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  1. But the thing is WHY did they go back to level 1??? I mean they have been fighting a constant battle since the end of either game and should infact be a higher level NOT a lower one!!! So that would just make it impossible to use either one of them for a PC and with them being at such a high level it would make it nearly impossible for them to show up in the game other than for the last ten minutes... so whats the piont? So what your saying is that you knew nothing of the KOTOR saga before you bought K2? by the way I don't ever remember OE saying they were going to continue revans story (to do that they would have really had to HAVE revan in the game, not just a mention of him everytime you turn around). A game can uphold the standards of the past two games without limiting its self to the already set time frame and characters. So to your comment about not wanting some unknown PC lecturing you on Revans and Exiles story for five minutes well what do you call Revan in the first game? he was an unknown (prior to the leviathon) and the whole story was build around darth revan whom the player never knew was indeed the PC until it was fully revealed (most might have suspected it but they couldn't have been positive until that moment). I don't consider the KOTOR series to be "Revan's series" sure the first game was about Revan and him finding out the truth. But K2 was purely about the Exile, sure there was NPCs that talked about Revan and where he went but it (as far as I am concerned anyway) falls under the same catagory that the constant EU refrences in K1 did, just a tip of the hat to the fans who might be playing it. And while I am sure that someone is going to argue with me on this point because I still don't think that is a good enough reason to say that the whole story thus far revolves around Revan. As I have said before this series is called Knights of the old republic thus meaning the stories are going to revolve around more than just one knight.
  2. Yes they do our how are you going to have the leveling? It would be really kind of odd to have a character at the begining of the game start out at the max level now that would kind of ruin the whole feel of the game... come on have you ever seen a game where you start with almost all the available force powers and almost all the feats too? If so then I am betting that it wasn't really a fun play. How exactly are they going to choose which of the force powers or feats that people would have chosen during their level ups? I know what your getting at but the thing is that just with what you have said here it would be a programming nightmare to make this game not to mention very confusing for anyone who hasn't already played both of the prior games since they wont know what the feats and powers are and what they do (I know I hate being given powers I don't want or use during level ups so imagine being forced to have 5 or 10 useless feat/powers from the start). Now if you were to also say that they should start at level 20-30 (depending on character without cheats) where are they too go from there as to level ups? what are we going to have level 200 Revan and Exile running around by K4? there has to come a point where they just say enough is enough and move on, mention them from time to time but no longer use them as main plot points. I say why wait why not just do it in K3 rather than dragging these characters through the mud anymore than you have to. See this wouldn't have been an issue if they had decided to start the game more than 5 years after K1, now I am not sure who is at fault for this whether it is LA who decided this or if it was OE who chose this but it has basically caused a major problem which I don't think anyone can really work around without pissing off a lot of people in the process. Revan wouldn't have to be dead, heck they could have just said he left for the unknown regions to find himself and everyone would have been happy, but they kept bringing it too the gammers attention everytime you talked to basically anyone in the game. And to be honest yes I would have more than likely prefered him to be dead rather than off on some super secret super hero mission that only he could solve because he was the best of the bestest jedi, kinda kills the whole feel of the tourtured character from K1 who is just trying to to save the galaxy and while doing so maybe find some love.
  3. But the thing is that if you were to look back over the entire thread you will notice that the topic of how this should be handeled is really just slpit down the middle. I never said it was a crappy story (infact I think in some ways it was a far better story to that of the original). But I do think that the way it was layed out sucked and that is not just LAs fault but also OEs. LA might have given OE an unrealistic time frame but it was OE who decided to cut so much story material and who ultimatly chose the order in which things played out.... not too mention the choice to revisit the story of revan again. But they could mention the fates of both Revan and the Exile without having them in the game. Besides there are a few games out there that use new PCs rather than following one given set of PCs through the entire saga. Why are you refering to this as a triology? I mean it has never been said that they are only going to make three of the Kights games, for all we know they could make 10,000 KOTORs before they quit making money. Another thing is that this series is called the KINGHTS of the old republic and not the knight of the old republic meaning there will be more than just one knight of the old republic featured in the saga. Or in other words the entire saga will not revolve around revan only no matter how much you seem to think you want it too. Moving the setting 100 years wouldn't kill the saga as you seem to think it might, all it would do is pervent the writers from having to worry about finding a reasonable way to explain why both revan and the exile have lost their powers and why it is that the exile was able to find revan so quickly (come on someone else must have through that since revan told everyone to stay behind he would have made it nearly impossible for anyone to follow him should they try, he was a tactical master mind after all). I still say that they should just move the time frame ahead and that way they can wrap up the revan/exile story without the need to have either the exile or revan be seen or even involved. I don't know but I think that there will be too many problems to include revan or the exile in K3, I would think they most we can expect from the next developer is for them to be mentioned just like revan was in K2.
