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  1. Flurry and Heal yes, the rest of your list I never use and I still find it easy.
  2. can someone provide a link to the list of "top 100 games of all time" please.
  3. Nope it's not! it's Knights Of The Old Republic. OK we don't know what the game would be like to have a padawan as the PC, mainly because we haven't had a RPG where one was the PC (as far as I know anyway). I think it would be interesting to still have the "uber" powerful jedi by the end of the game but I would like for once to start with just a plain jane jedi for once (and before someone says it in KOTOR you weren't a normal jedi, even if you didn't know that you were revan at the time). I don't know, it could be the most boring game ever made but you have to admit that starting with a speacial jedi in every game is getting kinda redundent and boring to a certain point.
  4. I agree with everything you have said above... except for staying one class through the entire game, I liked the various classes that we were given the choices of in both K1 and K2. I also think we should be given the choice to start the game as either a jedi padawan or a sith padawan and learn from either perspective master, and of course be given the chance to change between jedi and sith during the course of the game depending on how you are playing.
  5. I think I doubt LA and OE (for the most part anyway) about as much as one person can when it comes to this game. But the thing is why would they lie about taking out something that could in the end only improve the game ? I know they were talking at one time of adding all this great stuff to both versions of the game (i.e. each version of the game having its own set of DLC). The coding was already in the engine when OE got it so I am not exactly sure why it was taken out to begin with... unless they (OE) were ordered to take it out, but the chances of someone from OE saying this is highly unlikely. But in the end I only have the word of a dev to go on so, Yes, if someone out there (maybe someone who is working on the restoration project) can answer this it would help out a lot.
  6. Yes but it was only available by using Xbox live, it was never releeased in a CD version.
  7. You seemed to have missed what I was saying, IT CAN'T BE DONE!!!... atleast with K2. Why? you might ask, well as I said because the coding isn't in the game to allow it to read the data your installing on the HD, therefore the game would not recognize the data and thus the data would be useless to anyone who doesn't have a modded Xbox (since they can modify the code as they need it). Yes I know OXM has done it in the past but not with a KOTOR game, and because (as I have already said) LA rejected that idea back when the DLC for KOTOR 1 was released, I can't say for sure which mag it was that asked LA for the rights to release the DLC to people who doesn't/didn't have live access, it sticks in my mind that it was OXM but I can't say for sure. Also its not speculation as to why we can't get a patch for the Xbox, the devs even said this was the reason why.
  8. Two problems with your idea, The first is that LA has in the past rejected the idea of releasing a patch/update for a KOTOR game (namely the Yavin update for KOTOR, I forget which mag wanted to include it on their disk and LA said NO!). The second reason why you will never see a patch for the Xbox version IS because it isn't Live enabled, the game has to have to coding (which is the same for Xbox live) that would allow it to pick up on the data stored on the HD and run it in place of the existing data thats on the disk. Now since K2 doesn't have this coding/ or it isn't activated (whichever the case may be) it seems rather unlikely that they would choose that route. Besides it wouldn't make much of a difference if they released the patch Via CD anyway, the only people who would benifit from the patch would be the people who have a mod chip in their Xbox, and since LA and MS both hate Modded Xbox's I really can't this happening anytime soon. So again to state this a little more clearly there will NEVER be a patch for the Xbox version of K2.
  9. KOTOR 3: Carth, The other dark lord KOTOR 3: Jolee the next super jedi KOTOR 3: Vandar Returns KOTOR 3: The return of Mission KOTOR 3: The death of Revan KOTOR 3: The death of the Exile KOTOR 3: Nothing to do with Revan or the Exile KOTOR 3: B4-D4's Revenge KOTOR 3: The fish people strike back KOTOR 3: Light and Dark KOTOR 3: All Tatooine, all the time KOTOR 3: The HK saga KOTOR 3: The magnetically sealed doors
  10. It was likely a time issue (which is really a money issue-how much money LA is willing to pay obsidian determines the length of the project). As I understand it Obsidian had grand plans to add as many as 5 planets via XBox Live. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> In truth I think it was a little of both OE not having enough time and LA not wanting it in the contract/ not willing to pay for it. We already know that the almighty buck rules the house at LA so would it really be that far beyond the edge of reason for money to be a deciding factor in whether or not there was to be DLC. Because heck they had to wade through the engine/game code and delete/ turn off the coding for the Xbox live so there had to be some reason as to why they chose to do it... I am willing to bet OE wasn't the ones who wanted it gone.
  11. It more than likely wouldn't have taken that long since the coding was already there in the engine for DLC support but it was taken out, now the question becomes why was it taken out... Did LA order it taken out? or Did OE decide that they wouldn't have enough time to make a patch/DLC pack for the Xbox?
  12. You can only patch games that are Live enabled. Halo is Live Enabled, TSL is NOT Live enabled therefore you can NOT patch TSL on Xbox. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> And regardless, MS doesn't allow bug fix patches as such, period. Ever. They allow downloadable content. So even if TSL were a Live game, which it isn't, MS would not allow a bug-fix patch. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> All very true but IF TSL was Live enabled then they could have included the patch with DLC and MS wouldn't care.... I think . But really this is a rather mute point since TSL IS NOT!!! live enabled. <_<
  13. What do you mean by "1,000 point scale"? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I was wondering that as well.
  14. Have you finished Dantooine yet or are you still working on it? because you can get a lens from a guy in the Kahoonda building, by doing his mini quest.
