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  1. I hope this DLC have really well designed and tactical encounters. but, even they did it. I think there is still some player angry since this DLC too hard and give bad reviews. (´_ゝ`)
  2. wait for this stupid loading just because you must resting at inns. This is not challenge.
  3. - Give all enemy caster "contingency" spell. The caster chooses one or more spell that will be released under certain conditions, such as being hit by an enemy or combat start.When this condition occurs, all spells are cast immediately. - Highly chance ambush events when you resting in dungeon or outside. - You must rest to restore power source pool. - More easily get injured and you must use medicine heal them not food.
  4. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." This light bulb bastard just make me gonna puke. I understand The Wheel is the problem. But that doesn't mean he can destroy my stronghold, kill my people and eat my soul. Also he never stop those fanatic to fool innocent people join with them and suicide. Because He only care how to save kith but he never think how to guide them.
  5. The burning titan seem not very surprising for me. I hope there will be more interesting enemy and this titan is not the dlc boss.
  6. I can understand how many fans getting angry about Rian Johnson make Luke become a self-destruction old man. Even Mark Hamill said " I almost had to think of Luke as another character. Maybe he’s Jake Skywalker, he’s not my Luke Skywalker."
  7. Like The Warden,Chosen One,Vault Dweller and The Courier. But I feel my protagonist is Hawke in poe2. Its seem I can't stop bad thing happen in main story. Those gods or deadfire factions is useless. They just keep fighting each other like a whiny kids.
  8. There is some good towns and villages music in Divine Divinity. A Wind of Aleroth The Four Seasons Singing(farmland) Stones and Trees(dwarf village) Suffering and Shame(slum)
  9. Something can help The Watcher will not become the most pathetic and boring protagonist ever in Obsidian game. (´,_ゝ`)
  10. If there is DLC 4 I hope story is after main game ending. Like Throne of Bhaal or Mask of the Betrayer. I think The Watcher story need end. Honestly, The Watcher is a boring protagonist. Maybe Obsidian should give The Watcher a chance to kill god or become a god. ┐(´д`)┌
  11. I agree,main story and final boss is most disappointed,because Josh hate campbellian monomyth. ╮(╯_╰)╭ But I think stronghold and ship both are awful. Combat and character build have improve so much. But they shouldn't remove Vancian casting, resting and power source need balance.
  12. More to this point, I think if POE1 hadn't laid it on so thick, it would provoke a lot less negative reactions. Same goes for Torment: Tides of Numenera. I liked POE1's dryness, its plot twist, many of the more polarising companions like Sagani, etc, and even then, I was speedreading half the time because everything is couched in unnecessary purple prose. The first couple hours of Deadfire, I feel the dialogues themselves are much better, but they still needed to delete all the descriptives - not because descriptives are bad per se, but because they are done so badly. *You see Tigranes furrow his brow, as if in deep thought. The shadows extend behind him, flickering in the semi-darkness cast by the Vailian lantern on the porch, which bears an ornate decoration and by the way was given by his grandmother who back in 1978...* Anyone who's done any professional writing - scholarly, fiction,whatever - knows that the first thing most writers have to learn is how to cut. I suspect there is very little systematic oversight for most RPG writing, as you get some guidelines, go and write, then it's so chaotic trying to squeeze it into however the game/level design/quests/etc have changed. Sound like they are write a novel not script.
  13. Josh says Konstanten is getting expanded content in Seeker Slayer Survivor. But honestly,I still think sidekicks is bad idea.
  14. Eothas just a naive and foolish god. Honestly, I don't think Eder really have much content in DLC, he only just some few dialogue with Waidwen and he doesn't talk Waidwen about Woden. Oh yes, The Watcher can bring Waidwen to Ukaizo. But it won't stop Eothas destroy The Wheel. It's kind of disappointed.
  15. - Add random encounters - Get wounded when they go low enough health then smaller hits will wound them and you must use medical supplies to heal the wound.
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