  4. While epic combat would be some serious eye candy it just wouldn't fit with a turn based RPG, since the movements wouldn't be fluid, there would always be a pause between attacks and thus it would destory the feel. Now if your just looking for lots more enemies to fight then sure I can agree with that in some of these places they seemed kind of empty to me. For example
  5. as far as I know thats all they are! Some people are just wanting to draw some type connection between the movies and the games even when there wasn't/isn't one to be drawn.
  6. One of the best ideas I have heard to date on how to fix this problem.
  7. Been too busy to reply until just recently but it's nice to be back
  8. But since OE was told (by LA) that they couldn't make a content patch to fix some of the more noticeable story flaws (inc. the lackluster ending and the HK factory). First off the Xbox version has no hope of ever being patched since it no longer supports Xbox Live. The second thing is that every great writer will tell you that the best thing a writer can do is to leave the reader (or in this case the player) wanting more, and too this end OE succeeded beyond a shadow of a doubt. But I still don't really understand what it is your wanting, I mean if they finish the story of the Exile there are going to be people who want them to instead finish the story of revan and if they choose to finish the story of Revan there will be people who think that they should have finished the story of the Exile first. And while at some point down the line these two stories might intersect they wont for atleast another game, Since I would doubt that the Exile would find Revan in the first 15 minutes of game play after all unknown space is rather large and all and as far as I know the Exile still doesn't know where reavn went other than the fact that s/he went to the unknown regions. So with all that said it would mean that saying OE either doesn't get the contract for K3 or instead they pass it up in order to develope an original game then atleast one other company is going to be using someone elses characters and story line while not fully understanding the thought process that went behind it, thus increasing the chances of K3 (and possibly K4) being a total let down to play and the death stroke of the saga. First off is the idea you have for restarting their character development? basically your wanting them to do the samething to both Revan and the Exile that they did to Revan in the first game (i.e. take away everything that made him/her who they were and start from scratch). In its self thats not such a bad idea except that its been done twice before and the players will be expecting it as soon as they hear that K3 is in development thus making it ineffective as a story idea and thus something that not only could hurt sales of the game from already established fans but also drive the much needed new fans away from the project (mainly because they might not already know who Revan or the Exile are and what their past stories were about making it harder for them to enter the fray as easy as LA and any developer would like). Once again its something that was used once before and thus the fan base will be expecting it. There are two easy ways to solve these problems The first is to have each game take place with a different PC set in the same time period thus giving the player a different perspective on all the given events that are going on in the starwars universe (not necessarily directly following the story of revan or the exile nor necessarily completing the story lines of either of them). The second way (and my personal favorite) is to not only start the game with a new PC and crew everytime but to also change the time frame (they do have 4000 years to work with after all and thats not counting the countless years prior to the original KOTOR that they could choose from). Both of these ideas (as I have said before) would give the developers a better chance to show off their given skills in story design and character deign rather than limiting them to someone elses characters and story.
  9. Why not? I mean I can see your point if (and only IF!!!) either OE or Bio is going to do K3 but if neither of them gets the contract then I think that whoever is doing it should start over and forget about the past two story lines and start from sratch. There are a couple reasons why I think this should happen, The first one would be because for someone else to use these characters in another story would only serve to destroy everything that made both of the characters good/great. The other reason is because it would be nearly impossible for whoever is programing the game to make it work right with characters that would start the game at level 20+ and for both Revan and the Exile to loose their memory/powers between games would just be lame and poor planning on the side of both the producers and the designers. But I wonder why it is that a lot of people seem to think that they want Revan and Exile back for K3 "No matter what!"? I mean they (being whoever designs K3) could make a great game if they decided to step away from the past two story lines, it would give them more freedom in their story ideas and more freedom for character development than was available in K2 (since even though it was a new PC and Party NPCs it still stalled around Revan). Everything that was left open in K2 could be wrapped up in the first few hours of K3 without forcing the story line to revolve around the old characters. I say make either a short begining/unlockable movie that explains what happend or a playable tutorial that takes you through the final stages of the Revan/Exile story arc. I say they should set the game 30-100 years in the future (KOTOR time) for all the reasons I have listed above.