  15. There are two types of lens in the game one you can build and one you get from quests in the game you more than likely have 8 of the first type. You need to help someone who will give you lightsaber parts and that should give you your missing lens. I recommend going to Nar shadaa since its the easiest place to get all you lightsaber parts quickly.
  16. ummm Master Dahvernas just so you know it wasn't OE who did the QA/beta testing for K2 it was LA so all your anger should be directed at them.
  17. I think using any part of the FPS system would completely suck. If I wanted to play a FPS then I would go and buy one but since I don't then I think they should leave this style of combat in the KOTOR series till the end, maybe refine it a little (saying that is possible) but generally keep the system the same.
  18. Very well put Laozi! I also must agree with what your saying here . The chances of LA using another developer is rather high since OE already has another hidden project on the fore front so the likely hood that they will do that and another KOTOR is highly unlikely. So LA likely instructed OE to leave it so that if another developer was to take over the rains of the KOTOR series they would have as much freedom as is possible in the starwars universe. I am not sure if I really understand what your saying here, can you explain it a little more.
  19. Well, you don't really know what has happened in the interim ... maybe one or both spent months/years floating in space after a crash / during long transit to the outer part of the Outer Rim ... Maybe they might have been damaged (lose an arm and you must loose some STR / DEX / CON; a good head shot would certainly destroy some INT/WIS/CHA, if not grant a lobotomy and take off a few experience levels ...) I mean unless a character is constantly earning experience, then logic suggests (based on real life) that it will gradually ebb away. Take memory for example: average memory loss after 24 hours is over 60%, the graph of recall versus time gradually shallowing as time passes, but the net memory is proportionally tiny. (This is a factor of attention, so more focus gives longevity of memory, which is why I can remember the events a few seconds either side of the photgraphs I was shot in when I was two years old, but not the exact shirt I wore on Tuesday last week.) So I would say it is more consistent that the characters have lost at least some of their experience. Maybe down to level 5 or so? :ph34r: Running around (semi-) naked and ill or injured is another tactic that I like to see implemented, too. Perhaps after capture you escape (like in K1) so that you can't rely on implants and bonus due to equipment for a time. (And there definitely should be a cap on bonuses added to attributes: anything over +10 is warping the concept beyond sane levels and is undeniably, ineluctably, indubitably munkinism. ) It's all moot anyway; the experience scale was so skewed that after a couple of fights the PC was at the next level, anyway. " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well the thing is that we can reasonably assume that they would have been gaining XP at a fairly steady rate since the finish of either game. We were told in K2 that the "True Sith Empire" was really strong and that they would have techniques that no one in known space would know/ or have seen in a really long time. SO I would think that they would have a hell of a fight on their hands. Even if you were to say that Revan was DS at the end of K1 then he would be constently learning these acient techniques from the "True Sith". Not too mention the fact that he would be constantly testing his skills. The Exile on the other hand is the only one that it could make sense to start at a somewhat lower level than he finished at, only if he doesn't have any companions with him since a lot of his power comes from being around force sensitives, but again if K3 is going to be a direct continuation then its likely that he would retain almost all of his power maybe loosing at most 2 or 3 levels in the time between games. Also I would consider a direct continuation to be for K3 to start at the same point where K2 ended, not a year, month or day after but right at the minute K2 ended (i.e. we start the game entering hyper space at M5 and heading for a world unknown).
  20. But if your talking about Revan and the Exile then that really doesn't fit for K3 since they would have been in an almost constant state of battle since the end of both K1 and K2 (depending on which character your talking about), SO they shouldn't loose levels they should infact gain them. It would make even less sense if they do decide to make K3 a direct continuation, since the Exile should start K3 at the same level as he was when he left the trayus core.
  21. remember those hiding Jedi Masters - They were hiding on worlds touched by the darkside/war thus making it harder for them to sensed. Also Remember Darth Sidious and how he hid his powers in FRONT OF the Jedi Masters while he was Palptine. - Was it not explained that he was known to be force sensitive but had been too old for training, if so then it would only stand to reason that the Masters would know about his connections to the force and not suspect him anymore than anyone else. Remember Canderous/Mandolare was a LVL 5 when Exile meet him at Dxun but Revan meet him earlier when Canderous was at LVL 7. - That was sort of explained in the game (or maybe it was Chris Avalone who said that back in Oct/Nov) as to him getting older and thus he required more stims and implants to remain strong. It is possible for Revan or Exile to hid their powers if they had a good reason too. - I see what your getting at but it still doesn't make much sense to me.
  22. As far as I know Jedi can't hide their power like those in the DragonBall Z/GT universe can, I know they can hide what they look like but if they are around other force sensitives they will be found out quickly.
  23. ummm.... ok.... so we are going to have CRAZY! Jedi now??? Ok for some reason, and you can call me crazy for this if you like, but I doubt that they will choose that idea. It still wouldn't solve the problem of their power level. It would only hide the fact of who they are from the player nothing more, their power would have stay they same or else it wouldn't make any sense what so ever.
  24. well the thing is with both Revan and the Exile is that they tried to explain why they had lost thier powers and to be fair the did a fairly reasonable job dooing so. But the thing is that if they choose to use either character again what are they going to do in order to solve this problem? They can't have either loose their memories again or have either cut themselves off from the force again, since both have been done and by doing it again it would only serve to anoy the fans of the series.
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