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  1. If Deadfire have enhanced edition, I think Main quest and companion quests should be reworked, and add Eothas boss fight.
  2. Eder : He always my favorite companion, I don't mind he is non-romanceable,but I don't like his personal quest, Honestly, continue to search the answers about his brother and Saint's War is much better than to find his ex-girlfriend. Serafen: He remind me of Hiravias. Ydwin: I hope she can become a companion in DLC. I feel like all companion personal quest is too short and tedious.
  3. I wish they can reworked main quest, especially Ashen Maw and Ukaizo.
  4. I'm very disappointed we got no follow up on Woden. Eder was depressed that there is zero way to find out what Eothas said to him and when he meets him face to face...nothing. I wish they can reworked Ukaizo quest.
  5. Eder always my favourites companion. About new companion, I like Maia and Serafen , But i very disappointed their companion mission, too short and not interesting.
  6. Add "Camping Skills" just like darkest dungeon,each classes have different camping skill,also our companions have unique camping skill.
  7. I have a idea.If I broke up Galawain's sworn,All the pet will goes berserk and attack Eder.
  8. Another question about companion class. if i choose restored Eder's faith, it that possible to make him become a priest ?
  9. about nudity i'm curious if we can take off our character's underwear or change their underwear.
  10. Gameplay Question i'm glad you add more generic passives in beta update 3,but what about the subclass ? is there any more "special" passives for subclass ? Music Question More battle music and special boss fight music in deadfire ?
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