  10. Based on aligment AND you have to be Lvl 15 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> your alignment must be atleast 75% (not 50%), you must be atleast level 15, and you must have seen Visas's introduction movie (which also tells you that you have reached a high enough alignment level to gain the prestige class).
  11. its one of those things that got cut from the game at the last minute I would guess. As everyone is aware there was a lot of things that got cut short or got cut entirely from the game before it hit the shelves, but it still sucks that they couldn't finish the quest since its made out to be a BIG part of the early game play as well as mentioned again at the end.
  12. Why would anyone stop at taking over just one government? I would take over the world.
  13. not sure why it happens but everyone seems to have the same thing happen at the same spot so I wouldn't worry about it.
  14. all of the above if I could but if I had to pick only one (tough choice by the way) I would have to pick the ability to use Force Persuasion on anyone. Either that or the ability to use force lightning in rush hour traffic .
  15. Found it, it is different from what you say though... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ok sorry about that it had been awhile since I asked that question, so I was a bit wrong on my answer above.
  16. KILL GOTO!!! By far he was the worst character that OE came up with. It seems as though he should have had more depth then he did but it got lost along the way. I found him to be nothing but annoying at the best of times. I would have loved it if they would have given me the chance to kill him just for the hell of it.... even as a lightsider I would have been more than willing to take a DS hit for killing him.
  17. I pretty much doubt that, not just because there is no reason for that - it's technically impossible, except they would ban the entire IP range my provider is using (that would be crazy and is not the case, because I know people using the same one who can still reach lucasarts.com - this provider uses dynamic IPs for their customers, each time you go online you have a different one). I thought it may be a problem with DNS resolving. But I'm not so sure anymore. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> call your ISP tech support and ask them for help, it sounds like either your incription(sp?) isn't up to date or maybe you need to release your IP and get a new one (both sometimes cause problems accessing sites). Above and beyond that the only thing I can think of is that you have a packet problem and need to ask your ISP is they have been having service problems in your area and what you can do to fix it (since it apprears to be on your end and not LA's). Also are either of you running a router? if so try dissconecting your router and then try connecting to LA and see if that helps sometimes if your router hasn't released your IP correctly or certin sockets are dying then it can cause problems. But if you can connect to the site once you have dissconnected your router try a hard power cycle of your router (dissconect it from the power for 5 min then reconnect to the computer and power) sometimes this will reset a lot of the problems with routers if this doesn't work you will need to contact the company that made your router and ask for help. But as GOA and others have said I wouldn't be too concerned about not being able to connect to LA since they tend to be rather infantile.
  18. This was explained by Akari (I think) way back in october, if you were to do a search for the info you should find it in one of the weekend programer threads. But if I recall correctly they decided to take it out because it just wasn't practical with the way the game was set up. If you looking for more info on this I would sugest doing a search for it.
  19. If I had the chance I would add almost everything listed above but since I could choose only one I think it would have been fun to see force choke options in the convos (though that would mean we would have had to get force choke early in the game).
  20. that wouldn't be that bad of an idea, infact I think I would be willing to consider buy it if they made that offer to us.
  21. ummm as far as I know thats what makes an RPG so good is the fact that the whole focus of the game is based on a story and the choices you make during the game play (though some are not directly shown at the end) and not on mindless violence (like say a first person shooter). If you were to take the focus away from the story it wouldn't be an RPG anymore it would just be a FPS with different classes... really kind of a lame idea when you think of it.
  22. Umm, ok why? I was simply giving you some sage advice when it comes to buying video games. Try for yourself! I could tell you that I have the Xbox version and while I haven't had a great deal of serious problems with it, but I know of others who have had a hell of a time with it. I could also tell you that you should look into the tech support forums since they will give you a better idea of what people have been going through (ATI video cards seem to be a rather common problem). So over all the PC version is more buggy but has the ability to be modded and patched while the Xbox version is less buggy but can't be modded nor patched. So finally it comes down to the simple fact of which you feel more comfortable with, becase be it Xbox or PC you will have some problems no matter which you choose the only thing that changes is the size of the problem and how easy it is to fix.
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