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  1. I feel sad for those baby. And also there some /pol/tard got triggered because Amiri backstory.
  2. If there is some baby give negative reviews because DLC 2 too hard. I'll say Obsidian made some good challenging battle.
  3. Matter of taste. I hated Endless Paths with a passion and I skip it in favour of White March every time. Ideal dungeons for me are multi-solution ones like Deadlight and Raedric's Hold, or ones with 2 meaty levels like Durgan's Battery. Agreed, I hope POE 2 dungeon can like durgan's battery. And also They should add some interesting puzzle since POE doesn't have any challenging puzzle.
  4. Reputation system made my companions look weird. Eder is angry about I hunt giant sea monster. When I blame Waidwen about he and Eothas attacked Dyrwood then I got anti-eothasians from Eder. Even though Eder already said he doesn't like Waidwen and Eothas attacked Dyrwood. I remember is Josh and Paul Kirsch keep writing Eder in DLC story then I have to say they made an stupid mistake.
  5. I know some people hate those guys but I think there is still have some good suggestion from Codex.
  6. Doesnt it? It sets up a problem that need to be solved. As of right: I would expect Watcher in whatever installement comes next be a driving force for making that change. Isn’t an open-ending an undefined one? (Is Dicaprio at he end of inception dreaming or not, etc.) Deadfire has a very defined ending with serious implications for whatever comes next. It feels more like a set up to me, than a resolution/ending of a journey. If they go for a “Watcher trilogy” then directly trying 2&3rd installements would be a tradition at this point, though IMO not a very good one. Actually about the ending (massive spoilers): Edit: as far as leveling is concerned, for the very beginning they made it clear that White March didn’t pay for itself and they were going to handle it differently. I imagine it is less of not thinking about it, and more deciding not to invest resources in the new level cap and just focusfocusing on the core of each DLC (story/combat/dungeon). Hiring better writer or get Eric Fenstermaker back. Avoid any management system like stronghold or boat. I think the kickstarter is to fund additional like more spells, more classes, more monster, more quests, etc.
  7. If some powerful enemy can have this abilities. I think this game will have much more challenge.
  8. I hope they can rebalance wizard subclass. Honestly, Most wizard school bonus is poor and penalty too high. What was Sawyer thinking ?
  9. I feel my main character never got involved in it at all so it makes me hard to get excited about main quest. It's seem the writer try to writing a nonconventional story but fail. After finished POE 2 main story. I think I just got ME3-style ending.
  10. Cipher is not special anymore since They remove vancian casting. And cipher still got nerfed.
  11. Paladin subclass can have more unique high tier ability. For example, Bleak Walkers have terrifying aura just like death guard and lich. But I think Sawyer won't do that since he very care equally balance.
  12. Not just ranger, There are many classes need more 8 & 9 tier abilities.
  13. This abilities is just useless since it's will clears all stacks when resting.
  14. Will be there new abilities for the other classes ? I think there still some low-tier and mid-tier classes need more buff.
  15. You are the Champion Become crowned the Champion of the Hunt. Archivist of Kazuwari Collect all of the Artifacts of the Crucible. Facing the Faces Become the chosen of the Seeker, Slayer, or Survivor. The Watcher's Debut Earn the title of contender in the Crucible. Opener of the Way Repair the flow of souls to the Beyond. The Greatest Opponent Confront the porokoa. https://www.exophase.com/game/pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire-steam/achievements/
  16. Hope we can starting with high level in POE 3. I don't want starting with level 1 again. And I don't care about new player. Expand new subclass, ability and epic level is good. And also hiring some better writer making good storyline. Being a CRPG companion interactions and story are supposed to be a pro, not a amateur. Avoid something like boat and stronghold because those management is unnecessary. Don't make mini game again because it's just waste.
  17. Turn-based too! Like Fallout Tactics or The Temple of Elemental Evil. I hope they can remove power source and empower then get vancian casting back.
  18. Pillars of Eternity III: Time of Troubles Let The Watcher kill those gods and become the new god.
  19. They should avoid some boring and unnecessary management, like boat or stronghold. Combat system just need more improvement.It doesn't need rewrite anything. They can expand new subclass, ability or maybe epic level. And also hiring some better writer making good storyline.
  20. It's feel like companion system just another gimmick. And also because they make all-npc voice acting. so they can't expand more companions dialogue and their side-quest for since it cost too much
  21. agree, extraneous meta base building/peon management/resource dumps always seem to be boring in rpgs.also the writing for the main quest is disappointed. they went from lore heavy story of poe 1 to boring "follow the enemy" quest with no cunting resolution, no epic final boss and plot holes galore ending. I hope poe3 is landlocked like poe1 and avoid some boring management, like boat or stronghold.
  22. only a few buff, there is still some weak class need more buff I hope 3.0 patch will have more combat system improvement since 2.0 patch is very disappointed.
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