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  1. He’s really not too hard to please. I’ve had far worse a time getting Pallegina to 2 and keeping Xoti at 2 then getting/keeping Aloth there. He’s into dutiful responses big time and these tend to be hidden behind responses that help others, self sacrifice/defense of crew/companions, and classic “hero” responses. He’s not completely averse to joking/clever responses. It’s very dependent on context. My Watcher is full clever and only loses rep occasionally because of it. He hates Serafen and Takehu. That’ll never change, though he can be called out on it, which was nice. Irres
  2. If I've learned nothing else from my more rural family members, it's that you can make wine from almost anything. I believe they have a bottle of homemade wine from every fruit and berry in existence (locally that is) and often will experiment with something new to make it from every year. I also want to say I've heard mead referred to as honey-wine before, but that's something I'm a little less familiar with. Anyway, Eora's lack of grapes certainly wouldn't limit it's potential booze variety.
  3. Out of the those three choices, I think 2 & 3 would offer the most entertaining RP experiences and really fit with the pirate theme. Perhaps for the 1st one, it might add some spice playing him with the addition of the cruel disposition. Sorta a Blackbeard or notorious pirate type. That would also make the 1st character mix well with Aeldys / New Blood faction.
  4. Maybe its just a mechanics case. Having a full blown Fampyr in the party would probably be OP. I always took her being a cipher as their compromise for not being able to give her full Fampyr abilities. She could probably get pretty close as a Mindstalker though. At least as far as cool Fampyr-ey abilities. Can you imagine if they actually gave her the full Fampyr immunities and everything though? She'd be ridiculously OP.
  5. ...wut? A fampyr is a kind of undead. Ydwin is not dead. Even if she had turned herself into a fampyr by severing her soul from the Wheel (which I don't think is true), she'd still become a fampyr only after her death I want to say that this is actually addressed in her recruitment dialogue...please stand by... Ydwin facts: + Bleeds + Can feel pain + She requires essence to survive + Her soul is disconnected from not only the wheel, but also her own body Somewhat facts: + Live people and animal essence are tastier than luminous adra Dialogue: [Metaphysi
  6. Well they’re darned if they do and darned if they don’t. If the elves are tall and slim then they are copying Tolkien and if they are short and slim then they are copying D&D. Elves are just so common in fantasy that there isn’t a way to include them that doesn’t copy someone. If they change them too much then they become elves in name only.
  7. I love love LOVED this quest. Modwyr is a follower/companion in every respect, often even more so than the sidekicks, and her “personal quest” was heartbreaking. The choice of what to do with her has been one of the hardest quest choices so far.
  8. I stand witness to this true fact of Eoran history. Everyone killed everyone and no was sober ever.
  9. The races of Eora are pretty homogenized overall, but maybe the cultures of individual races will be explored more over time? Or maybe the racial traditions were destroyed or replaced by Engwithans during their era of dominance. After all, everything has to be their fault. As far as the longevity of elves, I do like the idea that was mentioned that they may just take things slower. It could also be a case where, like old people, they just become set in their ways. They may become easily averse to change and prefer things to stay comfortable and predictable. Which brings a point to mind,
  10. If nothing else, we should be able to purchase him as a permanent addition to the ship. He could keep the Steward company.
  11. The game sets up the Watcher as having an impact by virtue of forcing them to be in the situation after Ashen Maw. At that point the gods KNOW what Eothas is planning and what he intends to do. Why have the Watcher continue to be involved? What, at that point, is the reasoning to continue to have them hound him if they have no way to influence the outcome outside of an author wanting the player to witness an event? It is implied by their continued involvement that they should be able to influence the outcome in a meaningful way. As for in-game situations that feed this illusion, how ma
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