by either us posters or by the press directly affects OE and the way they interact with LA. What I would like is that OE would at least reconsider closing these boards even if it
  15. Did anyone else notice dukoo's(sp?) face? it looks like he is constapated
  16. You can open those plasteel cylinder with a mine and some demolition skill. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, you can't. If you could open it with demolition skills, then it would say, "Skill too low," rather than "Impossible." And I tried using a Dealy Frag Mine, but no dice. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I opened it last time through with just my security skill, though I had it up to 35 or so with bonus's from equipment, 25 or 26 without.
  17. Grandiloquent n00b, it's a flashback when you served under Revan. You see it both in LS and DS because the cave (Ludo Kreesh's tomb) shows the darkness of the Exile's past. <_< <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The first few times I saw this I never paid much attention to it, I just passed it off to as you both have said of when the PC was Revan's general. But on my last play through Kreia said something when I first met her in the tomb (before the choice to fight or not) she said that I had faced my past and soon I will face my future but now I must face my present (or something to that effect) I was wondering if maybe it as to symbolize that the exile would stand beside Revan again in the future either as an apprentice/ equal if DS or ally if LS. Anyone else notice this?
  18. well atleast I am not the only crazy person on these boards, because I thought the samething when I first heard/saw him. But after I noticed this I kept looking to see where Harlord(sp?) was .
  19. I say if there was to be one set after the movies that it should be set 1000 years or more after them that way there is no chance of running into current characters in the EU, plus they would have a little more freedom as to whats going on compaired to the current time period.
  20. You do realize that it works out either way right, so really its correct (because anything either divided or multiplied by 1 will always equel itself).
  21. Hell if they had left the DL capabilities in the Xbox version they could have made them into one of the 6 pre-planned DLC packs, but since they took that out of the Xbox version I am not sure if there will be any DLC for the PC since they will more than likely insight a riot if they make DLC for the PC.
  22. The option to put ones hood up and down would also be nice ..... actually I guess having a robe with a hood would be a nice first step <_< .
  23. on my last playthrough I found zero power crystals in the entire game (not even in the crystal caves) all I could find in the way of crystals is colour crystals.... mind you I had 7 corillian power suits, 5 onasi blasters, and 2 circle of saresh's (not to mention many others that I sold or broke down almost as soon as I got them). I just think anything that can make it so that you can find no power crystals (without cheating that is) just shouldn't be used in a video game, atleast not the way it currently works anyway.
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