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  1. If they would just abandon the whole "Story of Revan" plot line and start original, then yes there could very well be KOTOR 4, 5, 6... 100. The main thing is (as almost everyone here will attest) having a story that will draw in the player, mind you the second most important thing is for the game to work properly and too be finished even if we have to wait three years between games I am sure it would be worth it in the end. Anyway back to my first point here they should really give up on telling revans story atleast for a while since its going no where, if K3 follows either Revan or the Exile to the unknown regions then its more than likely that they will die at some point in the game and that will piss off more people than just leaving their story on the back burnner for a couple games and maybe bringing them back in future titles to maybe gather a force to hold off the "true sith". The only other possible solution to following revan and the exile to the unknown regions is that it would end in a draw, and since the "true sith" have a much stronger connection to the force and force powers that neither revan nore the exile have ever seen it would seem unlikely that two "children" would even hold a candle to the power that a single "true sith" would weild. I think the main misstake that was made in K2 was allowing it too interfeer with the set story of K1 (by making revan take off to the unknown regions [not sure who it was who thought it was a good idea at the time, but they were wrong]). They should have left well enough alone, because come on the galaxy is a very big place and while they could have mentioned Revan in convos and still had the metting of past characters in the game it would have been possible to do all that without taking revan out of known space. But honestly I think that there will be atleast 6 KOTOR series games simply to copy the movies then its likely that LA will move on to another time period and repeat the process until either they (developers and LA) run out of ideas or the games stop selling.
  2. I am really surprised to find this many people who like KOTOR's engine/graphics, I would have figured more than is shown in the poll would have wanted a new engine for the thrid installment of the franchise. But sadly it seems that the vast majority like it the way it is, I just it hope its not "fanboy-ism" thats voting (by that I mean "well the last two games used the same engine so, so should the thrid one new technology be dambed!") because if that was the case they/you should maybe take a step back and ask yourself how long do you think the franchise/series is going to last if every game uses this tired old engine? and before you say "well they should use it for this next game, AND then move on to bigger and better things", well think about it if your wanting it to stay the same this time around its likely that someone else will not want it to change the next time either and then as the sales go down (because of lack of eye candy, which does tend to sell games to the general gammer) we will be left with no more "good" star wars games to play. So I say scrap the old engine its served its time and now it's time to move onto bigger and better things, and with the first of the new consoles hitting the market in a few months or so it would only seem reasonable to do so since this current engine would only serve to hinder the chances of a KOTOR 4 - 9,000,000 being made.
  3. Look at the very bottom of the article and it says that it was posted in august of last year. Here is a quote for all of you who may doubt me.
  4. No one but since almost everyone is either dead or mentioned in the endings as then it would only seem to reason that (atleast for the old crews anyway) Revan and the exile would be on their own. atleast five times in the KOTOR games more than likely more a breakdown in case your wondering; all did as they were told and stayed behind leaving revan to go off and fight the big bad sith by himself You are wrong on this point because I think everyone would have been happy if K2 was done without involving Revan in anyway shap or form, I mean his story was finished at the end of K1 and maybe should have been left that way Not sure who the bone head was who decided to mess with that story but they should get fired because it was nothing but a bad idea from the get go... but in all fairness to whoever it was who did decide to involve Revan, the fans (and you know who you are) were begging like little kids in a candy store for revan to be in the game.
  5. Hard to belive as it is there are still people out there who haven't played either K1 or K2 so when it comes to buying the third game in the series they will be heavily realying on the reveiws in making their decission to buy the game. Now I can understand how the story is the main selling point in RPGs (this is ofcource assuming that the game works correctly) but graphics and graphics detail has to be next on the list. They help to bring the player futher into the world the programers and writers where invisioning when they made the game. Honestly how sucessful do you think K1 would have been if it was an 8-bit 2D sidescroller? more than likely it wouldn't have sold even a tenth of the copies that it did, and why is that? because the graphics hooked the gamer and the story held them there till the end. Personally I think that K3 should have a serious graphics/engine overhaul (perferably including the addition of a physics engine this time around). Since it is likely that K3 will be comming out on Xbox 360 it would be reasonable to assume that K3 will be leaps and bounds a head of what both K1 and K2 where graphics wise and we can only hope that it measures up, if not surpassing them, story wise.
