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  1. I'm glad Leonard Boyarsky understand this. Those SJW is really annoying, I never forget what they did with Cyberpunk 2077.
  2. Why the god voice can't be female ? Wasn't he is omnipotence ?
  3. What's wrong with these critics ? Godzilla is a monster movie. They really expect to see more human story in Godzilla movie ?
  4. I don't understand why some people crying about Larian will ruin BG3 writing with their humor. Maybe they forgot BG series also had same humor content.
  5. I'm worried about Larian music because Kirill Pokrovsky passed away so we will never hear more amazing music.
  6. 'Star Wars' movie in 2022 will come from 'Game of Thrones' creators Disney should hire better writer, not these two.
  7. I'm glad they finally add some story content, But I don't like they just give us a book and talk with Woedica about what happen in deadfire, I feels like it's just a ridiculous deus ex machina and lazy.
  8. "While Dany kind of forgot about the Iron fleet and Euron’s force." Genius.
  9. I'm just finished Hellboy BPRD comic the end story. Oh dear, I just want to say goodbye Red, Liz, Abe and the others great BPRD members.
  10. Inside ‘Hellboy’ Reboot’s Fiery Shoot: Fights Over David Harbour, Cinematography and a Tree
  11. I'm curious about audience scores. Even I have no expectations, But honestly, I don't believe rotten tomatoes reviewer after this The Last Jedi trash. Del Toro's artwork really did better job. But I don't like Hellboy 2 writing.
  12. Watch. English dubs. It transcends anime, you will not regret it. Steve Blum really did great job.
  13. I like humor and weapon. But oh god, these energy weapons is just painful to the eye. The female companion just ugly.
  14. I guess this is the end of Dante story.
  15. Looks better than the first trailer But it's a shame to see Daimio's Were form so small. And also I think those idiots in charge couldn't tell that the blue coloring here wasn't representing actual literal blue lenses.
  16. I remember he wrote Serafen. These two and Eder is my fav companion in Deadfire.
  17. I hope there is no romance-able companion in poe 3 or maybe try not to make most single character is playersexual because its lazy writing. And also they should make female companion more beauty.
  18. I’m so sad that BPRD series is ending in a matter of months. Of course, the Mignolaverse will live on through miniseries and the like set in the past, but it’ll probably be the last time we ever see Hellboy. Not just Hellboy, There are so many cool agents like Liz, Abe, Howards, Johann, Daimio, Enos, Kate, Roger and Panya.
  19. This review just ridiculous. How dare they do this to my favorite War Crime Simulator.
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