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  1. Honestly, I don't think Eder really have much content in DLC, he only just some few dialogue with Waidwen and he doesn't talk Waidwen about Woden. Also, There is something wrong about companion reputation in BoW. When I blame Waidwen and Eothas since They attacked Dyrwood, then I get anti-eothasians from Mayor Eder.
  2. The combat is disappointed. They still add more copy-paste trash in POTD, not the more powerful enemy.
  3. BoW has add some new content in base game, But I don't think it's can improve main quest, main story still tedious.
  4. There is something wrong about companion reputation in BoW. When I blame Waidwen and Eothas since They attacked Dyrwood, then I get anti-eothasians from Eder.
  5. Trinket's abilities isn't powerful. - Cast time and recovery time too slow. - Area of effect too short.
  6. I'm disappointed. I thought there will be "more" balance improvements.
  7. POE 3 main story should focus about political conflicts and the gods war. Maybe Obsidian can get Eric Fenstermaker back.
  8. They also released new achievements. Well that was Easy... Defeat the Messenger. Traveler of the Void Decide the fate of Inquisitor Naxiva, St. Waidwen, and King Wingauro o Watūri I.
  9. I think POE 3 main story can more focus about political conflicts and the gods war, since the Time of Troubles is coming soon.
  10. I just found this in SA forum, But I can't find the source of a picture.
  11. Ships can better than stronghold,I like they have some random encounters,They should add more random unique encounters and better ships have more abilities. Screw that stupid naval minigame. It's just a gimmick.
  12. I think Dorian and Arcade Ganon is good example of a well-written gay character in rpg.
  13. So Vanir is sidekick not companion. How sad. Hope there will be more late-level combat encounter in DLC. And this Dracolich won't just another trash.
  14. Why Josh, I don't understand. I like Eder and Serafen, But their personal quest is shallow.
  15. I hate to say it, But I feel like poe2 faction and their quest is nothing like New Vegas, more like Fallout 4,
  16. I think Obsidian should add more late-level encounters for levels 15-20 in the DLC ,not just raise the cap.
  17. Eothas remind me of Lucian from Divinity: Original Sin 2. Both are hypocrite bastard.
  18. Hi! Alex, It's seem we can't stop Eothas destroy The Wheel. But, I still wonder if we can have a chance to punish Eothas in the future ? Yes,he did good thing for Kith,But I still want him suffer for what he's done to me.
  19. I remember xoti was written by Megan Starks, And she writing kills-in-shadow in tyranny. Both are worst character in game. OK,Maybe xoti better than kills-in-shadow, but still awful.
  20. three question for companion and main quest 1. Will DLC expand and improve main quest and ending choice(just like Tyranny Bastard's Wound)? 2. Will there more active dialogue and personal quest for non-dlc companion in DLC ? For example,I can continue search the answer about why Woden(Eder's brother) join St. Waidwen, since there is many readceran in Deadfire, so maybe there is someone know about him. 3. I wonder if my companion have their own "unique" trinket slots ?
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