  6. It would take more than just the cut content for me to pay $50 again, I would though pay another $50 if they added three more worlds and some new weapons/armor/etc. along with the cut content.
  7. go to IGN's Page for more info on the XBOX 360. There is one article that has some interesting picts of it (whether or not they are real picts are a question though). Here is a couple of the picts.
  8. Not to be an ass or anything but has there ever been an "offical" MOD? I mean in my way of thinking it would only stand to reason that a MOD isn't something that would be offical other wise it would be called a content patch or something to that effect.
  9. As far as I know no one has said you can't update games on the Xbox... mind you most people have said that you can't get patches vis Xbox live, but you can get content updates for most games.... Just not K2. And oh yeah I own an Xbox and thats the only system I have K2 for so trust me when I say I have looked into this! I even asked a dev about updates and they said there would/couldn't be any (back when they answered question on a regular basis that is). Not too mention the game case doesn't have the little Xbox Live logo on it like KOTOR does, should be one of the first clues that updates aren't going to happen (yes and that does mean on CD too, since LA doesn't like doing that, atleast for KOTOR series games anyway).
  10. There is? News too me Honestly I think it might be kinda interesting as long as its nothing like SW: Republic commando, but hey thats just me.
  11. I am glad to see that there are more people out there comming around to the idea of K3 having nothing to do with Revan and the Exile what so ever, in my mind it would only make things worse to try a work them into the story of K3. Only problem with that idea is it seems more than likely that K3 will be out for Xbox360 (or whatever they are calling it) and not the original Xbox which means that there would be no save games for it to take the info from (and if the rumours are true then there will no hard drive in which to store them on).
  12. Do a search for the info, about a month ago I saw a topic dealing with the same thing on these boards. Also for those who don't know what Jeraldo27 is talking about, well the Prima strategy guide came in two formats for K2 one with and one without a DVD. The DVD has a bonus section and you need a code to access it.
  13. really another year would have been more than enough to finish the polishing of K2. Besides in that year they could have included all the cut content in the game, which would have more than likely improved a lot of people's veiw of K2. Your right the screen shots for Oblivion are great and I would imagine that when K3 is released the graphics will be that good if not better, but too say that story isn't one of the most important parts of an RPG is kind short sighted. I mean without the immense story that comes with a RPG all you would have is a slow paced FPS, needless to say that more than likely wouldn't sell all that well.
  14. where are you getting the fact that it will be released in the next 18 months? As far as we know it might not be released for another 3 or 4 years. We all should have learned by now that an 18 month time table just doesn't lend its self to making a Great game (a good game yes, a great game NO!). more than likely we wont hear anything about K3 until its very close to gold status, and that more than likely won't be for another couple years since they more than likely will be using a new engine for the third installment. It really wouldn't be that big of a deal if they decided to drop the current story line in favour of a new guy, infact it seems quite likely since it would be nearly impossible to work either the Exile's or Revan's level into the starting levels of the new game. More than likely what you will wind up seeing is whoever is developing the game taking and starting from scratch in a different era (this is saying that OE doesn't develope K3) since they would have no clue where OE was intending the story to go.. So in other words if a new developer is chosen to make K3 then more than likely we will be left with the un answered questions from K2.
  15. Yes, it will. I've seen it too many times, and, funnily enough, it's always by people who are proclaiming the superiority of the first Kotor to the second. It just seems like people don't care enough about the game to spell the names correctly. It's not that hard to look something up if you're unsure of the spelling. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> so you can't find away to argue with someones reasons for liking K2 over K1, so you decide to attack their spelling? gee that makes a lot of sense.
