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  1. The problem is they've already set the precedent with Deadfire of tearing down mechanics/progression from the previous installment. I would expect combat and management systems to get overhauled (again) going into POE3. I wish they can just improve system, not the overhauled. then,Obsidian can more focus to write good storyline and companion.
  2. They don't even let you kill this stupid giant and let watcher decide fate of the wheel.I wonder if the three dlc will expand main quest and ending(like tyranny bastard's wound).
  3. Remove mini-management systems and sea combat, except camping system,It's feel like obsidian just waste a money to make trash. They should focus to make POE3 like classic crpg.
  4. Agreed,I wish they can add unique slot for our companion,buy a new tobacco pipe for Eder.
  5. I think Josh can design great background and system,But his writing is really boring.Maybe obsidian can get Eric Fenstermaker back.
  6. https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/174058952291/so-is-the-idea-that-before-the-wheel When DLC release,I'm curious Josh how to explain about the Wheel. Wish they can expand Ukaizo quest and Ending.
  7. https://bit.ly/2KBiXJG When designing Pillars of Eternity’s narrative, Sawyer says one of their main objectives was to make the adventure “feel epic but not too epic.” No Josh,I think people just care about "good storyline." In fact, POE2 critical path is very disappointed.
  8. Resting system better than camping,But need some restrictions.I think they shouldn't remove Endurance and Health.Hope they bring it back or maybe just remove auto restore, add more Injuries and they need medical supplies to recovery not the food.Add ambush when you are resting.
  9. Keldorn being a racist piece of crap was just one more jibe at the cliche Lawful Stupid paladin. I don't remember him ever truly articulating why he hated the Drow, other than "Drow are evil and I'm a paladin so I have to hate them because I'm Good and they're not." I feel like the hate for Mazzy, Keldorn, Cernd (who is a jab at Stupid Neutral druids), etc probably falls flat on people without a tabletop D&D background. If you have that background, they're ****ing brilliant. Durance and Grieving Mother as originally written were much more interesting and deeper. I don't know why they were changed; I know there was some guff about inter-office politics involving Avellone, but I don't know if that's the reason. They were definitely a LOT more dark and unpleasant than anything else in Pillars. Pillars had some dark stuff but the original Durance and GM were pitch black ugly. But I think that's part of what made them interesting. That's the hell of it. If you ignore the whole "she's kinda your stepmom" angle and the fridge logic with how quickly she goes from leaning on a trusted friend to eye-****ing that trusted friend (remembering that she just saw her husband's gruesomely defiled corpse only days ago, most likely), her romance was actually very well-written and planned out. Viconia is likely the best next to Anomen, simply because of how much she grows as a character (and you even have the bittersweet epilogue, unlike Aerie's disgustingly saccharine epilogue) but I thought Jaheira was actually well done if you just pretend Khalid never existed. I mean, that's what we did in BG1 isn't it? Jaheira talks about not going on without Khalid so you conveniently get him stuck in a closet so she'll stop whining. "Khalid who?" People hold BG2 in high regard because it's just simply BETTER than Deadfire in most non-technical ways. Deadfire's combat is just too barebones and simplistic. I don't care much about balance problems because BG2 was certainly no star when it came to balanced gameplay anyway. Something something "perfect imbalance." My problem is that Obsidian went WAY too far with "we're going to do away with d20 cliches!" with their systems design. They wanted to get rid of god stats, but we still have god stats. They wanted to get rid of "automatic stats," but we still have automatic stats... arguably worse than anything in d20 since 3.5E. Having to memorize a glossary to fight Mages was too annoying/too much to ask of newbies, so they got rid of buffs as more than just passive stat boosts entirely and mostly removed dispels as well. Pre-buffing could be problematic, so they just remove it entirely. Vancian magic is bad because it requires players to think and make judgement calls, so they remove it entirely (except for when they added it back in and gave it to every class with the ****ing Empower mechanic...) which makes balancing encounters and entire dungeons ten times more difficult. See, I don't even think they're right when they claim that stats are boring in d20 games. They aren't, especially if you consider more than just the CRB and APG for the given edition. Oh, sure, your basic CRB+APG Fighter has Strength as their core stat, and will probably have some Dexterity and Constitution because they're PROBABLY a melee combatant... but Fighters get a smattering of non-combat skills which variously scale off Charisma, Intelligence, or even Wisdom - meaning you can easily justify getting at least a +1 in those stats to make your skill checks better. Rogues want Dexterity, and they probably want a little Strength too if they're melee, but because they get so many skills they need Intelligence nearly as much as a Wizard, or maybe they want Charisma to be the party face. The system, to me, wasn't in need of fixing. The six stats all had clearly defined and easily understood fluff and crunch applications and the way skills tied into stats ensured that making a "dumb but strong" Fighter or Barbarian was extremely limiting - good luck playing a Barbarian with 7 Charisma, 7 Intelligence, and 7 Wisdom with a competent DM around. By comparison, Pillars makes me feel like I'm playing ****ing World of Warcraft or Diablo 3 - the stats don't matter, skills barely matter. One Fighter is pretty similar to any other Fighter. It's a lot more accessible but I think they threw the baby out with the bathwater. It's seem Josh very care about "balance"(blizzard games way or riot games way).I guess he doesn’t try to make the games boring but maybe in his view he is trying to make them equality, if each character class is equally viable to be useful maybe then they all are fun to play?
  10. But who can take over MCA writing ? Maybe they can get Eric Fenstermaker back, since he did better job on PoE1 than the PoE2 critical path writer.
  11. I'm curious who is writer on DLC ? I hope Josh can just focus to improve combat system not the writing.Honest,I don't like his writing on Deadfire.
  12. I don't think Josh make POE2 like the Baldur's Gate, Deadfire is more like part Storm of Zehir and part Icewind Dale. I wish DLC content is happens after the main game. or maybe expand and improve main quest and companion quest.(Like Tyranny Bastard's Wound)
  13. Poor Josh...It seems he still don't know what's wrong about POE2.The question is not how to find new players,but how to keep old fans. POE2 have a lot of great new stuff. I love those new system,they are great. But it lose the most important part of RPG, the basic line: an epic main story. Environment driven is good thing. I like DOS2 too.But surely I won't pay money on POE for that reason. Combat system already balance in POE1 3.0 patch, He can just improve them, not the rewrite anything.
  14. They only just rework ancestor's honor, most of high-level cipher abilities still trash.
  15. Big, dense CRPGs have a bright future https://goo.gl/ZBT91i I strongly disagree this article.It's seem they want make more DoS2 clones in the future,because this game sold so well. Co-op, full voice acting and so on.
  16. Eder's Best Ending: Let that stupid kid kill himself ,and Eder hate Eothas forever.
  17. I still think POE 2 storyline have regressed a lot. POE 2 should be more like an actual crpg. Feels like Obsidian wanted to make an open world game and failed.
  18. -All companion quest need more content. -reworked Ukaizo quest. -Buff cipher
  19. Feel like the game's minor factions should have a bit more impact too, it feels weird coming from how New Vegas and even Tyranny handled factions in interesting ways, and then it seems PoE 2 have regressed a lot on that front
  20. I think they nerfed concelhaut. POE1 MIG: 24 CON: 18 DEX: 14 PER: 18 INT: 26 RES: 22 POE2 MIG:15 CON:18 DEX:8 PER:18 INT:21 RES:14 The funny thing is Xaurip base int 22.
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