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  1. "Spiritual strenght" is pretty stupid concept anyway. Sounds like something taken from oriental religious heritage. Or anime. Now resolve however is strenght of character. Stuborness and perseverance, something you'd think would enhance the effectiveness of mental-derived damage.
  2. Ha ha. Lets assume you want to write scripted interaction with option of physical strong character doing something. Please give me different attribute to use... Easy. Athletics. That is LITERALLY what Athletics is. Not really, no. Athleticism has more of a cardio component to it. It means you are good at sports. You are fast and agile. Very strong people are often neither but strongmen and power lifters can flip small cars. They just don't do it very fast. Olympic lifters are an exception to the rule with their explosive type of strenght.
  3. I'm all for avoiding the PoE1 kind of release where by the time the game hit version 3.0 it was very different than in release. It took way too long for them to reach a state where the game felt like "this is how it's supposed to work".
  4. I don't think there's inherently anything wrong with characters that have large contrast between attributes. From the point of view of realism, well-rounded people (no dump-stats) tend to do ok in life but exceptional people tend to be really good at one or two things and often horrible at something else. People who excel at everything are VERY rare. This can manifest in (the stereotypical) warrior of legendary strenght but no interest in books or a wizard of endless arcane knowledge and brittle bones. The whole point of everyone needing to be somewhat proficient at everything always seemed odd to me from roleplay viewpoint. Now game mechanics is a different issue. But that is for someone with more interest in that sort of thing to figure out.
  5. From what I understood removing multiclass restrictions with a mod is probably possible. I'm all for removing the penalties. Seems troubling you have one melee class where every choise comes with a penalty most other class choises don't have (if you choose the non-subclass variant). I'd still keep them for priests and wizards though.
  6. My fighter used Justice throughout the entire game because I like the name and backstory. Even enchanted it to Legendary. Sometimes it's form over function.
  7. You have a point there. This is getting ridiculous. You start listening to every single would-be-game-developers and the resulting mess is unplayable. User feedback is important sure but every single critisism comes from personal preference and you simply can't make everyone happy. Maybe somebody needs to cut off Josh's internet connection for the rest of the development.
  8. Oh, I realize it's a bit silly but mechanically it makes sense; everyone reloads deaths anyway, so they functionaly "stop" gameplay; mechanically it's best to either eliminate them or turn them into a "knockout" type situation where you have to go get a special heal or a super rest or whatever. It'd be different if this were Darkest Dungeon and the companions were interchangeable and replaceable but they aren't. Only real argument against from a mechanics perspective is allowing for ironman runs. That's the thing that makes you try and avoid death though, the possibility of having to reload. Punishment for failure is time spent in vain. That's how it's always been in video games.
  9. Wait, what? Remove death? From a game where everyone is trying to kill eachother? Lots of things could be said about removing one's head from a bodily orifice. You might have a slight overthinking problem there mates.
  10. I've noticed that I tend to have more complex personalities and histories thought up in my head for my custom adventurers than the Watcher character. So I too been asking if it would be possible to import said adventurers from PoE1 to Deadfire and maybe save them as templates for roleplay reasons.
  11. I like it. Mechanically, we'll see how it works out but from roleplaying perspective I like that now it feels as though my pure melee guys just got their physical edge back.
  12. I like the idea of wizards having to really conjure their spells with time. But yeah, you need to make that worthwhile by making those spells hurt.
  13. Fair point, just bear in mind the Deadfire Backer Beta has a numerical value stat sheet showing you what numbers mean on the "normal" scale. A 13 in a stat is by their own definition "legendary". So a check requiring a 19 in a stat is pretty insane by that standard. Just for reference straight from the Deadfire character creation screen: Haven't seen this before, thanks. That's very interesting because it gives a frame to abilities when there was none previously. Does this mean Deadfire has less potential to up your ability points temporary than PoE1 did? Because I think my barbarian had at times a might score of 30+ or something silly like that with the right buffs.
  14. I'll put more effort into all this when I actually have the game. I don't have beta access and don't know the right dimensions.
  15. You're right, I forgot that part and made the rookie mistake of not saving the version with non-merged layers so adding it afterwards just became pain in the a**. You live you learn. Edit: Decided to add an outline anyway. Yeah I could see myself using this one.
  16. Eh, well, every portrait is rather individual, so I can't make a tutorial that would 100% suit every type. But basically, I: -cut the head out of the original background (more often than not by hand, because it's either too dark or...edges ) into transparent background; -play around with Poster Edges filter (settings are individual for each portrait); -outline head's edges with Stroke in another layer; -apply POE2 watercolor background (it's on one of the previous pages in this thread) with overlay/soft light/multiply/etc. effect (individual for each portrait) in yet another layer; -smudge the face a bit if I feel like it; -work on the head some more by playing around with brightness/saturation/hue/etc. to make it feel more in line with background and official watercolored portraits. Kinda like that. Poster Edges, that was the thing that eluded me. You're right about the personal touch needed with every portrait, very labour-intensive. I gave it a go with one of my favorite portraits. Could be more hand-painted-looking but it'll do for now.
  17. I'd argue for contrary and put most of the stat check requirements very high from the start. After all, they are supposed to be actions that require something special from the person performing them. Mediocrity doesn't need special attention, there's plenty of that going around already.
  18. The Sketch2 filter screws up black hair completely. I feel very stupid but I can't get anything close out of that web photo editor that you could.
  19. Goddammit, two of my three playthroughs are with boreal dwarfs. Stun immunity versus something that can be rendered useless with weapon profiency (right?). Great.
  20. What's with the muddier image quality though? When compared to ones from the first game that is. These new portraits seems to have lost quite a lot of crispiness compared to the old ones. Edit: Checked out the new companion portraits and they look just fine. Must be encoding issue.
  21. Avid melee fighter who provides my party of six +10 to deflection whilst summoning stuff and paralyzing groups of enemies. yes, complete garbage.
  22. I've run into a problem with just using filters. You can get something resembling the watercolour art style with filters except when the portrait has black or very dark background which all the portraits I'm using has. Eraser works I guess but man that's some extra work when talking about lots of portraits.
  23. How about this: you treat that health bar like a countdown towards annihilation. It reaches zero, you die. You know, like it used to be in games. Getting an injury instead of a gravestone is divine intervention saving you from your own ineptitude.
  24. What the hell are you people on about. I made a barbarian with base INT of 7 and slaughtered my way through the game. The few outlying mobs I missed because of lower INT were compensated with higher damage on those I did hit. Is this one of those things that somebody comes up with and others pick up creating an echo chamber of feigned outrage just because why not.
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