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  1. Same bug here. I cant believe the amount of bugs Im experiencing in a game long time released.
  2. And one year later here I am with the same bug in a new game. Worst even, cant even deliver the quest to queen Onekaza, nice work guys.
  3. He dosnt for me. He just stop chanting while fighting. Deactivate IA dosnt work either.
  4. I want to learn about rekke origin and past. Dont care Ydwin really, not interesting at all but welcome if they turn her into a companion too. Ydwin didnt make it because they made the mistake of let her for the end of the campaign, people that didnt like her design were not relevant, it simply was too late (a mistake by developers as I see it, too many useless pledges before her). As I see it sidekicks are an example of wasted effort if they dont improve them to companions, even companions are a little bit short compared to other isometric old rpgs (some dialogues and a simple and plain
  5. Yeah, I think if you dont ask for an alliance to Alleto before advancing in A Sinking Feeling quest its ruined.
  6. This is what I had to do to finish the quest without siding with one family (at least worked for me): 1-Dont inform what you have found about the heist. 2-Talk to Ezzali and ask her for the families struggle. Tell her that Atello wants to talk and procede to de reunion in Atello's house. 3-Succed in the negotiations to make an alliance. 4-Go talk first to Ezzali (Dont talk to Atello yet. This is very important.). She will tell you that she does not forgot the debt she have with you and will give you a mace. 5-Go talk to Atello and make sure you have the requisites to hit Martino (not beca
  7. I cant believe such a basic feature its out of the game. Its really like sail in a storm playing this game, and each day gets worse. Well it dosnt surprise me, since funding 80% of forums request for changes or info were ignored. Still a good game...for now.
  8. Some time ago I asked if you would implement a pistol+one hand modal so you can alternate both of them at melee. Are you still considering it or can I assume that you discarded it and its not going to happen?
  9. The only change I would make it is the next one: CON: increase weapon damage (stamina to maintain the quality of physical attacks or something like that) in addition to the base bonus. RES: spell damage and healing. STR back to MIGHT: small bonus to spell/heal and weapon damage.
  10. Turn back to might (decreasing the damage you gain to spell and weapon damage) and add the next one: CON: increase weapon damage (stamina to maintain the quality of physical attacks or something like that) RES: increase spell damage Just an idea.
  11. You have a fairly solid argument there, but the main flaw with that idea is the fact that multiclassing already makes the character worse at both classes due to how the resources mechanic works. Making them spread out their stats on top of having less power-resources would make them extra worse in comparison. They will already be getting all their abilities slower, and wont be getting their top-level abilities, so forcing them to have lower relevant stats is essentially kneecapping them. As for making big changes to the stat system, IMO it should not be done in Deadfire. Not this change no
  12. This is . . . actually a really good point. For single player games this is usually exactly how you want the balance to go -- in something like Skyrim, it makes sense to have players balance versatility vs. specialization in a 1 for 1 tradeoff. The difference I'd point to is that PoE is a party-based game, and in a party based game specialization is inherently rewarded -- all else being equal, it's usually better to have one dedicated healer and one dedicated tank than to have two paladins. So you actually want to give hybrids a slight boost, relatively speaking. Compare with medium armo
  13. This argument appears over and over again, and I really don’t get it. I imagine that when you create a multiclass character you want his skills to supplement each other, not overlap. You won’t create a mage/fighter, who will focus on DPSing with weapon while DPSing with spells, rather one who locks enenemies down with fighter abilities to DPS with spells, or CC with spells to DPS with weapons, or cast magic weapons/buff yourself to DPS with weapons etc. The difference is that with Might, you have the choice to make (for example) a fighter/cleric who is good at both fighting and healing
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