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  1. I hope they make the more serious version of the Ydwin portrait also available in a more usable form than a photo taken of off a monitor. I liked it better. Also thank you very much of making Fessina a wizard. My dwarf barbarian character left that scrawny elf they call Aloth standing in front of the Black Hound.
  2. I really like the Ydwin portrait. Originally I didn't have much interest for the character because she was way too "anime" for my taste but that more serious tone of the portrait makes her a lot more likeable.
  3. It's official, the sidekicks seems to be a lot more interesting characters than the actual companions. Except for maybe that pirate orlan. A fully fleshed out companion who nobody can understand would have been an interesting character but I'll take a sidekick one just as well. This all ofcourse stems from the need to "play it safe". Oh well.
  4. I've had this feeling many times. Not once have it been validated in the end. You live you learn and so on but Deadfire so far seems to be shaping up to a good game atleast and I'm looking foward to it.
  5. I have a personal fascination of native americans but PoE1 wasn't a particularly fitting scene for a character like that because of the glanfathans who emulate their culture to quite an extent. Deadfire on the other hand is something different with the added bonus of subclasses and multiclass (Ghost Heart is dead-on native thing) so this one I made Deadfire in mind. Original artwork is by the great Kirby Sattler. Edit: One more for the road. I made this a while back and forgot about it. Original was black and white so I colored it.
  6. Corpse Eater is pure gold for those roleplay-oriented people who find insane characters interesting. I love it. I got few character consepts in mind: Corpse Eater/Ghost Heart - A seemingly delusional person who constantly talks to his pet that isn't there. Until you anger him that is. Sometimes amidst battle the adverseries can catch him in the act of carving out the heart of one of their fallen comrades. He devours flesh as a ritual for his spirit pet because it can not. Corpse Eater/Nalpazca - Deranged drug addict clad in rags and unarmed. Prone to fits of extreme anger when provoked. Doesn't seem to eat anything. Not in taverns anyway. Edit: When you take the second one and swap Corpse Eater with Berserker you get even more deranged drug addict minus the cannibal part. I love everything they've done with barbarians thus far!
  7. I was hoping for chanter/priest to be called "Cantor" but now it's what chanter/monk is called. "Celebrant" doesn't sound all that epic. I'm liking most of the barbarian/* names although the name "Witch" sounds more to me like a fragile, casting-oriented person and barbarian/cipher is pretty much all-melee. But I'm beginning to like the idea, might make a witch myself. All-in-all I don't have anything I'd really dislike about the decisions they made. Well, maybe the Celebrant one because I was doing a Chanter run in the hopes they go with the Cantor for chanter/priest.
  8. Those giant sea monsters with giant maw that swim up from the depths and swallow your entire ship. No seriously this has been my phobia since childhood when we sailed the local archipelago during summer break. If something like that happens in the game I'll loose my excrement.
  9. Heh, no I think the offended ones are usually found in the non-binary camp. But I would imagine members of more traditional societies tends to get pissy about this subject as well. Personally I don't care as long as inclusion of somewhat trivial stuff like this isn't detrimental to other aspect of the game.
  10. I'm beginning to think OP just might have been a rather skillful troll. Something about the "millions" when in reality it's handful of urban teenagers who manage to create a problem from any of this. Or maybe I'm just fallen really behind from all this social advancement. I'm fine with two genders to state the obvious.
  11. Take the model of the black hound, beef up the size a bit and there you have it. It probably doesn't have an attack animation though. I actually did a solo playthrough with a fighter character who had the black hound as a non-combat pet. Lonely man of war and his trusty dog. Was great from roleplay perspective.
  12. I'm quite tired of dragons to be honest. "Lizard with wings" is just one aspect of what could be much more diverse creature base. Add insects to the mix and the possibilities are endless. But it has to be bloody dragons always.
  13. I thought "boreal" is synonym for "polar". Polar refers to both polar regions of the planet.
  14. This. And it's boring. I love adventuring in Pillars but it's the equivalent of the world of Winnie the Pooh in it's lack of anything sexual. Have you not heard any of Hiravias' dialogue? No, actually. Never used him but I probably should.
  15. This. And it's boring. I love adventuring in Pillars but it's the equivalent of the world of Winnie the Pooh in it's lack of anything sexual.
  16. I've noticed several consecutive Malignant Clouds on top of each other with Combusting Wounds thrown in there tends to wreck even the toughest enemies pretty badly. Cloudkill spam from BG essentially. So it depends indeed.
  17. To be honest you need a tank, buffer/healer and AOE dps. That's it. Six party members have always been an overkill for me atleast and I've never used that many. Five is a struggle unless that includes two characters of same class, let's say two barbarians who both do the exact same thing at the start of the fight. By the way two dual-wielding barbarians firing off that Heart of Fury at the same time is bloody murder. But yeah, four is my optimal for comfortable playing.
  18. I see someone here came up with Chanter/Priest as Cantor as well. Once I saw someone suggest that elsewhere I started my (so far) last completionist run of PoE with a chanter just for the slight chance they go with that name. How cool is that come on.
  19. 5 euros for a portrait pack, 7 for a DLC with minor extra content for the base game. Doesn't matter when you get the disease, the symptoms are still there.
  20. All the portraits in PoE atleast are located in the portraits folders (including NPC ones) within the game files so if that doesn't change significantly in Deadfire you can just copy the PoE1 portraits and rewrite the Deadfire ones. Edit: Nevermind, I should read all the replies before repeating what others have said already.
  21. I never viewed being overleveled a major problem for characters that do every content available. It's logical. When you've enacted what ammounts to a small-scale genocide by your own hand (+2000 beings killed) it is safe to say that character has become extremely efficient at ending others lives. Game mechanic-wise it is a slight downer but I play these games mostly for roleplaying purposes. I can see the grief for those that don't though.
  22. Did he say every quest? I'm pretty sure he was talking about one. As for OP, I'm all for that. VtMB was short of being a masterpiece.
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