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  1. This is very case specific. My character dual-wields warhammers and at the time I got to act 3 (and thus had the best 1-handed warhammers PoE1 has) I hadn't fully done Endless Paths nor started The White March. So I ended up using the same two weapons for most of the games content.
  2. Weapon art in general is quite hit or miss in Pillars. When it comes to great swords for example, St. Ydwen's Redeemer (the soulbound one) looks like it belongs more in a Zelda game but Justice is absolutely fantastic with its plain look and the dried blood. Great backstory too. Hatchets and warhammers also looks good. One thing they could do is make the lash/slaying particle effect optional.
  3. Cartoons are for kids, come on now. I'm not saying outlandish armor should be completely excluded but if there absolutely has to be some make them optional. Meaning that they have completely viable "realistic looking" counterpart with similar specs. It is beyond annoying (and sometimes game-breaking) when all the best armor go for the high fantasy look and in the last portion of the game you got the damn Power Rangers running around like somekind of violent rainbow.
  4. Pillars is a game. It's something people do in their spare time for fun. It's not a job and the idea that it's lazy or entitled to want to be able to start Deadfire with a particular class/race and game state without having to spend 20+ hours rushing through a game is just bizarre to me. Look man, it's all optional. Nobody forces you to do anything. "It'a game not a job" is not an argument because it applies to anything if need be. Including playing the game.
  5. I'm with you on this one. Effort should be rewarded with unique content. But that probably won't happen what with everybody wanting everything at any given time. Preferably for free.
  6. My two largest concerns: 1. Companions personalities. Please add some darker undertones to atleast some of these characters. Even an evil sidekick will do. The general do-gooder feeling of the vast majority of the companions in PoE1 felt very one-sided and frankly unrealistic in a world where a sword through the chest is a common way to end a conversation. 2. Barbarians. Intelligent barbarian as a concept is completely unintuitive. Their power comes from aggression and violence, uninhibited emotion. Intelligence tends to create inhibition, make people more considerate. Maybe link their ability power some other attribute? I don't know if this has been talked at lenght before.
  7. And here I'm going through multiple playthroughs to get a specific class to port to PoE2 so as to multiclass them. But cool if you can change class though I would have been fine if they wouldn't allow it.
  8. I made a sexy female dwarf portrait because of the obvious lack of them. Works with humans too but had a dwarf in mind with the proportions. Now when I say "made" what I mean is "took a dirty picture from the internet and edited it heavily". I like busty women, shoot me.
  9. I just have a general fear that PoE2 will be casualized in order to appeal to a larger crowd. It always leads to those of lesser means to hate the game anyway and existing fans to feel they've lost something important.
  10. I suspect that "too complicated" is actually code for "I don't like change, but want to back up that preference with a further argument". Anyway, in the Q&A stream last night Josh said that they're going to see how their new system holds up in dungeon environments and if it doesn't hold up well they'll change it. He also said that he liked the health/endurance system, so fingers crossed. You're right, I didn't consider that. But I truly hope they also actually read this forum. Josh seems to spend a lot of time at SA.
  11. This. The system as it is in PoE is near perfect to handle short/long period survivability. Immediately when I heard him saying something about some people being confuced how the endurance/health system works I got a feeling that's not the actual reason they were considering changing it. Show me these people, I want to see if they have the ability to even start up a computer.
  12. Sounds to me like you formed an emotional connection with the story and characters but didn't care for the gameplay and are doing a bit of forcing yourself now eh? You can campaign for a RTwP game not to be a RTwP game all you want but you'll never get those characters back you know that right?
  13. That's where *your* enjoyment comes from. Other people have other ways of enjoying PoE. Pretty sure one of the major selling points of PoE was the nostalgic longing for old-school type of game design where bad decisions hurt and the mechanics of the game does not hold your hand at every turn. I'm just sick of everything being reduced to compliment the lowest common denominator in order to not offend anyone.
  14. Enjoyment comes from challenges and overcoming them. Challenge comes partly from restrictions and how to deal with them. If you want entertainment that challenges you in no way go watch a damn movie.
  15. About that backer portal, I'll just ask here. It says you are supposed to be able to login to the portal using credentials from these forums but atleast I can't. Well I didn't ask anything but just saying. Edit: Works now, might have been my mistake.
  16. Wait, are you making the argument that having the entire village with you is more tactical than having to make due with fewer people? 3-4 is optimal to me atleast, six and above is just overkill. And this has nothing to do with consoles.
  17. Yep, I just edited one of the Obsidian images: Thanks mate. Yeah I think this would take some eye for drawing to actually pull of a decent version of your favorite custom portrait. I tried with photoshops pen tool/stroke path and well... If the game only uses a (really) small version of the watercolor versions I think it wont be that bad. Would be cool if someone at Obsidians graphics department would release the background they use but Eivenne's work quite well.
  18. You have a year to work on your painting skill. I've already started working on my custom watercolor portrait Here's the original portrait (borrowed from here): And my watercolor portrait, compared to those from the Fig update: It could have been better, but I'm not that good with creating graphics :D Where did you get the background for your own version? Did you edit it from the Obsidian ones? I'd like to play around with my custom portrait as well.
  19. No you're not. This is essentially why my first run of the game (and would have been my only if not for PoE2) was a solo run. I love PoE but to be honest I liked it more when as a lone wanderer than grouped up with uninspiring people. Durance I kinda like though. I wish I could bring Korgan from BG2 to Eora. Now that guy had his priorities straight.
  20. Here's my dwarven siblings from my current game that I started PoE2 in mind. My other playthrough is solo so I needed one that has all the companions recruited and also I've never done any of the their quests. The brother (MC) is barbarian and the sister a rogue.
  21. It's also interesting to see how they handle characters who never met Eder or any other companions. That is solo characters.
  22. This is what I've been wondering as well. I'm very fond of my dwarven siblings (brother is the MC, sister a hired companion) and would like to continue their adventures in PoE2.
  23. I have this thing that I always have to have few less members in the party than what maximum party size is. In PoE if I'm not doing a solo run I use 4 people for the extra exp the missing 2 provide.
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