  16. Your right if OE was given the same three years I would doubt that we would be seeing the same ammount of flames over how much someone dissliked K2 or how empty it seemed, there would still be those merry few who derive pleasure from berating a persons hardwork but they would be few and far between. The thing is that OE knew the time schedule from the moment they signed the contract with LA, they should have maybe asked for more time another year would have done wonders for the game and for the most part the gammers would have understood. Now this is all assuming that LA would have said ok to them taking another year to finish the game and since KOTOR is a cash cow and LA was dying to cash in on it again it seems unlikely that they would have said "go a head take another year and do it right, chris, we need this to be a game that the gamers will remember." I just hope LA doesn't treat whoever is doing K3 with the same dissrespect that seemed to treat OE, and I hope OE has learned from the misstakes that were made with K2 so they don't repeat them in future games.
  17. I would hope that we don't hear anything about K3 (atleast nothing offical) for atleast another year or two, since most games that are announced at E3 come out with in the next year and thats just too soon for the the next KOTOR game. I hope LA gives whoever is developing K3 roughly 3 years to do it right.
  18. If it's simply a typo, then fine, far be it from me to correct everyone's keyboarding mistakes. But I find that many many people say *Raven* instead of Revan, making it seem like it's more than just a typo. I mean, throughout the game you hear everyone clearly say REVan. You read "Revan" in the journal entries, in the subtitles, etc. It's just impossible to avoid being inundated with the correct spelling and pronunciation! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> then why not just chalk it up to a typo and deal with it? Because come on is it really going to cause the world to end if some people decide to not double check what they are posting?
  19. not really, its likely that whoever is working on K3 (saying anyone is at the moment) would rather keep it a secret, atleast until its almost complete, given the type of response that OE has recived since K2's release.
  20. It doesn't say that anywhere..... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Check page two.
  21. I would have to say that K1 was better than K2, only because I liked the major plaot twist, character developement, the clear set point of the game (find the star maps), and the over all feel of the game. SO really it was really tough to decide which I liked better . In all fairness there was a lot of things I liked about K2 (like the force powers and the character classes) there just happened to be more about K1 that I liked.
  22. *cough* bullsh!t *cough* Without a link to a reliable source (like LA, OE [or other developer], or even a good mag) the whole thread over there is nothing but a bad rumour, nothing more.
  23. See I have never played marrowmind, so I can't comment on its gameplay style. But I think having so many planets that have nothing to do with the story would knid of take away from the general gameplay. I could see having maybe one or two planets that have nothing to do with the story being a good thing but out of ten planets having six of them with no relation to the story would IMO just suck... unless they had some really interesting reasons for being there.
  24. I would hope that the next KOTOR is about twice to three times as long as K2 was (60-180 hrs to complete). If that was the case then they could program it so that as you gained each new class the non-party NPCs in the game would react to it, same as the farther you went down the darkside the more reaction that you would have from them (i.e. walking the other direction when they see you, refusing to talk to you, etc.).
  25. Nope it's not! it's Knights Of The Old Republic. OK we don't know what the game would be like to have a padawan as the PC, mainly because we haven't had a RPG where one was the PC (as far as I know anyway). I think it would be interesting to still have the "uber" powerful jedi by the end of the game but I would like for once to start with just a plain jane jedi for once (and before someone says it in KOTOR you weren't a normal jedi, even if you didn't know that you were revan at the time). I don't know, it could be the most boring game ever made but you have to admit that starting with a speacial jedi in every game is getting kinda redundent and boring to a certain point. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I understand where you're coming from. That will not come from the next game, trust me. They need to finish this current trilogy and then, once done, you can make more games with the younger jedi. In those games, if they make them, they can focus mostly on insane, fast paced, and epic lightsaber duels, that and the struggle between light and dark. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> see thats the thing I like KOTOR the way it is, in the way of game play. I am just not quite as found of the way that the story elements were handled in K2 compaired to K1. TO be completly honest I liked about 80% of K2's story but I hated the ending and the way that it was handled in respect to the Sith lords. Personally I would love it if the next 500 games in the KOTOR series had the same gameplay style as the first two (i.e turn based, powerful jedi, rich & colourful NPC character developement). They could lengthen the game and slow the feat/power progression for the first half a dozen levels or more. Meaning the higher the level the faster they would gain powers and feats.
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