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  1. I never thought of that but that would be very cool.
  2. Darkside worlds? Let's see........ Korriban Dagobah Yavin 4 Dathomir Ziost (if that's how it's spelled) Of course there are plenty of other planets to choose from, like Rhen Var, Lok, Meramere, Vortex, Corellia, Chandrila, Sleheydron, etc. And BTW, Ewoks are on the Sanctuary Moon of Endor. thanks I couldn't remember that for the life of me.
  3. But aside from that I think this game hold some serious promise. I just can't wait until they release some of the other Dark Lords... hmm I wonder if there is going to be an apprentice with each one? I would also like to find out about some LS powers thus far all I have heard of is DS powers.
  4. hmmm maybe I shouldn't be watching the final matrix while posting ... better go shut it off before it rots my brain :D
  5. what about Alderan or Yavin IV or maybe the planet the Ewoks were on? I think I remember reading someplace that alot of the planets would have a DS past to them, though I might be wrong on that.
  6. Here's an idea that would only really work if you were a LS after you kill the head sith lord you see this computer start up at the far end of the room. As you walk closer to it you see a holo imager activate. Once your standing near it you see the hologram is a representation of as you begin to walk away you hear a sound, you turn around to see the hologram walk out from the holo imager. The hologram tell you that during your battle with the Dark Lord you were scanned and now you will have to battle yourself, only pur evil and similar powers only DS to you, and as a finale twist it tells you that its is stronger than you and that you will have little to no chance of winning. I know its JUST a little out there huh?
  7. Speaking of battling, we also got a look at some of the sweet new force powers in the game. Both of the powers that we were shown were from the Dark Side, and they were definitely not for nice guys. Force Scream is a ranged sonic attack of sorts, as your character will let out an ear piercing scream that will either kill or stun any enemies in the blast radius. Unfortunately, the balancing hadn't been fully finished, so everytime we saw the power in action, it killed everyone nearby. The sound wasn't finished yet, either, so we only saw sonic waves radiate out from the character. Still, it looks like this will be a very powerful addition to any Dark Jedi's bag of tricks. The second new Dark Side force power we saw was Force Crush. This one was pretty bad-ass, as you lift your enemy off of the ground, hold him aloft for a few seconds, then use your mind to crush him into a ball. The animation didn't seem to be completed, but it definitely looks like this will be one of the more brutal powers we've seen so far. Your enemy's arms and legs bend at impossible angles, and I can just imagine the sickening sound effects that will created to go along with the animations. go to http://xbox.gamespy.com/xbox/star-wars-kni...2/530479p2.html for the full article. B)
  8. Iziz? isn't that the name of the jawa leader at the tattooine (or how ever its spelled) gate?
  9. Force Rage sounds cool but I also like the sounds (no pun intended) of Force Screem. I like the Idea of being able to kill people with just a screem, or if nothing else you will stun them so its all good I guess.
  10. Where are you getting the info on Onderon? I would like to read the article. Sorry about that, I didn't see the link so ignore my previous post. Thanks
  11. Where are you getting the info on Onderon? I would like to read the article.
  12. I am not sure how acurate this is or how relivant to be honest but this is a quote from an article at gamebanshee.com "The Sith Lords features 7 new fully explorable planets, one of which you've already visited in the last game but will likely not recognize in its current state: Dantooine. Another new planet is Telos, the one Carth in the original game hailed from. Expect to see cameos and back-story filler from Carth, T3-M4, HK-47 (of course) and a slew of others who survived the last story. So does that mean Revan will make an appearance? This has been confirmed, but his/her story kept secret." to read the full article go to: http://www.gamebanshee.com/previews/kotoriipreview1.php
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